Monday, October 24, 2011

College Friends

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Last night I stayed up late watching The Big Chill on Satellite tv for your family. I remember my mother loving that movie when I was a child and I never understood why. Watching it last night I understood the jokes for the first time, but more than that I understood the concept behind the powerful storyline. It’s only been five years since I graduated from college, but my best friends from school (probably the best friends I’ll ever know) have already begun to feel distant. What is it about college that bonds people together so closely? Is it that the people you surround yourself with in college are there beside you when you are learning to be independent, experimenting with alcohol, suffering from sleep deprivation and very rarely have actual commitments during the hours of nine and five? Whatever it is about my college friends that made them my friends, I miss that, and I miss them. The Big Chill made me dream of us all eating breakfast together in someone’s nice fancy house after a scandalous night. Sounds like the makings for an excellent party.

Great Place for Coats

      So winter is fast approaching and since I have been born and raised in California I have no cold weather clothes.  This winter all my friends and I have decided to spend a week in the snow, which means I need to shop for winter clothes and let me tell you its not easy to come by in our malls and if they are there they are way too expensive.  All the coats I was looking at were $500+ and there wasn't a big selection.
    I decided I wanted to look for men's parkas and came across Canadas Posts website (linked in the words Men's parkas) and I was impressed!  Not only where the prices responsible they have so many selections!  They have coats from all the best brands and all at prices I was willing to pay.  The coat I ended up buying was $120 cheaper online then in the store.  So if you are from a hot state and can't find the winter clothes you want for cheap just go to their site I swear you will order something!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A patio area we can be proud to call our own

Guest post written by Gabby Stark

When we moved into our house, one thing that almost made me feel differently about it was the ugly patio area out back. But we decided that we would fix it up and make it look really nice. Well, three years later we’re finally getting around to doing something about our patio.
I’ve taken it upon myself to do most of the work on this and figure out exactly what I should do for it. I was online looking up some stuff about how much we could expect to pay for some of the materials for it and while I was doing some comparison shopping, I saw the site I read through the site a little bit and after that I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I found on there.
I’ve decided to put a chaise lounge out there with a really comfy cushion. I just think that would be really great to use while I’m reading or just relaxing out there. Plus, that would make me more willing to use the area that we put a lot of work and time into.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cartoon Offical Trailer

Who wouldn’t watch this one! I think he only became the governor to make this in the end!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Someone's Life & March Madness Part 1


Sunday is one of the greatest television experiences ever!  Selection SUNDAY!!!!  It will be even better this year when Arizona gets their bid!  I love this month and what it bring but before I write my thoughts on who is going to win I want to hear yours?  I don't need to only hear you winners but I would love to hear what your thoughts on March Madness?  Is it the greatest sporting event ever?  Is this your favorite sports month of the year?  What are your thoughts cause I know I am excited!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin and their Protests! & My Real thought on the Heat!!

So as the celebrity blogger of the day I have been given free rein to write about anything I choose! I am not sure how many people outside of the state of Wisconsin are following the current protests at the State Capitol in Madison. For those who haven’t, in brief, the citizens of Wisconsin are protesting a bill put forth to the State Senate by Governor Scott Walker. This bill was written as a measure to help cut state costs as part of an economic recovery plan. It requires public workers to increase contribution to their pensions and health insurance, the most contentious aspect of it however is how it affects unions. It prevents unions from collecting dues and using the collective bargaining power that has defined unions for over a century. I am curious to know how you feel about the proposed bill… I know that it’s only being presented in Wisconsin, but what if your state was to pass such a law? How would it impact your life?

While this is only one example of conflict between elected officials and the people they represent- I think it highlights a significant problem with our current form of government. We elect people to represent us in various government bodies. These officials are meant to fight for the interests of their constituents, of which they should be familiar because they are required to live in the district they represent. The problem I feel is that most politicians cannot relate to the people they are supposed to represent. How can a Senator, who has been re-elected four or five times, who has lived in the capitol city for the majority of his term and has earned an income well beyond the average income of his district, understand the needs of his constituents? He can’t. How can we expect our elected officials to represent our needs, when they can’t relate to them? We can’t.

I do not believe that the system can be easily changed to rectify this issue; however I do believe that the first step in making a change is recognition. I think the protests in Wisconsin are a prime example that the recognition is starting to come. The law makers presenting this bill will not feel the effects of it – so why should their citizens? If the State officials were a part of a union that was responsible for negotiating their salaries, pension funds and benefits – I don’t think the people of Wisconsin would be out marching in front of their Capitol.

