Monday, January 31, 2011

My Surgery & The Lakers can't play!

So if you don't know tomorrow I will be getting corneal replacement surgery!  The nerves haven't fully hit me yet!  I will be put under for a few hours and that scares me a little.  I have never been through a surgery like this luckily but tomorrow that will all change.  Here is a little writing of what will be going on tomorrow for me
"The clear covering of the eyeball is called the cornea. Surgery is performed on the cornea for two main reasons. One is to remove scarring and clouding that interfere with vision. The other is to change the curve of the cornea to correct vision problems. These problems include nearsightedness and farsightedness. Operations on the cornea can be performed with traditional surgical tools or laser surgery can be used." 

I would love to continue to to blog all week but I can't make any promises here so if I miss a few days I am sorry.  I have posted every week day since December 11th 2010 so it saddens me that I might not be able to post tomorrow but we will see.  I hope everyone has a great week and always make sure you are bettering yourself!

I know a lot of you are most likely Laker fans who read this, but I need to say they have been disappointing as of late!  Yes, they have a hold on their division so they will be in the playoffs no matter what, but I am not here to speak on if they will make it to the playoffs!  They are 2nd in the West which is fine but they are 7 1/2 games behind the Spurs and only 1 game ahead of the Mavs!  The Lakers this year has lost to the Pacers, Grizzlies X2, Bucks, and Kings and that is just 5 games they should have won!  With those 5 games alone they would only be 2 1/2 behind the Spurs.  But what worries me even more now is that they have no lost to the top three Eastern Conference teams.  The got handled by Boston and Heat at home and both losses were by double digits!  They did beat the Bulls at home and lost on the road.  Something needs to be changed in LA because this isn't the same Laker team we have seen the last few years!

Before the Surgery Begins!

So before my surgery starts this is what needs to get done!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

You Dream Place & NBA All Star Game

So I was reading an article on about what cities have the most cost of traffic and of course Los Angeles was number three on there.  This got me thinking!  If you can live in anywhere in the world where would it be?  It could still be in Los Angeles or it can be on the other side of the world, but I want to hear where you want to live.  I am thinking mine might still be in Los Angeles because my family and friends are still here so the place I would like to live would be in Santa Monica over looking the beach!  I wouldn't mind living in Chicago, Austin or New York to a point also.  So lets hear your thoughts on this one/  Factor everything in, such as friends, family cost of living, and so on. 

The NBA All Star starters were announced.  Representing the East is: Wade, Rose, Lebron, Stoudemire and Howard.  In the West is: Brany, Paul, Anthony, Durant and Ming.  This year I don't think the fans did such a bad job with the exception of Ming being voted in but I think changes need to be made.  There is a high chance that Love and Griffin won't both be on the team, but yet they might be 2 of the top forwards in the league.  So the question is, is there a better way to figure this all out?  I think the way it should be ran is:  the fans elect 2 or 3 players onto the team (doesn't need to be starters) and the starting line up is voted on by the players!  Then for the reserves it should be voted by the players or let the coach make that choice.  Let me know if you can think of a better way!


Top 10 Vick Plays

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Social Network & The Change in Tennis

So last night I finally watched The Social Network (Thank you JB) and it got me thinking.  First of I found it to be a very good movie but of worthy of winning best picture so we will see.  I found Mark Zuckerberg to not be a jerk like everyone seemed to think.  I think he has some social issues and that is why he came off the way he did.  I also think he is a little so smart for his own good and that is another reason he seemed like such an ass.  I did fine Sean Parker to be a prick for sure.  But this is not what I am really blogging about.  What I wanted to hear from people is if they ever had a great idea that either was taken from them, or they just did nothing about and eventually saw someone else did it and they missed out.  The one thing from the movie that is so true was the fact that if you aren't the first one to do something its hard to make it worth much.  I can't sit here and say I have come close to a billion dollar business at all (I somewhat wish I can) but I wonder if any of you out there have had this.  It doesn't need to be something worth that much money, but anything of substance?  It seems all the great ideas have been taken already but everyone once in a while something new comes along and makes money that we couldn't even imagine making.  So lets hear about your ideas and what have you missed out on?

