Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Reselution & My BCS Bowl Predictions

So if you have read previous posts you will realize that I am not a huge fan of what people have made new years become, but non the less I still feel the need to make a new years resolution or two.  My real question comes with why people don't make these resolutions any day of the year but I will forget about it for now.  I am going to make this one short because I know most, if not all of you have today off so I want you to enjoy that.  The typical resolutions are, lose weight or get fit, stop drinking or smoking, pay of debt and enjoy life more.  I think all of these are great ones also but I have decided some of you seem to care enough to read this daily almost and I appreciate it so here are mine, and I would love to hear yours! 
1.  Eat at home more
2. Lose Weight
3. Blog every weekday
4. Appreciate my family and friends more
5. Open up about my life more
I would love to hear about everyone also I think your resolutions can help others think of ones they need to work on.  Use the first to reflect on whats important to you and what changes it is time to make, and then make a plan of action.  Let me know yours and together we can make a great list!

Rose Bowl:
Wisconsin Vs. TCU (-3)
Winner: Wisconsin 7

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:
Oklahoma (-17) Vs. Connecticut 
Winner: Oklahoma by 15

Discover Orange Bowl:
Stanford (-3) Vs. Va. Tech
Winner: Stanford by 13

Allstate Sugar Bowl:
Arkansas Vs. Ohio State (-3.5)
Winner: Ohio State by 10

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game:
Oregon Vs. Auburn (-3)
Winner: Oregon by 3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Open up and the weight will be lighter & Should Athletes outside lives affect our view of them while they play?

So readers today it's all about being introspective of yourself.  For much of my life I have been somewhat closed off about my emotions, but recently I started opening up slowly and it got me to thinking.  I love of us (at least the people I know) grew up with the sense opening up makes one vulnerable and being vulnerable means you are weak.  In the last week or 2 I have realized how wrong that view really is.  When you open up to someone you feel a bond/connection to them that is hard to explain.  You give them this small view into who you are, and if the person you are opening up to is your true friend they feel special and they feel that you care.  Not only does it make that bond you already had stronger and make your friend/partner feel special it makes your life seem manageable.  When we don't share out feelings, worries and pains with others we walk around with an unbearable weight on our shoulders, a weight we can't get through alone.  It can be opening up about family issues, your bad day or something you struggle with internally but all I know is we aren't alone in this world, and we have been living alone for awhile now.  In my heart of hearts I believe humans are creatures of caring and giving.  Some people are exceptions but most of us want to help, and care for others that mean something to us.  When we stay closed off we don't give others the opportunity to what makes us all happy.  All I ask of people who are reading this seriously is open up to someone.  It doesn't have to be your partner, your mom or dad, it just needs to be someone you are comfortable with that you trust.  You can open up to me and I would be happy to listen and help if needed.  Remember you are never alone so don't act that way.  People want to help you just as much as you might want to help others.      

I take it everyone knows what Mr. Vick did do go to prison for an extended period of time, but what I wonder now that he is the pro bowl starter, should his actions off the field really affect out view of him on the field.  Sports have changed over the last 10 years even, with the sense that we are closer to the athletes then ever before.  We follow them on twitter, we have sportscenter airing what seems like 24/7 and we can get closer to them on the field then ever before.  This shines an entirely new light on them then before.  If they have one screw up the entire world knows and there isn't much they can do about it.  Lets get one thing straight, what Vick did was horrible and he deserved every min he got in jail for it.  He was recently voted in as the pro bowl starter and there are whispers he can win the MVP (he won't), but with great success on the field comes the whispers off his off the issues.  People are getting upset that a man who funded dog fighting, and killed dogs is playing in the NFL all star game.  But this got me to think because he made a huge mistake off the field and paid for it should he be punished on the field.  My answer is no!  We pay a lot of money to see this athletes utilize their talents and we have no right to make judgments on them outside of that to a point.  We can not agree with things they do, anywhere from getting a DUI to dog fighting but at the end of the day if he continues to play the way he is on the field he deserves the rewards of it just like he deserved the punishment for his mistakes.  Let me know your thoughts on this one folks!

Lunch Time Snack!

I never saw this video till this morning and its funny so skip to the middle and watch!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does money buy happiness? & The Length of Sports Seasons! + True Grit Review

He sure looks Happy!

So the question always is asked, does money buy happiness?  This question has always been asked and both sides have strong cases to be correct.  Throughout my life most people around me have said the answer to this question is no, but I am here to say otherwise with a rule or two.  I honestly do believe money can buy happiness but it might not be able to buy ultimate bliss.  The one thing I will say money can't buy is true love so lets take that out of the debate.  Love is a feeling that can be masked by money whether it is there or not.  Ultimate love is more than money and more than something that can be bought.  This doesn't mean you money can't buy you a happy relationship.  Money is an interesting thing because at the end of the day it is a huge reason people wake up in the morning.  I wish money didn't control as much as it actually does but this is the world we are born into so I gotta get mine.  But money buying happiness on the a basic level is very simple!  Say I am hungry and a burger from IN-N-OUT will make me happy then using money to buy that burger will make me happy so in that instance money does by me happiness period.  Then say I want to lose weight and I feel I don't have the self-control to stop by self from eating or the dedication I need to work out everyday, if I have the money to spend on a nutritionist and a trainer it will make doing everything easier.  Yes, you can do all of that without money but having money makes it easier, faster potentially, which in the end makes me happier quicker.  So from my two examples you can see why I think money does buy you happiness but the side note I wanted to say with it was, money buys you happiness if it is used with the right means behind it.  Just spending money to spend money isn't the answer (unless that is what makes you happy) but using it to satisfy those needs helps with the happiness.  People who say, well it can't buy love, and therefore can't buy happiness all I can say back is that not everyone is looking for love.  Yes, we are wired to think everyone needs love and this and that but there are people out there that are happy not being in love and not looking for it.  So in the end I guess what I am saying is this debate will never end because what makes humans great is that we don't all think alike.  So when you talk to your friends about this topic just remember not all people see the world through your eyes, things are your opinions and other have theirs just respect that.   