Written by: Natasha Dixon

Today is simple for me, I am not breaking anything down at all.  I have one thing to say and that is THE MIAMI HEAT BLOW!!!! (and I love it).  See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Friends and how to handle certain things! & The Miami Chokers

So I have written about friends before but since I find them so important I feel the need to do it again.  Some of my old blogs about friends have been directed at a person or two, in this one I don't mean to do so, even though to write about it I do need to experience the issues.  I have two major questions in this blog entry that I would like your fabulous opinions on!  First, if you have a friend who seems to be spending their time elsewhere and making little effort to see you anymore what do you do?  You have already told them how you feel and they claimed they will change but they don't.  They spend more time with their partner and their partners friends then with their old friends.  Its not a jealousy thing either its more of being hurt.  You go through a lot with friends sometimes and when one just seems to pick up and leave like it doesn't matter and doesn't see the issue you start to question how much of a friend that person is!  I am not one for giving up but at some point I feel people need to just let go!  Obviously this one I am talking about a specific person and that person reads this on occasion and I am fine with that.  What I wonder now is it that I am still hurt by how it has all gone down or is that I miss having someone to joke around with like we use to?  I know they don't see it the way I do and maybe I am needier friend then they are and for that I am sorry, but at some point you just lose hope.  Its not like we got into some massive fight where we can't talk to each other anymore.  Maybe this is just nature taking its course but I would be upset with myself if I didn't fight it.  I would love to see this person more and hell I wouldn't mind seeing their partner also I just feel that both them and their partner don't care as much.   I think they are both great people but at times I feel like their old friends are left in the back burner.  What are your thoughts?  How do you fight for a friendship that is important to you without offending your friend and looking like a drama queen?

On the other issue I see is how do you end a friendship?  (This one is NOT about the person above at all).  So everyone has one or two friends that just seems to be a straight up bitch and when they get into a relationship, a new friendship or school they disappear and seem to not care about you or their other friends anymore.  Its one thing to disappear but its another thing to be a bitch to those people who have been there for you for years!  I know its hard to end this types of friendships but in the end its much needed.  You fight and you fight and you fight and your friend is never the same.  So if you confront them on it they see where you are coming from and they claim to work on it but 3 months later it all breaks down again, so you have another talk and then they work on it, and then it happens again and again!  So I guess the question is at what point to you say enough is enough?  At what point to you just realize that your old friend is now a bitch and just isn't worth the stress.  I am one to hold on until the last second, which means I am the last one to give up and that makes it hard.  At some point you gotta realize that its not you but its the friend and they don't care for this friendship anymore!  We are responsible for our actions and not someone else.  At the end of the day (I know this sounds bad) but there is no one more important in our lives then our self and we need to realize that.  Take care of you first and them second, and if they are effecting your life in the negative then maybe its time to say bye.  That doesn't mean having another conversation with them about it because you will be sucked in, but it means to just go on with your life and if they are there so be it, but its time to place your efforts somewhere else because they just don't appreciate you the way they should!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have issues with friends?  If you do how do you handle them?

Friends aren't easy sometimes.  They remind me a romantic relationships that aren't meant to end so when they do it seems like the end of the world.  Surround yourself by people who care for you and people who will fight for you till the end of the earth.  We have a fixed amount of time to live and don't waste it on people who don't always care for you and your well being!        

I know my girlfriend will ask me what I picked this picture for this article and its simple, its because when I talk about the Heat as a basketball team this right now is the best thing about them!  If you don't know the Heat blew a game at home against the Bulls Sunday.  They were up by 2 with 20 seconds left and the Bulls at the line.  They made the first missed the second, on that rebound they missed the ball and ended up with a lose ball foul on Mike Miller sending Deng back to the line for the Bulls only down by 1.  He hit both free throws to take a 1 point lead.  In the Heats possession Lebron missed a layup and Wade missed a jumped at the buzzer to lose.  The heat are 1-15 in last second plats, which is the worst in the NBA by a lot.  They can't win close games, which means they will end up struggling in the playoffs also.  I just want to sat before the season started I thought the Heat would be a great team so I want to take a second to apologize for my mistake!  Mike Asarch made this call at the start, that the Heat weren't all that good and he was correct!  The Heat have 3 all stats but no true SUPERSTAR! (I think a superstar needs to be able to not only take over a game but come through when the game matters the most!).  The Heat shouldn't even be able to make it to the Eastern Conference title game so all I can say is better luck next season boys!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie "Tiger Blood" Sheen & BYU losing Davies! & Some Waffle talk!