If you don't know Nadal and Federer have both been eliminated from the Australian Open and this is the first major since the same major in 2008 without either one of them (Djokovic beat Tsonga) and this is the first time since 2003 that Federer won't be defending and major championship!  Maybe I am jumping the gun but it is starting to look like its time for the torch to be passed on.  All sports go through some sort of transition period and they are more obvious in the sports where you are alone.  In golf we have Tiger Woods fall from the top and its clear there is a transition taking place and new players coming in and winning the Majors, but is tennis going through the same thing now?  I am not saying one of them won't win another major in their career I just don't think we will see them dominate the way they have been for the past few years.  Federer is getting old and it seems Nadal just can't stay healthy.  I don't know a ton about tennis but I know enough to feel the sense that it is time for a new crop of youngsters to impress us for years to come. 

GameDay Commercial (its a good one Thank you Shane!)

I love this team!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is your pet peeve? & Chad Ochocinco I mean Jonhnson?

So for some reason today I am wondering what your pet peeves are people!  I know we all have a few of them and I would like to hear them.  Forget about the stupid ones like eating with your mouth full or something like that, I want to hear the weird ones.  For example, one of my pet peeves is when you take a shirt and anything from your closet and pull it from the hanger you just leave the hanger in the place the shirt was.  I don't know why I hate this but I do.  Also the picture above shows another one of my pet peeves, because if you can't park don't drive!  So what bothers you? It can be people singing too often, people with the bitch face all the time, or even the sound of rain who knows.  Lets hear your interesting ones now!

If you haven't heard Chad Ochocinco is going back to Chad Johnson for next year.  This man needs to just play the fucking game!  He has more antics than anyone else in the league and yet he is falling from his prime fast and isn't the same receiver he once was!  He seems to concentrate more on what makes the fans laugh then catching the ball game in and game out.  Hell his own QB just asked be traded.  You think if Palmer thought he has an elite receiver on his team he would ask to be trade?  Don't get me wrong I love the guy and I think he is fun to watch but I would still rather see him score TDs so we can see the dances then see him changing his name and staring on low quality shows!  So Chad if you some how come across this all I want to say is I love what you do but come down to earth and make people love your game over your antics!

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Steve Smith needs to return to his prime!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Dream Job & Jay Cutler

So I woke up from a weird dream and for some off reason I started thinking about the concept of a job.  A lot of us get up way earlier then we want to, go to a job we don't even like, and think we are under paid for that job we don't like.  So I want to hear about what your dream job is?  I will say they must exclude being a professional athlete because I said so.  Its only fair if I share mine with everyone.  I have two dream jobs I think.  My first dream job would be to be the GM of the Los Angeles Angels.  I have always loved them and I actually think I can do a good job at that.  I know it would be long hours and some people would never choose that as their dream job, but I can only imagine the feeling of winning the World Series after so much hard work!  My second dream job would be a Real Estate Agent to celebrities.  I thinking finding someone a home is an amazing thing and I think it would be great to do it at that level.  I would be earning the money I want with flexible hours.  So what is yours? 

As everyone reading this should know the Bears lost over the weekend and Jay Cutler played less then Half the game!  After he sat out there was a lot of tweets from other NFL players swirling that he should have been in there.  A lot of people think he gave up and just didn't care.  First what I want to say is that we had no idea at the time what was wrong with him so making instant judgments made no sense.  Yes, he was talking around on the side but lets be serious for a second, do we think that he would be healthy and be on the sideline walking around without a reason?  Some teammates stood up for him and agreed with what he did and I say we need to give him the benefit of the doubt and move on.  The thing that worried me was how he didn't seem to be involved after he was out.  We see all the top QBs get hurt and then sit on the sideline as a coach and be actively involved with decision.  Cutler just stood there like a moron.  So lets be worried about his actions not his toughness!  

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Of Manny being Manny

Monday, January 24, 2011

Try Something New & The Angels Trade!

So this weekend I hate date night with my lovely gf!  After hours of thinking what to do we decided we were going to go to dinner and then watch a movie like a typical date is.  We were fine with that but on our way to dinner we kept trying to thinking of something else to do instead of watching a movie.  We were in Burbank on on our way to the restaurant we drove by a comedy club called Flappers.  We then decided to look into what was going on that night and for how much.  In the end it was $22 a ticket to see the winner of Last Comic Standing and since we had no idea who that was we decided to pass on it.  On our way to IKEA (always got to stop by when we are in the area) we were approached and offered buy one get one free tickets to the same show that night so we decided to go for it.  We ended up getting to see two and half hours of comedy and at the end Carlos Manciea come on for a while (special Guest).  In the end it was an awesome night for both of us.  We were both happy we tried something new and I hope to go there again soon.  What I am trying to tell people here is to try something new next time you go out.  I don't only mean on date night either.  If you are with a group of friends offer up something new like a comedy club if thats outside the norm.  The more we expand our horizons the more we learn new things we like!