 As most people can tell I love sports.  I truly love them all, some more then others, but I can watch any sports and be happy.  Lately I have been wondering if the season are too long.  Baseball comes in with 162 games a year, basketball with 82, Football with 16 games but 17 weeks and the NFL with an 82 game season.  Recently there has been talk of extending the NFL season so each team plays 18 instead of 16 also.  A month or so leading up to the season of these sports I get excited (hockey not as much) and then that excitement persists for the first quarter or so of the season.  Then I usually hit a slow point where it just doesn't seem to matter.  I know they are all business and that is a huge component to why they are so long but wow do I think they can be shortened.  I do first off think the NFL has it right.  I think 16 games is perfect for them and adding two more would just be too much, so this next part is in reference to the other three (I am not talking about soccer or any other sport because I feel I don't know enough).  First off baseball is my favorite sport but 162 game is just absurd I think.  Teams can play other teams in their division almost 20 times!!!!  I think baseball should lower its games to somewhere around 125 with 25 of those games being inter-league play.  I am against the thoughts of shortening the games themselves because that is just stupid.  I think this will make people happier because to be honest the attention span in America is getting shorter and shorter so following a 162 games is a lot.  Then there is Hockey, and I don't watch too much but I think one of the reasons it feels long its because teams take about 2 days off in between games and sometimes up to 4 days off.  This much rest only extends an already long season.  If they cut it down to say 50 it would move much faster plus well over half of the league makes the playoffs anyway.  Then there is basketball!  Basketball is 82 games, this is comprised of played the teams in your conference 4 times a year and the teams in the opposite conference two times (with some exceptions).  I think there is a simple way to fix this.  First off take away 1 of the 4 against every team.  So this means play teams in your conference 3 times instead of 4, and rotate that 3rd game each year, so you play one away, one home and then the third switches every year.  With that taken away you now have 68 games (82-14=68) then take away a quarter of the non-conference games, meaning play every team once and 7 or 8 of the teams twice, but also make a rotation so it switches every year.  If you play every team once and 7 of the teams twice you now take 8 more games away, leaving you with 60 games (30 home and 30 away).  Then the final change I would make is shorten the playoffs.  Yes, its fine to do best of 7 in every round, even though I say do best of 5 in round one then switch to best of 7.  But I am saying make teams only get 1 day rest no matter what.  The western conference on one day and eastern on another and when the Championship hits one team gets 3 day rest and the other 4.  I know it seems like this might lose owners a lot of money but it also means smaller contracts because they play less.  Don't react right away people just think about it and let me know.  I am a huge sports fan and these are changes I want to see, what changes do you want?

So I saw True Grit last night and I will say I am impressed.  First off the movie is 2 hours long which, I think is the perfect time frame for a movie.  The cast did a fantastic job and on the acting alone I would give the movie a 9.7/10.  Then there is the story about a 14 year old girl seeking to avenge her fathers death.  She just wants to have some peace for her fathers murder.  The story was compelling throughout and I never got board with it.  They added some great lines to the movie to keep it light hearted when needed.  It is a movie I would 100% recommended to others.  I also hear it is much better then the original even though John Wayne won is only Oscar for that one.  Overall I will give the movie a solid 9.5/10 and if you haven't gone to see it go for it because you will enjoy it.    

My Favorite YouTube Video

I know almost all of you have seen this but I can't watch it without being happy so I figured I would post it here also! I just don't get why he kept putting his finger in his brothers mouth!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being on Hold! & Fantasy Football thoughts! (Advice)

So you can tell by the title what this frustrated blog is about!  On Monday I needed to call my Health Insurance Company (I won't disclose their name because its free advertising and a million people read this!) and I figured that since its the Holiday season people wouldn't be calling them much, but wow was I wrong.  I sat on hold for 28 mins and my actual call with the representative was 2 mins and 32 seconds.  There needs to be a better way for this all t happen.  Not only does it drain my battery but I can't do anything else in the mean time.  I can put my phone on speaker and scour the internet or watch tv, but the issue is they have such horrible music playing that TV isn't enjoyable!  T-Mobile has it right!  They let you put your number in and when its your place in line they will call you back, this way you can do whatever you want for the 28 wasted mins.  Do these companies really think I have the time to just sit there over and over again, plus they expect me to pay them a few hundred a month on time.  If you can't answer your phone on time why should I pay my bill on time.  I feel with a lot of companies this happens.  Similar things happened when I was living in Arizona.  I would live in a large apartment complex and something would break.  Right away I would call management to have it fixed and 2 weeks later it will get fixed, while in the mean time 3 other things need fixing also, but the guy can't fix the other things while he is there because he pizza is getting cold.  Then the 1st rolls around and rent is due.  We have till the 5th to pay but I am out of town so I go in on the 6th to pay to find out that I am being charged a fee of $50 for being late.  They can take their sweet time on fixing anything they want but the second they want your cash you better do it.  I feel we as renters should be able to asses a fee to the management if it takes over 5 days for something to be fixed after being called in.  I only want them to live by the standards they provide me with.  These kind of actions lead me to believe that we just live in a purely selfish world.  It goes beyond the "What have you done for me lately" view but its more about I want what is mine right away but your needs aren't important to me.  As long as we continue to populate in a selfish world we will continue to go backward.  So before you ask your friend for what they owe you ask yourself what you owe others.     

You must love the Draft Board!
So if you don't know but approximately right now (when this post was released) the final game of the fantasy season began (most leagues should have the championship this week and week 17 of the NFL season doesn't matter).  I am in 4 leagues this year, 3 on Yahoo and 1 on ESPN.  The three on yahoo are all private leagues with people I know and the ESPN one is public with strangers who don't know jack!  So before I get into why I am writing this I will tell you what place I am in for them all.  In my ESPN league I am in first and currently in the Championship and winning!  In my Brentwood league (Yahoo) I will just say it wasn't my year and I haven't needed to look at that team in a few weeks.  Then their is my Duboff League (friends last name), which I ended the season as the #1 seed in the playoffs and I am in the championship down by 49 with AP, Drew Brees, Vick and Desean Jackson still to play (so we shall see), and then in my U of A League (Saagar has some weird rules) I ended the season in first and I am currently in the championship but my boy Jason has destroyed me and I still have Vick and Maclin left, and unless they go crazy it will be a sad loss.  So if I don't win Duboffs league I will be very sad!  But the real reason I wrote this is because Fantasy Football has stressed me out beyond belief.  I have realized for next year I should only be in 2 leagues if not 1.  But what I really want to know from everyone out there that plays is, what is your fantasy strategy every year?  We all know there are 100 ways to draft, from QB heavy to RB heavy.  At what point do you start drafting sleepers?  When does age matter? and so on and so fourth.  So just let me know your thoughts on this one because if you don't know I play all fantasy sports and there is a fantasy baseball draft comping up right around the corner I am sure.  So please let me know how you approach a draft and maybe together we can build a perfect strategy!   

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Love of Blogging and how it betters us! & How Hard is Golf! Bonus: Resturant Review

So recently a lot of people have been asking me why I have decided to start to blog.  I was never one to be a writer, as you can tell from the lack of grammar in a lot of my blogs, but I feel the need to talk about my reasons.  So I will first let you know where this all started.  In my first blog I spoke about how I was on my all liquid diet and at my sisters goodbye dinner.  I sat there starring at 2 soups and my brothers girlfriend turned to me and said "You should blog about this" and legitimately that is where it started.  What I really want to share with everyone is why I continue to blog, and to encourage you all to do the same!  Throughout my entire life I have been a poor speller and had poor grammar (I never really tired) and since I started blogging both I think have improved (you can tell me).  I want to encourage everyone to start writing a lot if not blog a lot.  It has been a great avenue for me since I started and I feel it helps me relax.  We live in a technology age where everything happens in a second, so it seems the most anyone writes is a sentence of two now.  Blogging helps people develop skills that they need to practice.  Once out of college I get the feelings that a lot of people don't practice their writing enough and it takes me about 30 mins to do this every weekday.  Once we are done with school we only practice skills we think we need and because most of our writing programs have spell check, and grammar check we don't practice our writing.  So all I ask is everyone just write a paragraph a day about whatever you want, and continue it everyday and I promise you, your writing will improve and you will actually enjoy it.   