So if you don't know Ricky Vaughn has officially lost it and I think its as funny as they come.  This can all be an act because he wants more attention and whats to up his profile but come on!  Some of the things he is saying is just insane!  The only issue I see in all of this is that he has kids that are going to see this or have already seen this.  He loves in insane lifestyle and to each their own on this one but at some point you must realize what you are doing!  He lives with his goddesses and was getting plastered all the time.  He know says he isn't drinking anymore and when asked how long he will do this for his response was "As long as I fu*king want!".  I hear all these people saying he is a a loser and they don't support him anymore but my view is, who cares!  This is his life he is there to entertain us and he sure is doing this.  I just wish he thought about his kids in the situation, his tiger blood ways need to stop!  He needs to get his shit in gear so he can do another Major League movie and bring back greatness.  It is a shame that a show with such high ratings will never be the same or will never be filmed again all because of one mans actions.  If he is ready to film they should film again everyone needs to put their egos aside and make this all work because Ricky Vaughn is the man!  What are your thoughts on Mr. Sheen?

A special thank you to Dieter Dixon for the topic today!

Brandon Davies was kicked off the BYu team the other day for not following the the honor code of BYU.  If people don't know what he did, he had sex with his girlfriend and the school found out!  If you don't know having sex at BYU is against the honor code and is terms for expulsion, so that is what happened.  Davies was one of BYU's top players and him being kicked off the team looks like it will end their run at the national title.  The lost the first game without him and they will struggle in the tournament without him.  I have hear mixed reviews on this decision because a lot of people think its insane that he was kicked off the team for this!  In all actuality (not to be mean) he deserves it.  When he accepted the scholarship he agreed to the honor code and once he broke that he gets what he deserves.  The interesting rumor I am hearing from my sources (yes people I actually do have sources) is that his girlfriend is the one that leaked the sex and she did so because she is pregnant with his child.  So lets hear what you think about this one people, let the comments fill up maybe? 


I wanted to talk about waffles for a second because I know everyone loves them self a good waffle!  I was wondering what everyone favorite types were?  I love me Ego's blueberry waffles, so I will say that's my favorite frozen one waffles.  I would say the best actual waffles besides my girlfriends (of course) are at "More than Waffles" restaurant because they have the best Belgium waffles in town!  If you haven't been there go and mention this blog and you will receive a 0% discount!  That means Matt and Dani make Brandon bring you both he owes it to you for putting up with him!  Whats your favorite kind?

A special thank you to Dani for the idea and Matt for agreeing to it, I couldn't have done it without both of you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick your roommate? & The NBA Goes to London

 So certain schools have a new policy about roommate assignments. Some schools are now letting students decide what gender roommate they want. This may not seem like a deal at first, but when you think about it, there are a lot of issues that can come from it. I know we want to think the best of people, and so we would like to think a policy like this could work, but imagine if your daughter was sharing a room with a creeper! I know how guys think and I wouldn’t put it past a guy to select a female roommate with the hopes of fooling around or watching her change (without even knowing what she would look like!). By allowing this to happen, schools are setting students up for some awkward situations. If a guy brings a girl home and hangs a sock on the door, then his female roommate “can’t” get into her room – is she expected to wander late at night, alone? Or will she go into her room and listen to her roommate do dirty things with another girl? This can also go the other way around too if the girl brings home another guy! I am not sexist or anything, but I do think this policy can bring up a lot of issues and potentially cause awkward problems. Guys can be really creepy and do things you wouldn’t expect. I am not saying that women can’t be creepy, but I just think it’s more likely to be the guy. What are your thoughts, would you be comfortable with this or not? I know as much as I might be fine with it in theory, I know there would be times where I wasn’t as comfortable as I could have been with a male roommate – what about you?


Thank you BD Saagar for this topic!
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This weekend the NBA will be playing two games in London (Friday and Saturday, I believe) and this blog isn’t about me having an issue with it – it’s more about the fact that I didn’t really know it was even happening! I see what the NBA is trying to do because the NFL does the same, but shouldn’t they publicize it more? Deron Williams didn’t even know that the NBA was going to London until he was traded and found out that his new team was one of the teams going! Besides not publicizing this game more, the NBA is also sending two it its worst teams to London! How do they expect people to really enjoy a game like the Raptors v. Nets? It will help that game a bit that Deron Williams is playing, but still! If the NBA is trying to expand into a new market, they should publicize a game like this more and make fans in America more aware of it! The NBA is taking the right steps needed to expand, but they have no idea how to market it! Did you know that the NBA was taking this trip to London and what do you think about it?

