Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick your roommate? & The NBA Goes to London

 So certain schools have a new policy about roommate assignments. Some schools are now letting students decide what gender roommate they want. This may not seem like a deal at first, but when you think about it, there are a lot of issues that can come from it. I know we want to think the best of people, and so we would like to think a policy like this could work, but imagine if your daughter was sharing a room with a creeper! I know how guys think and I wouldn’t put it past a guy to select a female roommate with the hopes of fooling around or watching her change (without even knowing what she would look like!). By allowing this to happen, schools are setting students up for some awkward situations. If a guy brings a girl home and hangs a sock on the door, then his female roommate “can’t” get into her room – is she expected to wander late at night, alone? Or will she go into her room and listen to her roommate do dirty things with another girl? This can also go the other way around too if the girl brings home another guy! I am not sexist or anything, but I do think this policy can bring up a lot of issues and potentially cause awkward problems. Guys can be really creepy and do things you wouldn’t expect. I am not saying that women can’t be creepy, but I just think it’s more likely to be the guy. What are your thoughts, would you be comfortable with this or not? I know as much as I might be fine with it in theory, I know there would be times where I wasn’t as comfortable as I could have been with a male roommate – what about you?


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This weekend the NBA will be playing two games in London (Friday and Saturday, I believe) and this blog isn’t about me having an issue with it – it’s more about the fact that I didn’t really know it was even happening! I see what the NBA is trying to do because the NFL does the same, but shouldn’t they publicize it more? Deron Williams didn’t even know that the NBA was going to London until he was traded and found out that his new team was one of the teams going! Besides not publicizing this game more, the NBA is also sending two it its worst teams to London! How do they expect people to really enjoy a game like the Raptors v. Nets? It will help that game a bit that Deron Williams is playing, but still! If the NBA is trying to expand into a new market, they should publicize a game like this more and make fans in America more aware of it! The NBA is taking the right steps needed to expand, but they have no idea how to market it! Did you know that the NBA was taking this trip to London and what do you think about it?

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