So I went golfing over the weekend and I have now decided that Golf is the hardest sport to play.  I played nine holes and lost 12 balls!  This got me thinking what the hardest sport to play is and Golf is my answer for now.  I view myself as a natural athlete and it usually doesn't take me too long to get good a sport, but golf still seems to frustrate me.  I am not saying other sports are easy but Golf seems impossible to me now.  You take a small ball and need to hit in a few hundred yards into a hole that a little bigger then the ball.  If you open your wrist by the smallest amount the ball will go flying the wrong way.  If you swing to fast it will make it hard to play well.  You also have to finish 18 holes in a set amount of strokes and if you go over those strokes by a lot in just the first few holes, mentally you can be done for the day.  What seems to make Golf so hard to me is how much the little things really matter.  If the first part isn't hard enough (hitting the ball to the green which usually isn't that big and is hundreds of yards away) you then need to putt it into a small hole.  That sounds easy until you realize that not all greens have the same speed, and that there are certain slopes to each green, and you need to read the green.  The putt might not be straight it can go from left to right, or right to left, or be up hill and even be downhill.  This all has to sync together for 3-4 hours (typically 18 hole time frame) without you letting yourself get into your head and ruin your round!  I know a lot of people make claims; golf is easy, golf isn't a sport and golf is for fat guys, but let me ask you this, have you actually tried to play?  If you think all these things and haven't played I challenge you to go to your local course and play 18, and if you get lower then say 90 (maybe even 100) then I will agree with you, but when you shoot 100+ then swallow your words and move along.  Golf is stressful and had taken years off my life!

Advice:  Take advantage what is around you and help develop the skills you already have because it is important to continue to better yourself on a daily basis.  Everyday you don't attempt to better yourself is a day you have officially wasted.

So I have also decided that when I see a new movie or eat at a new place I will review it for everyone!
So a few days ago I went to Loteria Grill, in Studio City, and it was an interesting experience.  We got there and we were seated fast because we made a reservation even though it wasn't crowded.  You get free chips and salsa when you sit down.  The chips are good and the salsa has a smokey chipotle flavor to it, which I liked a lot.  Then I ordered 2 beef tacos.  I also ordered a side of rice and to drink I got a diet coke.  The rest of the table either got tacos or a burrito for the most part.  First the food didn't come out to fast which, was upsetting but the even forgot to put an order in for someone in our party.  So one person was without food for 10 mins while we all ate.  The only good thing was they didn't hesitate to comp their meal.  Then came the actual taste of the food.  My taco was a small portion so I would say if you go there get 3 or even 4, but wow were they amazing.  I am willing to say it was a top 5 taco for me of all time.  The meat was seasoned great and the beef wasn't rough at all.  The only thing I didn't love was the corn tortilla (thats all they have for the taco) but the meat was so good I almost forgot about that.  I tasted a burrito and I thought it was well above average also.  So I would give there food a solid 9.6/10 but the service as awful.  Not once did I receive a refill on my soda nor did anyone else at the table.  I also only got 1 water refill.  My rice never came nor did my gfs rice and Stacey's rice and beans never came!  One person at our table actually received rice in the end and it was simple white rice (nothing special).  Then when the bill came they didn't take off the rice orders that never came and the bean order that never came.  After speaking with the waiter he said he wouldn't take it off because they were ordered, but once we showed him they never came the items were taken off.  Their service gets a 2.7/10!  It wasn't to expensive so I would say price is 8/10.  Drinks were a little costly and from what my other patrons said the drinks were very good.  I would be willing to eat there again because the taco was so good but I am more inclined to do it as take out, even though that can ruin the experience.  Overall I will still give the place a 8.3/10 and I would recommend it with saying the service was disappointing but the waiter did claim one waiter didn't show up so they were hectic that night.  So go out and try it you might fall in love.          

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to take the time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday!  Thank you all for taking the time our of your day to read my thoughts, it means a lot to me!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ex boyfriends/girlfriends and The NCAA Bowl Season

Isn't it sad?

So I have decided today's blog is going to be about relationships!  I have had my fair share of them in my 25 years of living and all of them have one thing in common.  Looking back on them I have realized I am not friends with any of me ex girlfriends.  I find this to make a lot of sense, but what doesn't make sense to me is the people that want to remain friends with their ex's after their break up.  Yes, I agree there are exceptions to every rule out there so I am not saying this is true for everyone.  This is just my opinion so you can take it with a grain of salt.  When a break up takes place usually it isn't mutual and one of the two people are hurt if not both of them.  But for some reason people want to remain friends.  I tried this once and let me tell you it didn't work.  So I have a girlfriend in High School and we dated either Junior or Senior year (or a mix of both) and we broke up because she wronged me (at least I see it that way).  But when we broke up she wanted to remain friends, as did I.  The only issue is we wanted to remain friends for different reasons.  It seemed she wanted to remain friends because I was a good person, but I wanted to remain friends because I wanted to try to get her back.  I believe this happens with most break ups, one person just wants the support still and the other wants to light that flame again.  It usually ends in disaster and it not only ruins what little friendship was possibly left after both move on, but it also can leave someone affect for good.  I do think that if the two take some time apart whether it is a few months or a few years they can become friends but never to fast.  To a point I think men and women weren't "designed" to be friends.  But I do think we have adapted and its easier now then it was.  If you are a guy reading this just ask yourself, how many female friends you have had that you didn't want to hook up with or date at one point?  I can say I don't have many (I don't want to hook up with any of them now as I am happy taken).  Its hard to balance friendships and trying to balance that with feelings is really hard.  All I can say is do what feels right but for the person who is remaining friends for the chance to get back together with the person its not worth it.  You can still go ahead and pursue the person but, don't lead the other to believe you are there to just be friends.  Always be clear on your intention it will save you both the headache and the heartbreak.  Because I know from my previous experience, we did hook up here and there a few more times but it ended in disaster and we don't really speak now.  I had a similar thing happen with my next lady but we finally took 1-2 years away from one another (no communication at all) and when we ran into each other again it was very pleasant.  Did I mention we are now together again.  So for the person who thinks there is still a shot there is but just be patient and don't force it things take time and people need to grow so let them.     

So as must of you know college bowl season started a few days ago but I have one issue with it.  No, this won't be about the stupid BCS and how their should be a playoff made.  This is about the time they take off between games!  If your college team is lucky enough to make it to a BCS bowl or a good bowl you will have to wait nearly a month to see them play again.  Yes, I am saying from the last regular season game until their next is usually between 3-4 weeks!  I am a huge fan of University of Arizona and their last regular season game was on December 2nd, their bowl game (which isn't even that great of a bowl) is December 29th!  You are telling me I need to wait 4 weeks to see them play!  You can say that the college wants the kids to get a winter break but I will tell you that is BS.  They just want to capitalize on cash.  College basketball players don't get winter or spring break off but the football players do?  For the big bowl games on New Years and all I would rather spend the time with family and friends and not worrying who won (which I do because I am a sports fan) so give them a week off and then play ball.  I think they would all also rather be home for New Years with their family and friends.  Instead they are placed all over to play a game they can't get paid for until them make it to the pros (and if they make it).  These players aren't even allowed to trade autographs for tattoos but we want them to give up their New Years so their schools can cash in millions of dollars while they risk their well being.  So ask yourself what are people really out for?  is money that powerful?