Edited by: Natasha Dixon

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why do we set up our society for obesity? & College Basketball!

So I am working on losing weight because I want to be healthy again, but while doing this I would read articles and look at calories on the meals I eat and I am finally going to blog about it.  We are to a point set up for failure!  Yes, we are responsible for our own actions and what we eat but still come on people.  For instance I went to a Clipper day the other day and it was time for dinner, but wow everywhere I looked calories, calories calories!  Every single place that served food was bad for you!  You can want to make the right decisions but when you are at certain places there seems to be nothing you can do but starve!  Yes I do think healthy food does taste good but at the same time I feel over 60% of restaurants don't real have healthy options and if they do its a shitty dinner salad!  Something needs to be done to help people who don't know how to help themselves.  I understand there are people out there who are fine with people over weight, but there are a lot of people out there who aren't and I think we need to make some steps in helping these people out!  We had a good start with putting calories on items at restaurants but these restaurants need to start serving healthier foods also.  We are starting to embarrass ourselves in America on how over weight we really are!  So people lets make steps in the right direction and get things on track here!

So March madness is right around the corner and I want to know who is ready?  Every year around this time people get excited for the best tournament of the year and here we are.  We have had a different 1 seed 4 weeks in a row and the #3 team in the nation dismissed there top rebounder and forward the other day.  This year the field looks wide open for anyone to win, its no surprise to anyone that I want the AZ Cats to take this one home!  Anything can happen this year and its exciting.  For years in the past its been all about Duke, UNC and Kansas or something else but this year it seems different.  I can't pick a clear cut favorite!  Earlier in the year Michigan State look promising and now they aren't even ranked!  So I want to hear your thoughts on who is going to win the tournament this year?  Let me know people!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What are your value fears? & my thoughts on the after math of the Deadline!

So I have previously written about motivates people, this blog is more about what are your fears? I am not talking about a fear of heights, snakes or spiders, but I want to know about your deepest fears! Some people fear not being rich enough, not graduation from college- this is what I am getting at.  After a lot of thought about my fears, I have decided that my number one fear is disappointing my family and friends. I know that they all love me and at the end of the day I probably can’t disappoint them, but I would hate to look back in my life and realize that I didn’t make them as proud as I could have. This fear bring me back to my previous post- what if I never find the one thing that really motivates me to make them proud? With yesterday’s post about being Lost in mind, I am ready to get down and dirty to really make something of myself! I am ready to find the thing I love and make the best of it! Having certain fears in life can help motivate us and I believe that this is my motivation. I know that at the end of the day my family will always have my back and always support me. Nonetheless the fear of disappointing them still motivates me. I want to be the best I can be and show my parents that they did a great job raising me, show my siblings that they believed in me for a reason and show my friends how much their support was a part of my success. So people, what fears for you have and do these fears motivate you, the way they do for me?

So I have a small bone to pick with the NBA right now. I think they have one really messed up rule. The trade deadline is over and a lot teams made moves to either push for the playoff run or dump high salaries. The Wizards are a team that made trades to dump salaries. They ended up getting Mike Bibby before the deadline passed last week. Then yesterday they agreed to a buyout, with Bibby agreeing to pass on next year’s $6.2 million salary. It’s fine that a player doesn’t want to play for a losing team, but come on! He agrees to a buyout and now he will sign with the Heat for the league minimum! This is also probably going to happen with Troy Murphy (he is signing with the Celtic).

It is ridiculous that players are allowed to make these moves passed the trade deadline. The Heat made no moves up to the deadline, and now it looks like that will pay off because they will end up with Bibby  for nothing and the Celtics getMurphy, without having to give anything on their end! I think that there should be a limit to how many players one team can sign in a move like this. Players should also have to wait longer than currently allowed before making moves like this or they shouldn’t be eligible to be on the playoff roster or some similar restriction. It’s a weak move by the NBA and it needs to be changed!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost in Life? & Spring Training has started!