You might wonder why I picked this picture for this entry.  The answer is because I am embarrassed and upset with my Angels.  Over the weekend we trade away Juan River and Mike Napoli (one of my favorites) to the Blue Jays for Vernon Wells.  Every where I turn there is an article how this is one of the worst trades ever!  Wells has a monster contract that for some stupid ass reason the Angels agree to take on!  Wells might bat .300 with 20 HRs and 70-80 RBIs if we are lucky and he costs more than Beltre or Crawford.  If this was managements way of saying we are trying then they really messed up.  This was 5 steps backwards!  I am hoping for the best in this trade but from the looks of it a huge blunder was made and someone should lose their job for this one!     

Baby on a Slide!

Friday, January 21, 2011

How relationships can change you! & NFL predictions

So I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and many of my friends around me are now in one also.  This got me to thinking how relationships change people.  I know my relationship has changed me for the better and that makes me happy, but I have also seen relationships hurt both people.  I get that when you want to be with someone you will change certain things about yourself for better or worse.  Some people forget about their friends, some people become more insecure in their relationships which makes life even harder.  When a couple becomes reliant on each other they and lose touch with the people who are there for them for the good or bad.  If you are in a relationship look inside yourself and make sure you are happy with yourself because if you see a change then maybe that relationship may not be the best one for you.  I know how great relationships can be and we can get lost in them, and at the same time we can lose who we are.  I think you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else.  If you look inside yourself and you aren't the same person you were before the relationship, and it has gotten worse then maybe its not the best relationship for you.  Two great people can come together and ruin one another and some come together and make a great relationship, what is yours like?

I know my record has been horrible for the start of the playoffs but lets try this again!

Green Bay @ Chicago (+3.5)
Winner: Green Bay (-3.5)
NY Jets @ Pittsburgh (-3.5)
Winner: NY Jets (+3.5) 


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He was on Riods for this one!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Strings attached? Does it work? & Carmelo Anthony

So there is a new movie coming out called No Strings Attached and it has made me think.  No I am not going to ask you if you think this movie looks good because we all know the answer.  Women will see it because they think it looks cute and guys will see it for Ms. Portman herself.  What I am wondering is if this works in real life or not?  Can men and women have a sexual relationship and leave it at that?  Or do you think that eventually feelings will get involved and it will fall apart?  I have tried this once or twice in my life (I am not now because I am in love and don't want just sex) and both times it didn't work out that well.  So what do you think?  What are your thoughts?

Yesterday the owner of the nets cut ties with the Nuggets and has decided not to attempt to trade for Carmelo anymore.  What I don't get is why is Melo so stupid!  He wants to go to a Knicks team that would lose Chandler and Fields most likely if he gets traded there.  The team needs those two players with him to be a legitimate team next season.  I am a Clipper fan but lets be honest isn't that the best place he can be?  Think about it Davis at the 1 EG at the 2 Melo at the 3, Blake at the 4 and whoever the hell we want at the 5.  That team would be a top team finally.  There are so many better places he can go besides the Knicks he needs to man up and go play elsewhere! 

Baby Dancing!

She is one show stopper!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Health Diet & Lance Armstrong

So recently I went to a nutritionist and she put me on a diet and it made me think what works for others.  I have nothing to hide in the sense that I feel I need to lose weight but I want to know how you do it?  There is a million different kind of diets out there, from the atkins diet to the cookie diet.  I have been through a few different types of diets and all of them made me lose weight for a short period of time but none of them taught me how to keep it off and do it in a healthy manner.  The last thing I tried before this was nutrisystem and I lost 20 pounds quickly but after I went off it I didn't learn much and ended up putting all of it back on!  I think the best solution is to learn how to do it right.  I like that I need to go to someone once a week to check in and make sure I am on my game.  So my advice to people out there trying to lose weight, don't try the quick fix and take the time and effort to make a life style change and learn how to keep it off!  Let me know your thoughts!

If you haven't heard there is a chance Lance was on some enhancements during his tour run.  I was wondering what everyone thinks about this?  If people find out that Lance really took anything should he be stripped of all his wins?  Should whoever got 2nd get the wins for those races?  I don't know much about this so that is why I ask so let me know?