Advice: Don't force things in life, because at the end of the day it will only make things worse.  Enjoy what you have and not what you don't.  We get a fixed amount of time on this earth so use it wisely and spend it with people that want to spend the time with you to!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What is your youth about? Also Phil Jackson needs to shut up!

So recently I have become friends with some great artist which has gotten me thinking.  Growing up all I did was play sports.  I never really gave the arts a chance and after seeing some work done by my friends I am regretting doing something more as a child.  I see paintings and photos now and I am just amazed by them but besides one class I took in high school I know nothing about either of them.  I also claimed I was just not an artist but looking back on it now I never really tried it.  The most art work I did was a small class when I was younger and then when I got old enough I stopped.  I look back now and wish I did more with my youth besides just sports.  Yes, I always wanted to be a professional athlete but it shouldn't have stopped me from expanding my horizons.  So what I wonder now is why do parents usually push their kids towards sports then the arts truly are amazing.  I look at all these other forms to express yourself, from painting (all types) and photograph and I wish I had gained these talents earlier in life.  I know its not to late to learn it but I have so much more free time to learn things then.  So what this blog is truly about is make sure you try everything and anything.  Don't sit in a box and think because most people play sports.  Not just for you but for your children.  When your kids are young sign them up for art classes, and when they get old enough have them try photography and this call all take place while they play the sports they love.  The great thing about the arts is that you can do it alone but when it comes to sports you usually need a group of people.  We are stuck in this mold that our kids need to be these great athletes and if you make them do the arts they won't fit in but looking back it is far from the truth.  Some of the coolest people I know are great artist and can't play a sport if their life depended on it.  So what I want everyone do is try something new.  Step out of your box and enjoy something new.  Also the day you have a child let them enjoy everything and don't just place them on a team and think that is enough.  We have a huge world of great adventures out there and I think we need to enjoy them a lot more.     

Zen Master my ASS!
So Phil Jackson was asked recently what he thought about playing basketball on Christmas and he responded by saying "I don't think anybody should play on Christmas Day," Jackson said. "Soccer teams don't play this time of year, they take a break. I don't understand it." (Quoted from he went on to claim its a holy time and no one should play period.  I got nothing against Christmas and all but lets be honest for a second.  Phil doesn't think this about any other religious holiday only his own, and frankly I think it is wrong.  He has no problem playing on Hanukkah or any other holiday.  Your fans pay your salary Jackson, yes we know you make 10 million a year to tell Kobe and Gasol what to do, so if we want you to play (I mean sit on the bench) on Christmas day for 3 hours so we can see an amazing match up of the Heat and Lakers then be happy and do it.  Stop complaining and do your damn job! People have to work at restaurants and theaters on Christmas the least you can do is spend a few hours at the court and coach some super stars.

I want to give a shout out to Bin Laden you are a sneaky man but happy new year anyway!   

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years & UCONNs Record!

New Years is COMING!
Hope everyone is having a good week, and if you aren't smile because its over half way there now!
So I have decided to today to blog about New Years/New Years Eve.  If you don't know me I am not the guy that care to go out and get wasted or stay out till 2 AM doing something my mother doesn't want to know about.  So what I am here to ask is, why is new years eve so special?  Today's blog won't have a story or anything involved just my thoughts on New Years.  Every year in December people start talking about the holidays and then new years is approached.  People ask, what party are you going to?  How drunk are you getting this year?  But what I must be missing is, what is so special about the night of December 31st?  Yes, I get it its a new calendar year (whoopi, you need to buy a new calender) and yes its a new month?  But in what way just that mean its time to drink and party.  I have asked some people this question lately and I have been told, it;s because its the start of something new so then is the time to start fresh and all of that fun stuff.  What I respond with is, if you need some change because something isn't working in your life can't you do that in November, August or any other month?  First and foremost drunk driving goes up on this night and I just don't think that the change of the calender justifies what takes place.  New Years should be about enjoying time with the people who mean the most to you, from family to friends to the mail man.  So take that night and stay home with family and friends, have a drink or two but be same and appreciate what you have.  New Years shouldn't be about drinking and partying but it should be about who helped you get through the year safely don't put yourself at risk or others.  I am not here to preach or anything of that sort but just take the time to put the year in perspective and not drink to forget about it.

Congrats to the UConn Women!

So if you don't know but yesterday the UConn women surpassed the UCLA men's basketball team for 89 wins in a row.  After they tied at 88 their coach geno talked a little about how they won't get the coverage they deserve because they are in womens sports.  Now I have some issues with this comment.  First off ESPN did a 2 hour long special leading up to the big game and they stayed there for 30 mins after the game was over.  They are also televising their next game against Stanford.  First and foremost mens basketball has been around for far longer then woman's and I am not trying to be sexist or anything but mens basketball is just more exciting.  So we need to accept that mens sports will always get more attention but instead of focusing on what the women sports don't get why don't we focus on where they are now.  If this streak happened 5 years ago it wouldn't get a special show before the game started.  The President of the United States called the coach after the game to congratulate him, so come on people they are on their way up so look at the glass being half full and not half empty!!!!  I do want to say congrats to them for their amazing record because it's impressive as they come!!!

I also wanted to say hi to Bristol Palin!  You are awesome!!!       

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What should be said on Facebook and Twitter?

So I have been blasting the social media outlets with my blog for the last week or so (sorry people).  But this got me wondering, what is appropriate to put on Facebook & Twitter?  In our internet world everything seems to revolve around some social media outlet ad it seems today that people are posting way too much stuff on their accounts.  When I sign on FB now I can see what my friends are eating, thinking and doing.  I love social media unlike many of my friends but I am starting to think people are sharing a little too much at times.  I understand you want to share things with people but lets be honest at the end of the day half of it means nothing to anyone, not even you.  I understand if you just graduated you want to say something, great so post it, or if you loved some show that night go for it.  My issues are when people post things like, my _____ just died, may he rest in peace.  I do not want to sign on to FB or twitter to hear about someone dieing, and that goes for humans and animals.  I agree it is sad when someone passes but the person who was in your freshman year math class doesn't need to know that it just saddens the mood.  I think speaking of our accomplishments are fine and dandy and even posting pictures of cool things you had for dinner, but if you just had chicken and peas keep it to yourself.  Both Facebook and Twitter are forms of connecting with people not pouring your hear out in 140 characters or less (on twitter).  If something bad has happened in your life and you want to share it then do so with the people who are close to you (you family or bestfriends) but not everyone.  The only time its appropriate to share something like that with the word is if you had an accident of some sort and people keep messaging you for details of some sort then go for it because it's easier.  Then the final part is the "risky" pictures people post.  As much as some people like the women in barley anything (I am one of them) do you really think FB or twitter is the place to post it?  The best part is when they get fired from work they are shocked that the picture of them naked snorting Coca Cola helped them lose their job!  Have fun with social media because that is what they were made for but don't make them depressing please!  Also I don't need 501 people telling me its raining out in LA because guess what?  I can look out the window to!