So I am sure that in the past I have already blogged about being Lost in life, but this is my blog so I am going to write about whatever I feel like!  I have been unemployed for a little while now and although I have been doing some work on the side, I am getting to a point where I want a full-time job again (and hell, the money is bound to run out one day). I am going to be taking my Real Estate Exam in the next few weeks, but I am not sure if being an agent is what I want to do. What I am wondering is, how are you supposed to figure this out? I watched the Academy Awards last night and while part of me would like to be an actor I don’t think I have what it takes or really know what it would take. Then there is another part of me, who now loves to blog/write, but I have never considered this field as a career path, I don’t even know where I would begin. At the same time, I love marketing and have been enjoying the freelance work I have been doing lately, even more so than before! At the start of my unemployment I began studying Real Estate. I have always had an interest in homes and the real estate business, but is this what I will love doing?
I have learned so much in all the jobs I have had. I know that I work well with people and am not afraid of hard work, but I am not sure how create a career path out of that. And while my parents tried to guide me to figure things out, I know it all comes down to me and no one can make this decision for me. We aren’t ever really taught to pick out our career path, which is why I feel Lost. In the current job market it is hard to find anything, let alone your dream job – I don’t know where to start! I know I am skilled and capable, so there must be something for me out there. I don’t like to reach out for help too often, from my family or anyone else for that matter, but when you are Lost, how do you find your way? I know that 90% of the people that read this blog are my close friends and family (I appreciate that, by the way), but how can I get people beyond that circle to read what I write? How/Where do I look inside myself to materialize whatever it is that I want to/should be doing? Maybe this is my way of asking for help! What ideas do you guys have? Do you know someone with great advice or help for someone like me? Let’s hear some idea from you guys – help me get the ball rolling!

Spring training started over the weekend and I know I have said that I am not that excited about the Angels’ season – but I lied! Seeing them play got me as excited as I can be! I missed them, I missed knowing that they would be there playing everyday, win or lose, I could count on the being there next day. I am not trying to make anyone who reads this an Angel fan, I just want to get you pumped about the upcoming season! Baseball is a great sport! I know people find it boring, but this game is amazing and it deserves greater appreciation. With young players like Mike Trout, on their way up to the Bigs and Haren on the squad for the entire season, I am excited about where this season and team will go this year! So Angel fan or not, people get ready for baseball season!

Also by the way, Little League season starts Saturday and I have never been so excited!


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The double Vlog Epic!!!!

If you want to see the view from the other blog on the right side just click on Marc Blog its great!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Donate your time! & My Ratings on the NBA trades!

So if you don’t already know, I am coach at Encino Little League. I mention it because this post is about giving your time rather than just giving your money to others. I know I am part of the privileged group of people, who have a roof over their heads and family that supports me, in whatever it is I decide to do in life. This has inspired me to give back to the community I have come from, which is why I give my time to coach. I see my family friends who have the means to do so, give money here and there for various causes, but I believe that giving time can be worth way more. I know it takes times out of your day, but I strongly believe that we should all be doing something. If this means giving up a Sunday every other week, then so be it. Yes, people do need the donations, but if you the time to go to an old age home or a homeless shelter to talk to the people who are there, you can help their spirits rise. I know what I do isn’t for the homeless or elderly, but I not only attempt to teach these kids how to play baseball, I try to also show them what it means to be responsible and work hard. And when I can, I do go to help out at a homeless shelter. I guess what I am saying is that I wish people were not so self-involved, thinking that writing a check is enough. Go out there – volunteer your time while you still can, because you never know, there may be a time when you can’t!

Check out my reviews of the trades made before yesterday’s deadline!

L.A. Clippers trade Baron Davis and the Clippers' 2011 first-round draft pick to Cleveland for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon 

Los Angeles Clippers: B (Can be an A or an F in two years!)

The Clippers wanted to open up salary space for the next two years with this move. This trade can only get an “A” if they take the cash they freed up and sign a top free agent in the next two years!

Cleveland Cavaliers: C

Baron won’t be happy in Cleveland and will have no motivation to play, especially since he never really got along with Bryon Scott. This trade looks like it was more for the Clippers first round pick of next year’s draft. The Cavaliers are trying to rebuild their team, but the problem is that Baron’s contract isn’t up after this season so they will still have him on the books for 2 years!

The Charlotte Bobcats trade forward Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers for two first-round picks center Joel Przybilla and reserve forward Dante Cunningham.

Charlotte Bobcats:  D

I don’t really see the reason for this trade – it’s like they are giving up on the season! The Bobcats are a team that can make it the playoffs, but not much farther than that. It seems likes that isn’t enough for them, so instead they just gave up. Gerald Wallace is a fantastic player, who can do everything on the court, in return for him the Bobcats got two first-round picks – which look like they won’t even be part of the lottery! They also got two expiring contracts. Unless the Bobcats really think that they are going to sign a top-notch free agent, this move seems like a poor life decision.

