Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin and their Protests! & My Real thought on the Heat!!

So as the celebrity blogger of the day I have been given free rein to write about anything I choose! I am not sure how many people outside of the state of Wisconsin are following the current protests at the State Capitol in Madison. For those who haven’t, in brief, the citizens of Wisconsin are protesting a bill put forth to the State Senate by Governor Scott Walker. This bill was written as a measure to help cut state costs as part of an economic recovery plan. It requires public workers to increase contribution to their pensions and health insurance, the most contentious aspect of it however is how it affects unions. It prevents unions from collecting dues and using the collective bargaining power that has defined unions for over a century. I am curious to know how you feel about the proposed bill… I know that it’s only being presented in Wisconsin, but what if your state was to pass such a law? How would it impact your life?

While this is only one example of conflict between elected officials and the people they represent- I think it highlights a significant problem with our current form of government. We elect people to represent us in various government bodies. These officials are meant to fight for the interests of their constituents, of which they should be familiar because they are required to live in the district they represent. The problem I feel is that most politicians cannot relate to the people they are supposed to represent. How can a Senator, who has been re-elected four or five times, who has lived in the capitol city for the majority of his term and has earned an income well beyond the average income of his district, understand the needs of his constituents? He can’t. How can we expect our elected officials to represent our needs, when they can’t relate to them? We can’t.

I do not believe that the system can be easily changed to rectify this issue; however I do believe that the first step in making a change is recognition. I think the protests in Wisconsin are a prime example that the recognition is starting to come. The law makers presenting this bill will not feel the effects of it – so why should their citizens? If the State officials were a part of a union that was responsible for negotiating their salaries, pension funds and benefits – I don’t think the people of Wisconsin would be out marching in front of their Capitol.

Written by: Natasha Dixon

Today is simple for me, I am not breaking anything down at all.  I have one thing to say and that is THE MIAMI HEAT BLOW!!!! (and I love it).  See you tomorrow!

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