BD Kobe

 So its time for some NBA talk with the big Christmas Day Match up coming up.  When Lebron, Bosh and Wade all joined forces in Miami people asked if it was bad for basketball.  I will use this time to answer that question.  The answer is no way!  Yes, it ruined the Raptors and Cavaliers but yet it made basketball fun again.  I would rather have 6-8 great teams then 12-14 very good ones.  I am more interested in seeing an amazing playoff set then a good regular season.  This is almost like the Cliff Lee deal, we all think that the Phillies are do dominate but we said that about the Heat also and look how much they struggled out of the block.  Competition breads more competition so just sit back and enjoy the show!!!  When the Celtics joined forces in Boston it only made the NBA better by bringing back the Celtic Laker rivalry and now the Heat have joined the mix!!!  Just think this xmas would you rather be watching the Lakers Vs last years Cavaliers or the Lakers Vs this years Heat?

My advice:  After you click "share" on Twitter or FaceBook reread what you are about to share and if it seems weird just delete it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Talking at the Gym!!!! + One of the best weekends of FOOTBALL!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
So as everyone knows I like to judge people but I have now decided who my favorite people to judge really are!  I love the tools that come in the gym with their cut sleeves and steroid look aka Juice Heads.  They are what prompted this post.  So I went to the gym this morning (yes I actually did).  Since I live in an apartment complex the gym isn't that big but its got everything I need.  When I walked in there was a female on the elliptical, about what seemed mid way through her run.  I then decided to just use the bike until she was done with it.  Approximately 10 mins after I arrived the door swung open and it was of course a juice head.  He was wearing a shirt clearly to short for him because it look liked the Sammy Sosa shit ala 1985.  You can see the veins in his arms and he clearly had no neck.  In my head all I can think was "What a tool" but I continued on listing to my music and doing my thing.  Then all of a sudden it sounded like a tennis match between the Williams sisters started to take place, because the guy just started grunting every time he lifted his 5 Lbs dumb bell.  I made eye contact with the girl and we both laughed and moved on.  Then it happened the reason I am writing this post!  He approached the girl to spot him! (She was a tiny girl and he asked her before he asked me, which I was happy about because I didn't want to help.)  So she said fine for whatever reason.  At this point i decided to turn my music off, but leave my headphones on (I am sneaky like that) and listen to their convo.  After a min or two he started asking the girl about herself, like what does she like do, eat, listen to and so on.  By now she just finished running a few miles and I can tell in her face she was in no mood to be hit on.  After some more questions, may I add she didn't ask a single question back, he asked her if she was single and the girl pulled a rookie move.  While answering she stumbled and said she was "dating" someone.  Well "dating" someone doesn't stop juice head (hell being married might not) so he then asked her out for some "beverages" as he put it.  She said no thank you I can't this week I have family in town, and blah blah blah.  So the eager juice head said how about next week and she come up with some other excuse.  At that point you would think he would take a hint but not him because he thinks he is gods gift, he goes on and tells her his number and says how about you just call me when you have a free hour and we can hang out because we both live here anyway.  She then said something like, I like the guy I am dating and I won't put that at risk for thank you but no thanks.  I was like Bazinga in my head (Big Bang Theory people will get it). By this time I was wrapping up my Ipod and my headphones were off.  She then left the gym and when the door closed he looked at me and pulled out a gun and shot me in the leg!! Wow getting shot hurts so bad!! Just joking he looked at me and said "That bitch will be thinking of me all day!", and I said nothing back because I was shocked he said put together a sentence.
I know you all see these guys on a daily basis at the gym and I hope every laughs at them because they are funny as shit.  In the end I don't know, nor do I care why he was rejected but in my opinion, people go to the gym to work out and not go on dates to keep your headphones on do your work and leave! 

Not sure if you guys caught any football this weekend but I sure did, and wow I think it was the best weekend of the season!  10 of the 15 games played yesterday were decided by 7 point or less and 1 of the 5 that wasn't was  a 10 point game only because the Colt returned on onside kick (so it really ended as a 3 point game in my head).  The Sunday night game was a thriller with no Rodgers playing and Flynn in his first career start making a fight to beat what looks like the best team in the league.  Then there was the game that went to OT with the Lions and Bucs which the Lions finally snapped a 26 game road losing steak (the longest in NFL history).  Also if you didn't watch the Jets Vs. Steelers game you missed about, because the Jets have been down as of late and made a great game happen in Pitt with a 5 point win.  There was even some excitement from the Bills/Dolphins game and the Bengals/Brown game wasn't to shabby.  But the best game of the weekend was.... EAGELS Vs. the giants.  I will tell everyone my MVP pick in a few weeks (Its Between Vick, Brady and yes Jamaal Charles).  But if you didn't think Vick had a case for the MVP he showed it yesterday that he does.  At half the Giants had a 24-3 lead and the Eagles looked like they didn't belong there, but whatever happened in the locker room they need to do more of.  Vick and the Eagles turn something on in the second half (really the last 8 mins of the game).  Vick then went on to throw 3 TDs and rush for 1.  He ended up trowing for 200+ yards and rushing for 100+ yards.  This was all capped off by a punt to Desean Jackson muffing a punt, then picking it up and running it to the house for a thrilling victory!  Not only did that second half secure me a spot in my fantasy football championship but it go me excited for this years playoffs which is still 2 weeks away!  Did I mention we still have a game tonight that could also be a great one!  So everyone enjoy tonight's game and be excited for a great playoffs to come because now I am!!!

My advice:  If you are going somewhere to work out then do that and don't bug others!!! And if you need to cut the sleeves off your shirt to work out then look in the mirror and stop injecting riods that is for Bonds only!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Celebrities need to shut up! Sports and the thieves!

Gwyneth Paltrow covering up!

I have come to a conclusion as of late about celebrities.  They are people who want to have their cake and eat it to.  They want to get paid millions of dollars to start in movies and shows but yet they don't want you to bother them when they are walking down the street.  This might not go for every celebrity but a lot of them think they are entitled to their privacy.  I for one say fuck you!  I am not a celebrity hunter or any of that fun stuff but, I shouldn't feel bad if I see one and want to take a picture with them.  I pay $15 to go see some of their shitty ass movies and they think that they should be able to hide?  This also goes for athletes.  At the end of the day no matter how you view it WE pay their salaries.  We spend $100's on sporting tickets and just as much, or even more on movie purchasing, renting and viewing every year.  As a celebrity you know what comes with the territory besides making astronomical wages.  If you are Mr. Efron and a 10 year comes up to you for an autograph or a picture don't be an ass and pretend she isn't there, she has most likely made her parents spend a ton of money on your movies, songs and lunch pales.  I understand if you are Kevin Spacey and you don't want to tell people if you are gay or straight but don't cover your face when you leave some restaurant that costs you $200 a plate, because I paid for it asshole.  I agree when they are in their private home and doing their own thing they should have that privacy but the second you are on public property you are fair game so stop covering up and acting like people suck.  At the end of the day you know what you were getting into so accept and embrace it, because TMZ isn't going anywhere!

Carmelo Anthony mug shot!