Portland Trailblazers:  B+

I think the Trailblazers made the move they needed to make in order to competitive in the West. Even with Roy still hurting, despite being back on the court already, they still picked a solid player. They may have lost 2 draft picks, but the draft seems weak this year so not a big loss. The Blazers made this move just to keep pace with the rest of the teams making trades and I think in the end it will pay off!

Boston Celtics: C- 
This is a weird trade for the Celtics. They traded away Perkins, the one player that was problematic for the Lakers in last year’s playoffs. The Celtics’ roster got a lot smaller yesterday, which may hurt them against the Lakers, Heat, Magic, Spurs or Bulls. Green is a solid player but he will be lost amongst the Celtics Big 3 and won’t have as much freedom as he did in OKC. Then there is Krstic, not much to say about him, ha. Ultimately the Celtics lost a very good backup Point Guard (Nate) and solid starting Center (Perkins).
Oklahoma City Thunder: B

This was another interesting move, but it looks like they are planning on going straight after the Lakers now! They picked up a Center (Perkins) who can push Gasol and Bynum around should they meet again. With Nate they also got a second back up for breakout Point Guard Westbrook (they already had Maynor as a backup). I think this deal will end up helping the Thunder because they needed a big body on the court. They already have great scorers in Durant and Westbrook, now they can clog with middle with Perkins, as long as he stays healthy!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does life have a planned path? & The Shift from the West to the East!

So there is an old debate that comes up here and there and its religious based to a point.  The question  is, is life planned out ahead or do you create your own destiny?  I understand its tough to answer this question for some, and its tricky but I was wondering what everyone thought.  Before I ask you for your opinion I feel the need to give mine to you!  I am not one for religion for the most part, but I do think that part of this question is not entirely religion based.  In my opinion we might have a penciled path draw out but ultimately it is out duty to make the most of our life and create a life for ourselves!  We have choices every day to make life better and do something positive.  Every time we don't its a wasted day.  In the end I am saying that we might be born into a family of bankers and that might be the penciled out path that we have but at the end of the day its our duty to either make that work or create a new path!  We have one life to live and we need to make the best out of it.  A lot of people let life go by the waste-side and think they have to fit a certain mold, like take a 9-5 and pay the rent and then have a family and live happily every after.  There are many things I respect about my brother, but one of the top things is his push to live the life he wants to live.  He can go out in the world and get a 9-5 if he wanted to, but that isn't the life he wants, he wants to be an entrepreneur and and for now he is making it work.  Its not easy but he has created a path for himself that might not have been the same if he just went along with the regular path most people go on.  So before you go to sleep at night ask yourself, am I doing whats right for me right now?  Am I happy?


Yesterday I talked about Carmelo and then today there was another big move in the NBA.  Deron Williams was sent packing to New Jersey!  But I don't care to talk about this trade in particular, even though I do think it was a good trade for the Nets.  The big thing here is the shift in power from one conference to the other!  Two eastern conference teams improved themselves a lot this week while the western conference took a step down.   For years the western conference was the elite place to be, but now it seems that has changed.  Its a nice shift if you have a team in the west you want to make the playoffs like the Clippers *cough *cough!!!  The great thing about these moves is the two eastern conference teams didn't improve themselves enough to make them serious contenders for the championship this year or most likely next year!  So coming from my side I am happy with these trade because it makes the road easier for my team but its also great because its nice to see a change in the leagues every once in a while!  Things are looking up for the Clipps show and at the end of the day that's all that matters!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is college for everyone? & My thoughts on Melo!

So from a young age we are thrown into school and are expected to stay there until we are 18, if not 22 or older! This got me thinking about the age-old debate, is college for everyone? School was never my thing, I struggled through it and hated it, but I knew that college was important, so I went and got it done! Then there are people like my gf who seem to love education. She always talks about how she misses being in class and learning new things. I love learning new things, but on my own terms and about things I care about! There are also people like my boy Z, who got into UCLA and went back and forth for a bit before deciding to not go back. He now works a full time job, making good money, doing something he loves, all without having been to college. In my view, college is not for everyone by any means. I also don’t believe that college is as necessary as people make it seem. What is college really about? Education is great, but come people learn more through experience and practice than by sitting in a class listening to a lecture. So what are your thoughts? I am glad I went to college, it was a great experience for me, but I don’t think it is for everyone! Was college for you? Do you think it’s for everyone?