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Is he a spy you tell me?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If we had a major storm what would you take? & JETS

So I am not sure if one read the yahoo story that California could be upon a huge storm that can cause more damage than an earthquake.  It would have 10+ feet of water and the rapids would be faster than the Mississippi river!  In essence we could all be screwed.  But after a quick conversation with the great Verity I was wondering what people would grab if they had to leave almost everything behind.  After thinking about it I know most people would grab their pictures so all I would need to grab is my phone and computer.  I would have to sadly leave behind my TV and other electronics.  It makes it similar now that a lot of our things today can be kept on just a computer and phone.  Beyond that I am not sure what I would take or want to take with me.  I think at the end of the day I would have to grab my shoes.  I know it seems weird but I just love them so much I would need to grab them.  So I ask you, what would you grab?

Congratulations to the Jets for beating the Patriots on Sunday and me having another horrible day of predictions!  I am not just writing this to steak on how good they played but this is more about their swagger.  After the game the Patriots said they thought the Jets were show boating and they over celebrate everything.  I am going to say I enjoy the Jets.  I think their swagger is much needed in sports.  I enjoy watching a team going crazy when they win such a big game.  This was a huge win for the Jets and they have the right to be as excited as they possibly can.  So do you think the Jets are all a bunch of crazy football players who are being rude or should they continue to do the thing they do.  I would love to see the Jets make it to the Super Bowl because with the Jets comes a lot of fun!  

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Don't betray the Red Sox big Papi!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mike on a bull! & What motivates you? & Clippers new found Game!!!!

So yesterday I sat court-side for the Clipper game Vs. the Lakers (go Clippers!!!!) and then later that night I saw my friends parents new home for the second time and these two things combined motivates me to make a great deal of money in life or try to.  I now wonder what motivates others?  Yes, making money so my future family and all motivates me but when I actually see the benefits first hard its always a greater motivator.  I hear all these people how they want to make millions when they grow up but I am wondering what motivates you to want that?  I know a lot of people who work their ass off everyday to better their life and I know that is motivation but I think there is more behind what we see.  I want to have an easy life also but yet I find different things to motivate me all the time.  So all I want to know is what motivates you?  Let me know people, start some discussion.    

So as I promised I would post a video of Ace bull riding here it is! 

If you don't know you will now but I am a Clipper fan not a Laker fan at the end of the day so Sundays game was great!  So its time for my to finally speak on how good they are playing as of late.  The Clippers are sadly 14-25 right now leaving them 6 games behind the 8 seed for a playoff birth.  But here is the amazing thing for them they started 1-13! Yes, 1-13 so since that horrible start they are over .500 and in the last 13 games they are 9-4, their wins coming against the Heat, Lakers, and Bulls to name a few with losses aainst Atlanta, Utah and Rockets.  With Baron Davis finally playing like he belongs and enjoy the NBA the Clippers look like a new team.  Blake will put up his stats no matter what you do because he is that good right now.  If the Clippers can squeak in an get that 8th seed it could be a fun year.  The Clippers finally look like they might have the future people have been saying for years.  As long as the team stays healthy and as long as the ownership mans up and retains Gordan and Griffen fr the long term the Clippers can make the LA rivalry that much better.  So look out people the Clippers are coming!

SportsCenter Commercials

This is one of the best SportsCenter Commercials of all time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Casey Riding a bull!

So last night we went to ride the mechanical bull and here is one of the videos!  Look out on Monday and Tuesday for some more!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Elliott is a Celebrity! + Daydream & My NFL Picks!!!!!!

So the man in the bottom right corner is the man!!  This isn't my blog its a shout out to ELLIOTT!

So I am one who daydreams a lot so I want to speak on that.  This isn't a blog about giving advice, its more about hearing what you daydream about!  The only way I can expect you to open up to me is if I do it first.  I have a million things going on in my head so I will share a few with you!  The first day dream always has to do with real estate!  Since I am studying real estate when I daydream its about me being this great broker and making millions doing it.  Its a basic daydream but I seem to have that one a lot.  Then there is the true fantasy where I am an NBA athlete, and this one is the most far fetched.  In this one I am about 6 inches taller and much better at basketball then I am.  I just always wonder what make people daydream, and how people pick what they daydream about?  Well let me know what is on your mind!  Comments are appreciated!

My predictions for this weekends games, and I hope they go a lot better than last weekend:

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-3):
Winner:  Pittsburgh (-3)
Green Bay @ Atlanta (-2.5):
Winner: Atlanta (-2.5)
Seattle @ Chicago (-10)
Winner: Seattle (+10) (Chicago will win)
N.Y. Jets @ New England (-9)
Winner: N.Y. Jets (+9) (New England will win) 

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Don't be an Intern!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

When is it time to help? & Lebron Eat this!