Now for some sports talk in the same direction.  It seems all the time on or on Sports Center we see an athlete getting arrested for something stupid.  But every time I see this I wonder how stupid they must be at times.  You are a polarizing figure and you actually think you won't get caught?  Look at the Bengals a few years ago, it seemed half of the team was in trouble with the law.  This about it this way: if I drive home drunk I can get caught because the police are watching here and there but if Melo goes home drives home drunk he has to hope that the 5,000+ people who were in the club with him don't say anything to the police and he has to get home without hitting a tree.  Then there is actions like tiger woods and his one million affairs.  When he sends a whore a sextext does he really think that there is a good chance one day his wife won't find out.  Its not only Tiger, because Tony Parker just got caught ding the same thing.  In our world of technology it seems nearly impossible to get away with anything.  So I think most of these athletes are stupid because they still do it, and when they do it they have to think they are going to get away with it.  If I went down a list and named every actor/athlete who has gotten a DUI or in trouble by the law we would be here for days, and I haven't even mentioned the sex tapes.  So just remember everyone is watching be smart.

My Advice:  If you see a celebrity or athlete you like and you want a picture with them go for it because it's the least they can do for you!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend I am not sure if I will get some up this weekend but I sure will try! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not all Homeless are drunks!!! Also some NFL thought!

I hope all is well with everyone! because its Thursday and soon we will all have a few days off hopefully.  So I struggled with what to write about today for a while and this is what I decided I wanted to write about.  As you can see from the title and the picture it about homeless people.  Every once in a while you hear people argue about if we should give money to the homeless people because they are just going to use it to put booze or drugs.  Whenever I am part of this argument I tend to get upset/annoyed with people who think it is stupid to give a little.  First and for most when people make claims that the homeless will just go out and buy drugs or booze its a pure assumption and they have nothing to back the statement up with.  Second who are we to judge what people do with the money they get.  It got me thinking to my time at Arizona because a lot of my friends there didn't have to work at all and when they wanted cash all they did was speed dial a parent and the money was there.  Then they did what a lot of people assume the homeless do, they went off and bought some booze and drugs.  I know its different because the parents aren't assuming the kids will do that with their cash but come on if they don't assume that why should we when we give $1 or 2  to others.  I don't always give money to the homeless, first its because I can't afford it all the time and second because I don't always have cash on me.  But let me ask you this, If you were in a bad situation for any reason (we don't know why they are homeless) and someone drove up to your corner with their seat warmers on and some Kanye playing wouldn't you hope they had the kindness to give you a dollar or 2.  Who cares what they use it for really anyway.  If they use it to get a burger on the dollar menu (which really comes about to about $1.09 so when giving a dollar at a dime please) or they use it on a can of Mikes Hard they deserve their choices.  I mean half of my friends come home from a long day of work and want to crack open a bottle of win or snort some Coca Cola (really only the drinking) so just imagine standing out in the rain for the entire day and sleeping in the cold I sure would want something to drink also.  So what I am trying to say is before you judge the person asking you for a dollar put yourself in their shoes for a second and be kind, you can just give a smile or give a dollar just do whats right by you!

Hey sports fans how you doing today?  Are you ready for bowl mania?  What I wanted to talk about today was how messed up the NFL playoff system is!  You might not know how it works but I will give you a quick overview of it.  The top 2 teams in the AFC and NFC get a bye in the first week while 4 teams face off in week 1.  But the catch here is that division winners get home field advantage in the first round.  This means St. Louis, Seattle or San Francisco.  While a team like New Orleans or the Eagles can be on the road (and many more).  Something about that format is wrong.  A team who is part of a horrible division will get a game game in the playoffs!!  Look at another sport such as basketball then.  The last time the Clippers made the playoffs they faced the Denver Nuggets who won their division.  The nuggets had a 3 seed and the Clippers were a 6th seed.  Take a wild guess who got home court advantage?  Yes, if you said the Clippers you are right.  The Clippers went on to win that series but the NBA does what is right.  They award the team who had a better season in general the home court/field advantage.  So all I ask is NFL change your playoff set up.  Seattle DOESN'T deserve a home game at all!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why do we Smoke? Also some thoughts about Cliff Lee Signing (Sorry Broadawy star)

Ok so people so I hope we are all having a great week so far because it feels like its been a long one!!!!!

So today's issue comes from one of my top pet peeves and yes as you can see from the picture it is smokers.  I want to say I am not trying to offend anyone on this one, my posts are my opinions.  As we all know smoking has been in the news for as long as most of us can remember and it has been banned now from many places but that is not the issue I have with it.  In my eyes smoking should be outlawed everywhere except on ones own personal property.  But you might ask yourself, Brett does smoking really upset you this much?  Does it really affect you this much?  I use to not be able to answer yes to that question but now I can say yes it does.  So I live in an apartment building that is "Smoke Free" (bullshit) and when I signed my first lease here 10 months ago I was very happy to be informed of this rule.  For the first 2 months I lived here with BD JB we were happy as they come.  Then the trash moved in across the hall from us and it changed.  I will attempt to describe them without being to mean.  I believe they are from Michigan (I think thats what their license plates say) and being honest they look like they could have been extras in the movie 8 Mile and they weren't from the right side of the tracks.  For all I know they could be the nicest people in the world but I know for sure they aren't very considerate.  The second they moved in the cigarettes were getting lite.  If you walked to out apartment and walked by theirs on the way you would smell a cloud of smoke every single day.  Every day myself or my roommate came home you can guarantee by 4 PM they would both be on their porch smoking and drinking (they went through 1 30 pack every 2 days it seemed.)  Since we lived more diagonal then straight across from them BD JB and I let it go because to us it was just funny and every time J money came home he would yell to my room lets go play some beer pong with them.  But then that day came where I moved in with my lovely gf and her college roommate.  We moved up one level and across from my old place, so yes if you think right we are no up and 1 to the left of the smokers.  Every once in awhile we would have our balcony door open and they would start to smoke and we would just close the door and move on but recently my roommate, we will call her the design queen, decided she wanted fresh air (we all have that right don't we?) so she left her window open for the day.  When she came home from her long exhausting day she went into her room and it smelled like an episode of Mad Men!!!!  No matter where we live or work we should have the right to open our window and get some fresh air but now that is taken away from me.  I don't care that smoking can result in the smoker getting cancer because you are an adult and its your body but don't you dare fuck with mine.  I do enough bad things to my body I don't need to add smoking to it.  So people stop being selfish and if you are in public and put your cigarettes down till non-smokers aren't around.
The interesting part of me writing this blog has made me realize why farting in public is rude and shouldn't be done.  Unless you are farting for a jokes sake (which is always funny people) try to keep it in.  People want to walk to the streets, eat dinners and kiss their significant others while it smells good so don't be selfish and mind the people around you!!!      

So if you don't know by now Cliff Lee made major news when he joined the Phillies leaving the Rangers (hell yea screw them) and the Yankees (hate them too) empty handed.  The Phillies now have one of the most insane starting rotations with Hamels as the #4 and 3 of the top 10 active winning percentage leaders in Oswalt, Halladay and Lee.  But what I really want to say to people is please don't give up on baseball.  I have talked to a few people and all they keep saying is "I am not excited for baseball this season" and I get where they are coming from but come on people this is baseball we are talking about.  First anyone or two of them can go down to injury you never know.  More importantly the one great thing about baseball is how hard it is to be so dominate!!!  In the last 10 years of baseball no one has won back to back Rings and also in the last 10 years the has been 8 different World Series Champions!!!  Be excited for the upcoming season we could witness an amazing pitching rotation and we can either see them be great and win it all or we can see it fail both ways we get to see greatness.  The one belief I have held since the Angels won the WS in 2002 against the Giants is that as long as you team makes the playoffs you have a shot.  In 2002 both Wild Card teams made it to the Championship.  Baseball is unlike any other sport in all the facts I just stated anyone can win any given year you just need to have faith and if the Phillies end up winning it should only give your team more motivation to better themselves for the next season.  KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!