As promised yesterday, here are my thoughts on the Melo trade! After months and months of talks – Carmelo was finally traded. The question now is, was it a good trade or not? In my opinion this trade may end up back firing on the Knicks. If Carmelo ends up signing a 3 year $65 million extension, the Knicks won’t have any cash to spend when Williams, Howard and Paul are free agents!  The Knicks do have a very good one, two punch, but now they have an aging point guard and have lost two good players in Chandler and Gallinari. They have depleted their roster for a second superstar in hopes of becoming an elite team once again (key here is depleted their team, elite teams don’t do that!), but they didn’t seem to keep budgeting in mind while doing so.  The Nuggets at least ended up getting something in return for Carmelo instead of just letting him walk away in the off season! In my opinion this move won’t help either of these teams reach the elite status they want. The Nuggets went from being a potential 7th  or 8th seed, to missing out on the playoffs and the Knicks may have added 3 or 4 wins to the record, but they are still far off from becoming an elite team like Boston or Miami. I do however, like this trade because it makes one Western Conference team a bit weaker, putting the Clippers one step close to making the Playoffs!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Important are Politics to you? & My Thoughts on the All-Star weekend (mainly the dunk contest)

So last night at dinner with my family, politics came up. We all know they can be a touchy subject, but that is not really what this post is about. I am curious to know how important politics are to you.  At what age for they start becoming important? Yes, I know when you are young and in grade school, but at what age does it not only become relevant to your life but also something you begin to follow more closely? I know that throughout 90% of last night’s conversation I had no idea about what was being discussed. In the last few years I have attempted to follow politics more and more, but sometimes I just don’t care. I know they affect me on a daily basis, but for me, I just can’t seem to get interested in them. Is there a perfect age when politics become relevant to you? In my opinion, I doubt it. However I do think it is important to have a basic understanding of the politics around you. For example, I have a basic understanding of the issues in Egypt, but I doubt that I can have a well-informed debate about them. Maybe some people have what it takes to follow them and some people don’t, I am not sure, but I want to hear from you!  You know my stance, so what is yours? What is important to you and what isn’t?

This past weekend was the NBA All –Star weekend and it seemed to have lived up to the hype! The Rookies beat the Sophomores in a fun game where Wall made a sick pass to Blake! Then there was the All-Star game itself in which  the West was ahead for most of the game, until close to the end when the East tried making a comeback, however the West held it together to get the win!
Saturday was the biggest day of the All Star weekend – Congrats to Steph Curry, Team Atlanta and James Jones on winning their respective contests. A huge congrats to Blake Griffin for winning the Slam Dunk Contest!  I had two major issues with the Slam Dunk Contest. Firstly, Ibaka was totally ripped off! I am a huge Clipper fan and Griffin fan, but Ibaka dunked from behind the free throw line and got a 46!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? It should have been Blake and Ibaka in the final round, however Blake still would have won because he just so damn impressive. Just a fun fact – Blake is the first player in the NBA to participate in all 3 days of the All Star Weekend. My major problem with the Dunk contest was how branded it was. Kia paid some serious dough for that final dunk! The entire contest was a damn commercial and it got old quick. I think TNT and the NBA agreed to say “Kia” every five words. Next year let’s make it about the fans and just have the players dunk the ball. I don’t even want to get into the stupid rules for the Dunk Contest this year because really it was just an hour long Kia commercial.
Don’t worry people, tomorrow I will share my thoughts on Carmelo finally being traded to the Knicks!

Monday, February 21, 2011

How do you make your relationship work?

So if honor or Presidents day its time for another relationships blog!  So I was talking to my boy BD JB this morning and when I asked him what he was doing for our Little League practice (yes, you will get updates) he said going to study at his gf MV (Congrats on the new car).  I found this to be the cutest thing ever!  Then it got me thinking how do you make your relationship strong.  Many of us lead very busy lives at times but you have to always find time for the ones you love.  I think I think I lose sight of this at times because I live with my gf but that is no excuse.  So recently we have gotten in to Friday Night Lights the show and we now are watching it together from season 1 to the end.  Everyone has their way to connect and spend time and I wonder what anyone else is?  Its not just about going to dinner or telling the other how much they mean to you, but its about setting aside time for them and letting them know you want to be with them.  I am not perfect in this area by any means but then there is the other side where you need to balance the time with your partner, time with your friends and time with yourself.   In the case from the start with this blog as you can see JB needs to study as does his lovely lady so since they might not get a chance to see each other again today the made time to do something with one another, they might not be studying the same thing but its shows they care and they can support one another.  I am working on carving more time out for my great lady but it all takes time.   You need to think about whats important to you and make the effort to make it work!  Remember the key, "A couple that studies together stays together!"