So I was watching that show intervention a little while ago and it got me thinking.  First and for most when do you know its time to stop and help the person in need?  Also how do you make it work without the help of that creepy looking doctor?  I don't know of any of my friends who are addicted to drugs or alcohol really but I do know someone people that could use an intervention.  I will not name names at all and I am not trying to hint anything to anyone.  I just wonder when do you realize that someone needs help.  If I have a friend who gambles a lot and makes money doing it, is he not addicted?  Is it only addiction when he losses money?  We look at professional gamblers and we don't think they have an issue but they play just as much as most addicts do, but the difference is they make money doing it.  Is the right time when they become destructive to themselves and others?  Its a tough call because you never know how each person reacts too certain things.  An intervention might not be the answer for everyone.  So if you see someone struggling reach your hand out and offer them some help.  Don't enable them but be there for them and give them every opportunity to better themselves.  So if you are up for a discussion then in the comment section let me know what you think?


This will actually be a short sports one for me today.  I went to the Clipper game against the Heat last night and all I got to say is Lebron KARMA IS A B****!  Lebron and his amazing Heat fell to the Clippers by 6 and their 13 game road streak came to a crashing halt.  Good job Clippers and Lebron next time just don't tweet because as you claim "God is watching everything."

Have a great Thursday night people!

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Watch out when your in Bristol!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lack of Support & The Lakers Spanking

So over the last few weeks more and more people have been telling me they are reading my blog and to those people I want to say thank you!  But there has been a handful of people who are just nonsupport and are what some people would call "haters".  I had some friends over yesterday and it came up and some comments were made.  Before I didn't care if people were negative about it at all but when all you hear from some good friends is they don't read it because they don't have time, I ask my self really.  If you are ones friend and you aren't supporting them, then are you really their friend at all?  I know my friends and I know if they have time or not and let me tell you I have 1 friend I can think of that might have days where he is too busy to read but he always tells me he catches up later on.  For the people who claim they are too busy to read this, shut the hell up, you just don't care enough and that doesn't offend me at all.  What offends me is your negative energy towards it.  I write because I enjoy it, and i know my grammar is sub par and all but still.  In the end this blog isn't about my friends per-say is about all of you making sure you support the people in your life.  For example, I know you read this Verity (first time I might have mentioned her name) and I appreciate it a lot!  Well she invited me to a play last weekend and I was planning on going until she said it was a waste of my time.  Even after she said it was a waste I was willing to go because it was for support but she insisted I didn't.  I am sure they play was great but that is besides the point.  Good or not you support one another.  We all live with a lot of weight on our shoulders to be something great and do this and that and they only way to get through it is with help from the people around you.  That help comes in forms of support sometimes.  Not to be cheesy but when someone tells me they read my blog it makes me feel good about it and it is the reason I continue to do this.  So next time your friend tells you about something they are doing and it seems stupid take the time to support them it makes them feel a lot better.   

If you don't know last night the Lakers beat the Cavaliers 112-57!  Yes, if you did your math correct that's by 55 points!! I am sad they didn't double the Cavaliers score but oh well.  First of all this is the lowest the Lakers have held an opponent to with their previous mark set at 66.  That is also their 3rd largest margin of victory in franchise history.  Must sucks to me a Cleveland fan right now because after that game ended a tweet went up saying "Karma is a b****..Gets you every time.  Its not good to wish bad on anybody.  God sees everything!" Yes, that is a quote from King James.  So not only does Cleveland get embarrassed but they also get called out by the guy who will always be their best player in franchise history!  So hopefully this will teach people to just play the game and when a player leaves you for another team the only way to get revenge is better your franchise and beat them!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iphone to Verizon & Lebron and the Heat

So in a recent announcement Verizon is the first carrier besides AT&T to get the IPhone.  Within minuets of that being released people who have the phone with AT&T are saying they want to switch to the Verizon one because the addition it will have is you can turn your phone into a hotspot (who the F cares).  But that is not what this blog is really about.  This is all about our society relying on their phone too much.  I use to be one of those people who couldn't go or do anything without their phone, and I still struggle at times.  Whenever I go out to dinner now I try to at least leave my phone in my car and I now tend to turn it on vibrate so it doesn't bother me all day.  I am just worried that people are getting too attached to their phones.  A lot of my friends have some version of the IPhone and at the start all they would do is play angry birds.  We would be waiting somewhere and they would whip it out.  Not saying I didn't do that with looking up sports scores.  Communicating with people might be getting easier and easier with these new tools but we are losing the value of face to face communication.  I would like to do a "No Phone" day sometime in January.  For one day everyone should leave their phone at home and just live the day without it.  No matter what we do and how far we come I still think face to face communication is the most important communication.  Enjoy what is around you and make the best of it.  The phone will always be there and trust me in 3 months you will want a new one anyway!

