Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why do we set up our society for obesity? & College Basketball!

So I am working on losing weight because I want to be healthy again, but while doing this I would read articles and look at calories on the meals I eat and I am finally going to blog about it.  We are to a point set up for failure!  Yes, we are responsible for our own actions and what we eat but still come on people.  For instance I went to a Clipper day the other day and it was time for dinner, but wow everywhere I looked calories, calories calories!  Every single place that served food was bad for you!  You can want to make the right decisions but when you are at certain places there seems to be nothing you can do but starve!  Yes I do think healthy food does taste good but at the same time I feel over 60% of restaurants don't real have healthy options and if they do its a shitty dinner salad!  Something needs to be done to help people who don't know how to help themselves.  I understand there are people out there who are fine with people over weight, but there are a lot of people out there who aren't and I think we need to make some steps in helping these people out!  We had a good start with putting calories on items at restaurants but these restaurants need to start serving healthier foods also.  We are starting to embarrass ourselves in America on how over weight we really are!  So people lets make steps in the right direction and get things on track here!

So March madness is right around the corner and I want to know who is ready?  Every year around this time people get excited for the best tournament of the year and here we are.  We have had a different 1 seed 4 weeks in a row and the #3 team in the nation dismissed there top rebounder and forward the other day.  This year the field looks wide open for anyone to win, its no surprise to anyone that I want the AZ Cats to take this one home!  Anything can happen this year and its exciting.  For years in the past its been all about Duke, UNC and Kansas or something else but this year it seems different.  I can't pick a clear cut favorite!  Earlier in the year Michigan State look promising and now they aren't even ranked!  So I want to hear your thoughts on who is going to win the tournament this year?  Let me know people!

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  1. Good thoughts on obesity! And you're right - restaurants these days do not have healthy options! It's a lifestyle change to start eating healthier. That means knowing you're going to the Staples Center, and knowing they aint got good shit to eat there, so you eat before.

    You know 1 and 3 children in the US is considered obese? That's INSANE! I know Zoe will not be, and I think knowing/determining that is half the battle!


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