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's day & Pujols

So I was wondering what Valentine's day became what it seems to be today.  I know the story behind the so-called holiday, but my real question is when did it become about the gifts?  I honestly thought it was the one so-called holiday where dinner, movie and flowers was enough!  I guess I am wrong.  The couples around me are exchanging gifts like its someones birthday!  I mean its a day to show the person you love how much they mean to you, and I guess buying a gift shoes that?  I went to dinner and a movie with my great lady and I think it was a very nice night because it ended with something great! (Friday Night Lights that is, don't be dirty people!).  My mom got some gifts, and most of my friends did some gifts.  Hell one of my friends took a weekend trip!  Last year I did one night away and I thought that was too much, but hell what do I know, my relationship is only 2 years old I  must not know anything.  As much as I might have learned this year from people around me but I will stand my ground and say V-Day is about being together and not buying gifts.  We have anniversaries and birthdays for that!

The deadline has passed and Albert doesn't have his contract!  This means it looks like Pujols will be hitting the free agent market next off-season!  Pujols is by far the best player in the game right now and its been awhile since we had a player like this on the market.  Yes, we had Crawford last season but he is no Pujols!  I wish most big name players hit the market like it looks like Pujols can!  We might have Pujols and Fielder on the market next off-season!  We should have also gotten Adrian Gonzalez but we know that won't happen now.  So since i am not happy with the way the Angels worked their off-season I am so excited for next season!  I mean the Angels can maybe do something special this year but damn I want another off-season, I love signing players and making things happen!  Lets all start getting excited to see Pujols get $30 million a year!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights & NFL Holdout!!!

I am going to start writing again soon.  I won't be able to do everyday because it gives me headaches but I will try my best and when I can I will get everything back to normal!  I want to thank everyone for the love and support since my damn eye surgery, and I will be sure to tell everyone about it in the upcoming weeks, so look out for that blog.  Please enjoy this and lets get the creative juices flowing again people its nice to be somewhat back for now!

So I have recently gotten into the show Friday Night Lights, and yes I know it just ended but I am only on episode 13 or so.  First off I do recommend it to anyone not just guys its a really good show so no one who reads this ruin it for me!  But what I feel the need to blog about is the F*&KING intro!  It might be one of the worst intro ever!  Its cheesy, and stupid and it makes me think I am watching 7th Heaven which blows!  The show is about the town of Dillion in Texas and the into makes it seem like its only about romance.  They even make the football part of the intro look cheesy!  You can ask my gf but every time we watch and the into comes on I complain!  I think shows should do a way with the intro, it is just pointless!  Look at Cougar town (yes I watch it and yes I love it) but they do 6-8 mins of show then they show the title with a clever line and its commercial time, and once back from commercial its like the intro never happened.  Not many shows get away with great intros like the Simpsons do!  So if anyone who works on a show out there reads this (I doubt it) take some advice from a TV watcher!  Stop with the stupid intros they don't do anything but waste my time!


NFL fans around the world are now hoping the NFL reaches some agreement in the near future because if there is a holdout no one will be happy about it!  Yes, I admit I am not as educated on it as I might need to be but hell I am still going to give my opinion.  ESPN and many articles claim they are $1 Billion apart now maybe its just me but doesn't meeting in the middle make sense.  Yes, they need to add a rookie scale so 1st picks don't make more then vets like they have been and yes I think they should get better retirement because they are risking their life every game and they lose years off their life for out entertainment, but really $1 billion apart!  Lets be serious here!  The NFL is a monster of on industry and if they think they can just get replacement players to play if need be they are kidding themselves.  They will lose more money with replacement players then they would if they just agreed somewhere in the middle.  Think about how badly baseball was affected after its half season!  They never recovered fully, I do think football would recover quicker then baseball but still!  Someone here needs to step up and take some responsibility to make this happen.  As fans we pay $100's a game to see these guys hit each other and they are going to not play because they are all to greedy for their own good!  Man up sit down and make a deal, or in the end both the owners and the players will be out on a lot of cash and then we are all losers!  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SportsCenter Commercials

This was actually very shocking t see for me, I mean really Brisk?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Commercial

Got how does she feel that they had to use a body double to make this commercial interesting?  The great thing is she has paid so much cash to make her body look young and it still can't be featured on a GoDaddy Commercial!

California on Egypt

Sad but great!

First Super Bowl Commercial

This was the first commercial after the kickoff of the Super Bowl!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video Blog After Surgery!

I know the patch is sick!

My Eye

So later today there will be a video blog about my surgery so everyone will get an update but here is a picture for now enjoy!