I was watching the game last night with my friend and he told me an interesting fact.  Since the heat played the Cavs the Heat have only lost 1 game and the Cavs have only won 1 game.  This stat alone shows me how much Lebron meant to his home town and how much he hurt them by leaving.  I am not saying he made the wrong decision I am saying he went around it the wrong way.  Let me tell you this, at the start of the season a lot of people kept saying Miami won't be as good as we all think but look at them now!  I can tell you from seeing them in person which I did Christmas day and I will again tomorrow they are every bit as good as we think.  Yes, 90% of their scoring comes from the big 3, but the big 3 are so good that it works.  Everyone should be excited about their success because it will make the playoffs that much more exciting.  Embrace what we have and enjoy it.  I might not like Lebron much now but he is hands down the best athlete in the NBA and Dwade isn't far behind!

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Enjoy the Brothers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

How far we have come! & Thoughts on tonights Big Game

So on Feb 1st it looks like I will be getting corneal transplant surgery.  This will consist of doctors placing someone else eye tissue into mine to help shape my eye back to normal.  What amazes me is that this is actually possible!  First they has Lasek and I am shocked by that but now they can actually peel the smallest layer of my eye and give me someone else tissue to make my eye stronger.  Not to mention this is all done with a LASER!!!!  Some people have told me I am crazy for doing it because they think any eye surgery is just nuts, and I see where they are coming from, but they don't know what it means to have bad vision like I do.  The thing is every time I hear about a new surgery I get more shocked because it just becomes more impressive.  Most of us don't know the development they make with eye surgery or others surgeries for that matter but everyday is a step closer to something even more amazing.  I am not too worried about anything going wrong at all I am more anxious to see the end result.  So just be thankful for where we are today because its amazing even though we don't realize it sometimes.  As not only a country but as a world everyday is a day that greatness can happen so be excited and remember the glass is always half full!  

After an embarrassing NFL weekend and me going 0-4 I turn my attention to the Big game tonight.  If you look back at my bowl predictions and if you look at them with the spread I haven't missed one!  So tonight I have the Ducks to cover the spread of +3 and I actually do think they will win this game.  Tonight is the final game of a great college football season, so enjoy this one and lets go DUCKS!!!!!!

SportsCenter Commercials

I hope we all know how good SportsCenter Commercials are so for the next few weeks I will try to post my favorite ones at lunch time so enjoy!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

If you had a Genie & NFL Round 1 predictions

So last night at dinner a few friends and myself got into the entire, if I had a genie what would I wish for.  We had two scenarios one was a funny genie and one was a real genie.  The funny one had to be weird wishes.  For example, Casey wanted butt texting possible, yes you read that right, she wants to be able to text with her butt.  Melissa wanted some things from Harry Potter to be real (oh god i know) and Tash wanted some Harry Potter stuff and to breath under water.  I wanted to teleport, eat as much as I want without feel the sick full and without getting fat.  I actually don't remember my third so I will move on.  If I had a real one I would wish for, Unlimited finical funds, a cure for cancer and a cure for HIV.  This isn't going to be a blog about me ranting or anything I just want to know what you would wish for?  Its simple, in the comment section just put your 3 wishes and move on.  It interest me because we all live in the same world but some of us just want such different things.

The NFL wild card weekend starts Saturday so I will give my predictions for this one.  If you haven't realized with the spread I haven't missed a BCS bowl game yet!

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks (+10)
Winner:  New Orleans (-10)

NY Jets @ Indianapolis Colts (-3)
Winner: Colts (-3)

Baltimore Ravens @ KC Chiefs (+3)
Winner: Chiefs (+3)

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3)
Winner: Eagles (-3)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tell WIlliams Golden Voice the real story! & NFL Vs. NBA

So I am sure most of you have seen this video by now but that is not what this blog is really about.  Since this video went viral, it has seen over 4 millions viewers and Ted has been offered multiple jobs.  He is also being reunited with his 92-year old mother who he hasn't seen in years.  This like this do happen in our life but what amazes me the most is how far the internet has come.  If Ted was discovered 5-10 years ago he would have never gotten the opportunity to receive what he has now.  We have come so far that sometimes all it takes is to put a man of youtube and send the file to a few people.  As happy as I am for this man, we need to think more about how far we have come as people.  There are a lot of people using the internet as bad and there are people who think the internet should be restricted but if it was things like this couldn't happen.  Maybe I am just a dork about these things but when a man is homeless one day and the next he is dressed professionally, has a cell phone, is traveling to New York and has a job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers all because of the internet its amazing.  I don't believe so people realize the power they have at their finger tips, but we need to realize how lucky and amazing it is that we such advances in our society that things like this could easily happen.  Most of us go on check our mail, look at a few key sites for us and don't even think of how significant it is that we what we have.  So all I ask is every once in a while think about how lucky we are, and how our advances in technology has made life easier for most people.  Also lets continue to grow together and make more advances so the next generation has the same, if not more opportunities then us!  