My advice today:  Be considerate of the people around you because your actions affect them even if you don't think about it.  If we all took 5 secs t think of other before we did something selfish we would all be happier.

Also my Broadway star is you MV!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why does Hanukkah get no respect?

 So I want to start by saying I went to a different doctor today for my eyes and they informed me to stop wearing my contacts for three weeks and then go back to them.  So if something is off it is because I can barley see what I am writing (not like my grammar in the other postings was great).  And if you have seen my other posts you realize I went through my waiting room issues once again today and it was bad because I ended up next to the old person who thinks they can tell you their life story.   
I want to also apologize in advance if this post rubs anyone the wrong way and if it rubs you the right way you are very welcome.  So last night I was watching Glee (the episode from last Tuesday and yes I do watch Glee so eat it) and it was the Christmas episode.  About 15 mins into the episode I started getting upset which never happens while watching TV.  You may ask why was I so upset and it would have taken me sometime last night to answer you but now I can.  I am Jewish and I enjoy celebrating Hanukkah.  I have come to the conclusion Hanukkah doesn’t get any respect mainstream at all.  I know Jews are in the minority and all but come on people.  We are trusted handing your cash (as accountants) but yet we cant be given a good section in your store of have the respect of getting a show to give us an episode?  Glee played all this soft sweet music about spreading love and joy for the Holidays but there wasn’t once reference to Hanukkah.  The closest us Jews got to a Hanukkah episode was Chrismaka on the O.C. year back (yes I did just reference the O.C.).  In November I went Hanukkah with my gf who is not a Jew and we needed to get decorations for a Hanukkah party we were having and yet we couldn’t find a thing.  Now with Christmas a little over a week away you can’t turn your head without seeing something you can use to decorate for the Holidays.  So all I want to know is why do the Jews get not love?  I am sure this also goes for many other religions besides the Jews but I can only speak for myself.  I want everyone to know I love all people so this is in no way attack of anyone’s religion I just want my peeps to get some love to!!!!!

What is everyone doing for New Years?  Tell me what you are up to in the comment section!

So today’s advice is very easy:  Recognize the people around you and be grateful because they are grateful for you to (I hope). 


Monday, December 13, 2010

People CAN'T DRIVE! and some sports for the men!

So today I got to add carbs to my diet.  I started the morning off with some raisin bread (from Holland) and some butter and it tasted like a Burger to me!!!!  I also got to have some pasta today, which was good but whatever.  You never truly know how great something is until it’s gone so people please don’t take your carbs and meats for granted because when they aren’t there its horrible.  

Now onto what the post is all about!!! People who don’t know how to drive and upset me.  I was on my way to Krav-Maga and I encountered my first moron of the day!  Krav-Maga is around the corner from my place so it usually takes me 2-3 mins to get there but today it took me at least 12 mins.  The intelligent man in front of me must not have been aware he was operating a motor vehicle.  I was in the far right lane and the brilliant man in front of me decided to start driving 2 miles an hour for the next block or two.  Then he decided to attempt to parallel park (I didn’t mention the left lane was closed for a few hours) and that was one more thing I can add to the list of something he couldn’t do.  So after 5 failed attempts they put their blinker on to turn into a parking lot and at the last second decided not to go in and nearly hit me.  I finally arrived at my destination and felt sorry for all the people behind me because I know the adventure they were about to embark on would be a fun one.  The second thing that got to me today was the female who thought she would tell me to get off my phone while I was driving.  I was on my way home and I decided to play some Florence and the Machine (Love them right now).  As I usually do when I am alone in my car I enjoy some singing (you all do don’t lie) but for some reason the lady thought she saw me talking on my phone.  She then proceeded to honk at me a few times till I looked over to hear and she made a gesture for me to hang up my phone.  I now thought the lady next to me was crazy.  She slowed down in her lane for a good ½ mile or so and continued to honk and make the same stupid gesture the entire time.  After awhile I decided to put this nice lady out of her misery and I opened my window so she can now hear the music playing and my American Idol type voice singing a female part of a song.  Lets just say she felt stupid and was very sincere in her apology.  So I have come to a few conclusions as of late.  When California passed V C Section 23123 (the cell phone law) I thought it was stupid and pointless.  My new thought: some people shouldn’t even be aloud to have a cell phone on in their car (this goes for people over the age of 60 and people with children under the age of 6 in their car).  I also decided that mini vans should be outlawed because 90% of the people who buy them anyway don’t know how to drive so if you walk into a car lot and ask to look at their best minivan they should drive you to the DMV so your license can be revoked.  So people please look what you are doing.  You might not be in a rush and you might be a housewife looking for valet or a closer spot so you don’t ruin your Jimmy Choo’s but there are people out there with things to do so at least be within 5 MHP of the speed limit and keep your eyes peeled.  




Now onto some sports talk:

Brett Favre:  If you don’t know Brett Favre didn’t start tonight breaking a streak of 297 straight games.  You may ask why am I talking about this in my blog and for that question I have an answer.  Something Tom Jackson of Monday Night Countdown said actually upset me.  He said “Brett Favre’s steak is the single greatest sports streak of all time.”  With that being said I need to openly disagree with him.   Off the top of my head I can name 2 streaks that I am more impressed by.  I think Cal Ripken’s streak, which ended in 1998 at 2,632 games straight.  Yes you did see that right he played over 2,500 games in a row!  I get that baseball has 162 games in a season compared to footballs 16 but as Jackson says every Monday night C’MON MAN!!!!!!   But the most impressive steak in sports history hands down and don’t even care if you disagree because if you do you are wrong is Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak which lasted 56 consecutive games.  Not only will this streak never be beaten I wouldn’t be shocked if no one got to 50 again.  In a sport where hitting 1/3 makes you a Hall Of Fame player he got 1 or more hits in 56 straight games!!!!

So I ask:  What do you think the best streak in sports is? (Leave your thoughts under the comment section)


So today’s advice is: Open your eyes as you drive and don’t be a damn moron.  Also don’t listen to Tom Jackson his bias views aren’t appreciated. 


ENJOY and go look at the moon if it’s still dark!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

People watching is the only hobby for me!!

So a fast update on my diet:  I did a great job and and stuck to my diet even though it was as painful as it gets.  Today during lunch I think I had my biggest temptation!!! I was craving a burger badly and my friends knew this as we were approaching 3rd street.  When we got out of the car I decided to go to Nike Town (Love that store) and let me friends go on a head of me (WHAT A MISTAKE) and when I finished I called them to find out they wanted Johnny Rockets and 3 of the 4 of them decided to order a damn burger!!!!!  I almost gave in but instead I left them and I went shopping.  So everyone be proud of me because I made it!!! Now I can add some carbs to the diet!!!

