Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's day & Pujols

So I was wondering what Valentine's day became what it seems to be today.  I know the story behind the so-called holiday, but my real question is when did it become about the gifts?  I honestly thought it was the one so-called holiday where dinner, movie and flowers was enough!  I guess I am wrong.  The couples around me are exchanging gifts like its someones birthday!  I mean its a day to show the person you love how much they mean to you, and I guess buying a gift shoes that?  I went to dinner and a movie with my great lady and I think it was a very nice night because it ended with something great! (Friday Night Lights that is, don't be dirty people!).  My mom got some gifts, and most of my friends did some gifts.  Hell one of my friends took a weekend trip!  Last year I did one night away and I thought that was too much, but hell what do I know, my relationship is only 2 years old I  must not know anything.  As much as I might have learned this year from people around me but I will stand my ground and say V-Day is about being together and not buying gifts.  We have anniversaries and birthdays for that!

The deadline has passed and Albert doesn't have his contract!  This means it looks like Pujols will be hitting the free agent market next off-season!  Pujols is by far the best player in the game right now and its been awhile since we had a player like this on the market.  Yes, we had Crawford last season but he is no Pujols!  I wish most big name players hit the market like it looks like Pujols can!  We might have Pujols and Fielder on the market next off-season!  We should have also gotten Adrian Gonzalez but we know that won't happen now.  So since i am not happy with the way the Angels worked their off-season I am so excited for next season!  I mean the Angels can maybe do something special this year but damn I want another off-season, I love signing players and making things happen!  Lets all start getting excited to see Pujols get $30 million a year!


  1. What i got here I would have ended up getting even if it wasn't Vday! Its a day of love not gifts silly!

  2. Your thinking isn't all wrong. But girls like gifts everyday!!!


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