With bowl season coming to an end I have decided to look how NFL has it right over the NBA (not about march madness).  For the NFA the rule is a player must be 3 years removed from high school to enter the NFL draft.  This means if a player red shirts they can leave after their 2nd year and if not after their junior year.  This always player to develop and get to the next level so they are prepared for the NFL.  The NBA has their rule set as 1 year removed from high school.  Yes, some players are talented enough to make the leap, but for every one of those there is 4 or 5 who make the wrong decision.  Not only would taking on the same rule for the NBA make the NCAA more exciting but it would help the NBA a lot.  This would bring more talented people to the NBA because they will be better developed.  Yes, it means we would have to wait a few extra years to see players like Lebron and Kobe were but they would still make it.  This will also allow all these athletes to have some type of education that can help them if either their career doesn't go as planned or if they get injured.  We bring them to the NBA so we the owners can profit earlier but I think in the end the owners profit enough and in the end I think they will only profit more!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conversation Map & Ohio States Issues!

So I went to my friend Ace's place tonight and one the way home we had an interesting conversation map.  If you don't know what a conversation map is I will explain it.  If you track where your conversation started and ended you will be able to make thus map.  For example, on my way home from Ace'es the conversation started by talking about a ticket Ace got for $430 or so for running a red.  It then went on to talk about how to get points off your license and then it went onto the penal system and eventually went to how so many Americans don't get the proper education.  So the map in the end is running red lights to lack of education.  This got me thinking about how random our minds really are.  What I know want to see someone do is make this map of every conversation you have with someone over 10 mins.  I think it would be an amazing and interesting thing to view.  If we closely look at everything they realte.  It is almost like the Kevin Bacon rule, and that is what blows my mind.  Our conversation went smoothly from one thing to the next and then when you look back and view the start and end you wonder how you got there.  Things like this remind/make me think how closely related things are how and one action always affects the next action.  Next time you are doing some no matter what it is think of what it may affect, in a good or a bad way.  Every action we take does something and it will affect you no matter how big or how small.  So people just think before you act and act on your good thoughts!

As most of us know Ohio State won their bowl game last night with the help of 5 players that will not be able to start next season.  The question I ask is, should they have been able to play in the bowl game even though they violated NCAA rules?  In my opinion, not at all.  I think their violation is stupid and shouldn't even be a violation but it is, and rules are rules.  The only reason I think the NCAA let them play is so the rating for the Sugar bowl would remain high!  So they are suspended for the first five games of next season, and if you know anything about college football the first games of most teams season are "tune-up" games and are easy.  When the WR from Georgia got in trouble he was suspended right away for 3 games I believe.  He wasn't give the option to start it after the next game or this or that.  If Pryor wasn't part of the 5 I think the other 4 would not have been allowed to play last night.  This is just my opinion so I want to know what yours is?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customer Service & So Long Brett Favre

So not too long ago I blogged about my apartment building and how two-sided they are. Now I am so upset with T-Mobiles customer service that I need to vent once again.  I thought what better of a place to do that then here with all of you! It all started few month ago when I called them to complain about my blackberry 9700.  After 20 mins of arguing they agreed to send me a new one, once I got the new once I retried what was wrong with the first one and it still didn't work.  I then called back and went through 30 mins of trouble shooting.  The service rep then told me he would transfer me to blackberry themselves (like it was an honor or something) to see what they can do, but the only way to do this was to call from another number other than mine.  I had no other phone so I used googles amazing phone service.  The first person claimed he put all the  notes in my account and when I called back I would start right where I left off.  When I called back they made me go through it all again.  Half way through I told the new rep enough was enough, either they do something about it or I am done with them.  He finally agreed to send me the blackberry 9780.  I said as long as I get the black one, and it has to be to brand new then that it's fine.  2 days later what shows up?  A fucking white phone.  I was furious at this point.  I then did what anyone would do, I called and screamed (ok what I would do).  They informed me they wouldn't send me a black one because it wasn't available and hasn't been for a few weeks.  I didn't get one apology for the inconvenience and they didn't offer a discount for the month or anything.  Three days later I switch to AT&T and I got the IPhone.  What I am not getting is how a big company like them can run such poor customer service.  One of the reason I was with them so long was because their customer service was so good.  Now it takes 20 mins to get anything done there.  Also before I switched I called them to see what data I use and of course they said to me it would take a few weeks for me to get that report.  After that conversation the last thing I said to T-Mobile was "this is the reason you are losing customers left and right, its not the Iphone or the lack of reception in some locations, but is because you don't provide me with the service I am paying for so enjoy!".  So if you are out there and upset with how you are being treated remember one thing, you are the customer and you are paying for their service.  We live in a world were there are more than one option with almost anything so take advantage of it and don't think you need to settle.