As I said earlier I went to third street before and as my profile says I like to judge people so today I did that a lot.  After a few hours of judging I started thinking about what I was seeing.  So in this blog I will raise 2 questions:
Lets start at the first one and I think it is simple and straight to the point:  Since 3rd street is a public place people are permitted to bring their pets to walk around with them.  So we started off seeing dogs of all sizes and nothing out of the ordinary but then before I left my friends at lunch we saw a guy walking around carrying a BOA (snake for those who don't know).  Then later on we saw someone carrying an Iguana and finally we saw someone with a parrot.  So I wonder even though it is public domain is it really acceptable to bring your snake out for a walk in public like that?  I wonder mostly because my gf is deathly affair of snakes and I know she isn't alone.  Approximately 20% of Americans have some type of snake phobia.  The obvious question I pose is; What animals are acceptable to be brought in a public place like 3rd street and what animals should be left at home?

It was 80 degrees today in Santa Monica which meant that 3rd street would be very crowded and it was!!!  My thoughts started running when I saw a group of 5 13-15 year old girls dressed like 30 year old strippers.  A few had tub tops on and short skirts and the others were wearing their low rise jeans (I think that is what they are called) and showing too much skin.  The first issue for this one is what parent is letting their kids out of the house dressed like that?  But it was almost self answered 5 mins later.  Not to far after I saw this young group of girls I saw a group of 3 40's I would say dressed like the teenagers or even worse than them.  Then they have things written on their butt saying "This is Gods Gift" and quotes on their chest saying "I have eyes".  Now do women really expect men to let them walk by and not want to "read" what is on their clothing?  I understand there are plenty of men out there that will take a glance or 5 at a women with a nice figure or a large chest.  But let me ask the people that wear things with writing all over their chest do they really expect people not to look?
But the question I ask for this one is:  Do the teenagers dress like promiscuous because they want to dress like the adults they look up to?  Or do the adults dress promiscuous because they want to act younger than they actually are?  Or do both of them dress promiscuous because it actually makes them feel better about themselves?

 My advice to all:
When you leave your place for the day look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one things.  What message am I giving off today?  And is that message the one I want to be giving?  Finally ask what message am I sending to the people who might be looking up to me?
If you are satisfied with your answer to all three questions then go out and have a great day!! And if you aren't go back to the closet and make a change and then have a great day!!!!

Enjoy and hope your weekend was great!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hold Your Gas Please!!!!

As an update on my diet here is my list of what I have eaten today:  I started with some Orange Jello followed by some Strawberry Jello.  Obviously that wasn't enough for me so I got some hot chocolate mid day.  Then I went to Robeks juice which was so filling compared to everything else I have had since this diet began.  And I have now ended the day with about 3 cups of broth made by my gfs mom.  So once again today was a horrible day when it came to eating for me and I sit here hungry as they come but only one day left.

Now comes what my title is all about.  Since I started my diet my gf thought since I wasn't eating much dairy my stomach issues would go away and I wouldn't fart anymore but let me tell you she is false.  I went to my gfs parents house for "dinner" tonight and of course my stomach wasn't doing to well and I had important choices to make.  I could A: Let my gas out and hope it comes out silent and move on.  B:  Hold it in and remain in pain for the night.  So you ask which one did I do?  I held it in!!! But this got me thinking why should I have to hold it in!!!!  We have other bodily functions that are fine such as a sneeze and a yawn but if someone needs to let a little gas out its the end of the world.  I always wonder who makes the rules up that if you fart in public its rude and gross.  I have held in my gas 100's of times and and when the night ends I always regret it because my stomach hurts even more after.  So if someone can please answer the question for me:  Why is it so rude to fart in public?  And who made it so I feel so bad if I do fart that I sit in pain for the entire night till I get 5 mins alone and let it out!!!!!  We all follow these unwritten rules in life and they were set forth by out elders.  Besides not being able to I would like to be able to pick my nose in public and not be judged, fart in public, and let out a small burp in public.  Every generation is different but yet we seem to follow this stupid rules that our elders set forth many years ago.  Think about it people wouldn't it be must more interesting if we can air it out as we please?

My advice for today: If you don't want to be the awkward person hold in the room hold it in no matter what the pain is but while you sit in pain ask yourself who is making you hold it in because it isn't me!!!!!!


My Day that started at the doctor!

Just an Awkward Place!
So I have been eating and breathing for 25 years now and I haven't written one blog until now!  It all started this morning.  I had a 9 AM visit to the doctor and the second I stepped into the waiting room I realized it was time to blog.  Lets break down a waiting room!  First you walk in and everyone in the room looks at you asking themselves "What is wrong with that kid?" and then they look back down at the 6 month old magazine they are "reading".  Once you sign in and they take the 10th copy of your insurance card and drivers license you make your way to a seat and this is where it gets weird.  Once you are signed in you turn around and look for which seat you will mark as yours!  The number one rule is you must find a seat where there is no one on either side!  This is a must even if it is the worst seat it the house.  If there isn't an open seat with no one next to it then its time to figure out who is the least awkward person to sit next to! Do you want to choose the middle aged man wearing Ed Hardy? The old lady who smells like she needs a changing? Or the kid who is playing with his toys and then when you sit down he expects you to play with his toys also?  Then when you finally sit down if you are lucky enough not to be bothered you get your choice of the ultimate selection of magazines such as, News Week (from 30 weeks ago), Ladies home Journal or National Geographic which is focusing on the magazine itself because it is so old!  The best part of the waiting room is when the nurse opens the door and says your last name "Kleinman" and you put your year old magazine down and look at all the patience in the waiting and just say in your mind "Eat it."

Soup and only SOUP!!!

If I was only so lucky to have that be the worst part of my day but then comes the the rest of my sad pathetic day.  After a 30 min meeting with my doctor and him telling me I need to go on a all liquid diet for the next three days (I will not say what is wrong because I can't spell it anyway).  After learning that my next three days will be filled with soup and Jello I realized I am living the life of an 80 year old man at the age of 25.  I started my day with a great meal called "Red Pepper Creamy Soup" followed by 2 more bowls of it throughout the day.  I didn't mention that my family and I was going one of the best Italian joints in the Valley and I was not going to be able to eat anything!!!!  I arrived at dinner and the first thing I see is amazing garlic rolls and none of it going into my mouth!!! The nine people surrounding me ate them up like they were candy for the first 20 mins of the meal.  Then came time to order and I knew in my heart that one soup just wouldn't cut it for me so I ordered and the worst part I had to ask for broth only.  When the waiter came back to me 5 mins later to ask "Sir to you want the chicken broth as your appetizer and the minestrone broth as your entree? or the other way around?" I realized I was about to experience the worst 3 days in a long time!  First came the chicken soup and then within 5 mins the minestrone came.  I was sitting their two medium sized bowls of soup while there was chicken parmigiana to my right and pasta with pink sauce to me left (the best pasta).  Then on my way home I had to pick up 3 different kinds of Jello that are now sitting in my fridge for tomorrows breakfast!  Yes an all liquid diet could be good for me (I need to shed some down) but if its not on my own terms it blows!!!!

So the advice I give everyone today I will say, 1.  Bring your own magazine to the doctor! and 2.  If your doctor tells you that you need to go on an all liquid diet for medical reasons tell him to "Shove it and you would rather be sick then miss out on solid food!"

Enjoy People!