Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does life have a planned path? & The Shift from the West to the East!

So there is an old debate that comes up here and there and its religious based to a point.  The question  is, is life planned out ahead or do you create your own destiny?  I understand its tough to answer this question for some, and its tricky but I was wondering what everyone thought.  Before I ask you for your opinion I feel the need to give mine to you!  I am not one for religion for the most part, but I do think that part of this question is not entirely religion based.  In my opinion we might have a penciled path draw out but ultimately it is out duty to make the most of our life and create a life for ourselves!  We have choices every day to make life better and do something positive.  Every time we don't its a wasted day.  In the end I am saying that we might be born into a family of bankers and that might be the penciled out path that we have but at the end of the day its our duty to either make that work or create a new path!  We have one life to live and we need to make the best out of it.  A lot of people let life go by the waste-side and think they have to fit a certain mold, like take a 9-5 and pay the rent and then have a family and live happily every after.  There are many things I respect about my brother, but one of the top things is his push to live the life he wants to live.  He can go out in the world and get a 9-5 if he wanted to, but that isn't the life he wants, he wants to be an entrepreneur and and for now he is making it work.  Its not easy but he has created a path for himself that might not have been the same if he just went along with the regular path most people go on.  So before you go to sleep at night ask yourself, am I doing whats right for me right now?  Am I happy?


Yesterday I talked about Carmelo and then today there was another big move in the NBA.  Deron Williams was sent packing to New Jersey!  But I don't care to talk about this trade in particular, even though I do think it was a good trade for the Nets.  The big thing here is the shift in power from one conference to the other!  Two eastern conference teams improved themselves a lot this week while the western conference took a step down.   For years the western conference was the elite place to be, but now it seems that has changed.  Its a nice shift if you have a team in the west you want to make the playoffs like the Clippers *cough *cough!!!  The great thing about these moves is the two eastern conference teams didn't improve themselves enough to make them serious contenders for the championship this year or most likely next year!  So coming from my side I am happy with these trade because it makes the road easier for my team but its also great because its nice to see a change in the leagues every once in a while!  Things are looking up for the Clipps show and at the end of the day that's all that matters!

Edited by: Natasha Dixon 

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