Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie "Tiger Blood" Sheen & BYU losing Davies! & Some Waffle talk!

So if you don't know Ricky Vaughn has officially lost it and I think its as funny as they come.  This can all be an act because he wants more attention and whats to up his profile but come on!  Some of the things he is saying is just insane!  The only issue I see in all of this is that he has kids that are going to see this or have already seen this.  He loves in insane lifestyle and to each their own on this one but at some point you must realize what you are doing!  He lives with his goddesses and was getting plastered all the time.  He know says he isn't drinking anymore and when asked how long he will do this for his response was "As long as I fu*king want!".  I hear all these people saying he is a a loser and they don't support him anymore but my view is, who cares!  This is his life he is there to entertain us and he sure is doing this.  I just wish he thought about his kids in the situation, his tiger blood ways need to stop!  He needs to get his shit in gear so he can do another Major League movie and bring back greatness.  It is a shame that a show with such high ratings will never be the same or will never be filmed again all because of one mans actions.  If he is ready to film they should film again everyone needs to put their egos aside and make this all work because Ricky Vaughn is the man!  What are your thoughts on Mr. Sheen?

A special thank you to Dieter Dixon for the topic today!

Brandon Davies was kicked off the BYu team the other day for not following the the honor code of BYU.  If people don't know what he did, he had sex with his girlfriend and the school found out!  If you don't know having sex at BYU is against the honor code and is terms for expulsion, so that is what happened.  Davies was one of BYU's top players and him being kicked off the team looks like it will end their run at the national title.  The lost the first game without him and they will struggle in the tournament without him.  I have hear mixed reviews on this decision because a lot of people think its insane that he was kicked off the team for this!  In all actuality (not to be mean) he deserves it.  When he accepted the scholarship he agreed to the honor code and once he broke that he gets what he deserves.  The interesting rumor I am hearing from my sources (yes people I actually do have sources) is that his girlfriend is the one that leaked the sex and she did so because she is pregnant with his child.  So lets hear what you think about this one people, let the comments fill up maybe? 


I wanted to talk about waffles for a second because I know everyone loves them self a good waffle!  I was wondering what everyone favorite types were?  I love me Ego's blueberry waffles, so I will say that's my favorite frozen one waffles.  I would say the best actual waffles besides my girlfriends (of course) are at "More than Waffles" restaurant because they have the best Belgium waffles in town!  If you haven't been there go and mention this blog and you will receive a 0% discount!  That means Matt and Dani make Brandon bring you both he owes it to you for putting up with him!  Whats your favorite kind?

A special thank you to Dani for the idea and Matt for agreeing to it, I couldn't have done it without both of you!

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