Monday, October 24, 2011

College Friends

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Last night I stayed up late watching The Big Chill on Satellite tv for your family. I remember my mother loving that movie when I was a child and I never understood why. Watching it last night I understood the jokes for the first time, but more than that I understood the concept behind the powerful storyline. It’s only been five years since I graduated from college, but my best friends from school (probably the best friends I’ll ever know) have already begun to feel distant. What is it about college that bonds people together so closely? Is it that the people you surround yourself with in college are there beside you when you are learning to be independent, experimenting with alcohol, suffering from sleep deprivation and very rarely have actual commitments during the hours of nine and five? Whatever it is about my college friends that made them my friends, I miss that, and I miss them. The Big Chill made me dream of us all eating breakfast together in someone’s nice fancy house after a scandalous night. Sounds like the makings for an excellent party.

Great Place for Coats

      So winter is fast approaching and since I have been born and raised in California I have no cold weather clothes.  This winter all my friends and I have decided to spend a week in the snow, which means I need to shop for winter clothes and let me tell you its not easy to come by in our malls and if they are there they are way too expensive.  All the coats I was looking at were $500+ and there wasn't a big selection.
    I decided I wanted to look for men's parkas and came across Canadas Posts website (linked in the words Men's parkas) and I was impressed!  Not only where the prices responsible they have so many selections!  They have coats from all the best brands and all at prices I was willing to pay.  The coat I ended up buying was $120 cheaper online then in the store.  So if you are from a hot state and can't find the winter clothes you want for cheap just go to their site I swear you will order something!