Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights & NFL Holdout!!!

I am going to start writing again soon.  I won't be able to do everyday because it gives me headaches but I will try my best and when I can I will get everything back to normal!  I want to thank everyone for the love and support since my damn eye surgery, and I will be sure to tell everyone about it in the upcoming weeks, so look out for that blog.  Please enjoy this and lets get the creative juices flowing again people its nice to be somewhat back for now!

So I have recently gotten into the show Friday Night Lights, and yes I know it just ended but I am only on episode 13 or so.  First off I do recommend it to anyone not just guys its a really good show so no one who reads this ruin it for me!  But what I feel the need to blog about is the F*&KING intro!  It might be one of the worst intro ever!  Its cheesy, and stupid and it makes me think I am watching 7th Heaven which blows!  The show is about the town of Dillion in Texas and the into makes it seem like its only about romance.  They even make the football part of the intro look cheesy!  You can ask my gf but every time we watch and the into comes on I complain!  I think shows should do a way with the intro, it is just pointless!  Look at Cougar town (yes I watch it and yes I love it) but they do 6-8 mins of show then they show the title with a clever line and its commercial time, and once back from commercial its like the intro never happened.  Not many shows get away with great intros like the Simpsons do!  So if anyone who works on a show out there reads this (I doubt it) take some advice from a TV watcher!  Stop with the stupid intros they don't do anything but waste my time!


NFL fans around the world are now hoping the NFL reaches some agreement in the near future because if there is a holdout no one will be happy about it!  Yes, I admit I am not as educated on it as I might need to be but hell I am still going to give my opinion.  ESPN and many articles claim they are $1 Billion apart now maybe its just me but doesn't meeting in the middle make sense.  Yes, they need to add a rookie scale so 1st picks don't make more then vets like they have been and yes I think they should get better retirement because they are risking their life every game and they lose years off their life for out entertainment, but really $1 billion apart!  Lets be serious here!  The NFL is a monster of on industry and if they think they can just get replacement players to play if need be they are kidding themselves.  They will lose more money with replacement players then they would if they just agreed somewhere in the middle.  Think about how badly baseball was affected after its half season!  They never recovered fully, I do think football would recover quicker then baseball but still!  Someone here needs to step up and take some responsibility to make this happen.  As fans we pay $100's a game to see these guys hit each other and they are going to not play because they are all to greedy for their own good!  Man up sit down and make a deal, or in the end both the owners and the players will be out on a lot of cash and then we are all losers!  

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