This is going to be a short one on the sports side today.  Brett Favre has now officially announced he will retire for the 3rd or 4th or 5th time of his career but I think it is now safe to say this one is for real.  I have not been a fan of his as of late because of what he has put his fans through and the circus he has created for his own ego, but he will and should go down as one of the greatest QBs of our time.  His statistics speak for themselves, and the records he broke leave many speechless.  He is a QB we don't get to often.  He has led an amazing career and just because he left his ego get in the way for the last few years I hope we all remember how good he really was, and how great-full we should be that we got the chance to see him play (I will say the same thing about Manning and Brady when they hang them up).  

Little Fockers Review

Last night I saw Little Fockers, which is the third installment of a good movie trilogy (ha).  I went into the movie only wanted to see it because I saw the other 2 and figured why not complete the last one.  I read a few reviews going into it and everything was bad.  People said it was stupid and they should never have made it.  I am going to have to kindly disagree with those critics.  Maybe I am a nice critic who knows but I actually got some good laughs out of this one.  The movie seemed to be made for a few good laughs but nothing amazing, and if that is what they were going for they did a great job.  I can't say anything about the cast because they are classic and great!  The movie itself was cute.  If you are going into it thinking it will be as good as #1 was you will be very upset.  In the end I am happy I saw it and I would recommend it to anyone.  I would give them movie a 6.8/10 (which isn't bad) and say if you don't see it in theaters go rent it when it hits the stores because its at least worth that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years & TCU (should there be playoffs)

So New Years was interesting so I figured I should share it with everyone.  So a little while back I wrote to everyone what I thought new years was all about, but if you didn't read it, it spoke about how it should be a time to celebrate with family and friends.  There is no need for over drinking and driving and everything of the sort.  For some reason most people don't listen to me (I don't know why).  My boy no name, had a but too much to bring in a short period of time so here is the story.  About 30 mins after the ball dropped no name had a cup of water in his hand and he didn't look so good.  Five mins later I didn't see him.  I asked where he was and I was told he went to the bathroom.  On my way to check on him, because people in his stake at that moment.  On my way there I found him letting his dinner out on the floor in front of the check in desk.  He got him up and off to the bath room he went.  While in the bathroom he got on the floor and stayed in the position you see above.  He they proceeded to let things go for another 20 mins.  The one great thing no name can say is New Years 2011 he was officially kicked out of a bowling ally!  While he was in the bathroom security came up to me and told me more than once I needed to get him out of the bowling ally ASAP and once he is done in the bathroom he is not welcome in Pinz.  So people when you decide to drink a lot for any reason remember that can be you!  Be responsible because if you lose control someone else is going to end up taking care of you.  Be appreciative of what you got because friends and family are important.       

TCU won the Rose Bowl on Saturday and the first thing I said to my friend JB was, this is a big win for NCAA FB.  People have been fighting for year about making a playoff and doing this and doing that, but the main argument has always been teams like TCU, Boise State and others can't hang with BCS teams.  On Saturday night TCU won and never trailed in the second half.  This is the reason we need a playoff.  TCU didn't lose a single game this year and they today they beat the #5 team in the nation.  Sports have evolved since they began and its about time college football saw some changes.  I don't want to see a 16 team playoff or anything like that, I would like to see something like a 6 team format with top 2 getting bye's or something of that sort.  This will make money for this programs also.  I know that with a playoff we will still have some issues but if it gets us one step closer to finding out who truly is the best team out there then its a good thing.  NCAA FB is very exciting and now its time to make it more exciting.  Just image being able to see TCU Vs. Wisco as a warm up game in round 1!!!!

Billboard's Top 25 Songs of 2010 In One Five Minute Tune (Video)

DJ Earworm knows do to mix like crazy so enjoy this video!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!