Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is college for everyone? & My thoughts on Melo!

So from a young age we are thrown into school and are expected to stay there until we are 18, if not 22 or older! This got me thinking about the age-old debate, is college for everyone? School was never my thing, I struggled through it and hated it, but I knew that college was important, so I went and got it done! Then there are people like my gf who seem to love education. She always talks about how she misses being in class and learning new things. I love learning new things, but on my own terms and about things I care about! There are also people like my boy Z, who got into UCLA and went back and forth for a bit before deciding to not go back. He now works a full time job, making good money, doing something he loves, all without having been to college. In my view, college is not for everyone by any means. I also don’t believe that college is as necessary as people make it seem. What is college really about? Education is great, but come people learn more through experience and practice than by sitting in a class listening to a lecture. So what are your thoughts? I am glad I went to college, it was a great experience for me, but I don’t think it is for everyone! Was college for you? Do you think it’s for everyone?

As promised yesterday, here are my thoughts on the Melo trade! After months and months of talks – Carmelo was finally traded. The question now is, was it a good trade or not? In my opinion this trade may end up back firing on the Knicks. If Carmelo ends up signing a 3 year $65 million extension, the Knicks won’t have any cash to spend when Williams, Howard and Paul are free agents!  The Knicks do have a very good one, two punch, but now they have an aging point guard and have lost two good players in Chandler and Gallinari. They have depleted their roster for a second superstar in hopes of becoming an elite team once again (key here is depleted their team, elite teams don’t do that!), but they didn’t seem to keep budgeting in mind while doing so.  The Nuggets at least ended up getting something in return for Carmelo instead of just letting him walk away in the off season! In my opinion this move won’t help either of these teams reach the elite status they want. The Nuggets went from being a potential 7th  or 8th seed, to missing out on the playoffs and the Knicks may have added 3 or 4 wins to the record, but they are still far off from becoming an elite team like Boston or Miami. I do however, like this trade because it makes one Western Conference team a bit weaker, putting the Clippers one step close to making the Playoffs!

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  1. College is only worth it for one of two reasons: (1) if you use your college education to further your career or (2) to have fun. To do the first you have to get good grades while building your resume through extra curricular activities and the like so you can land job interviews and eventually a job. To do so correctly, you probably have to miss out on all the fun of college. Way 1 seems like the only way college is worth it, otherwise you are paying 10s of thousands of dollars to basically have a good time.

  2. I went to college for 2 1/2 years too long. The first year I studied Ministry (I was gonna preach the Gospel!) and the second I moved to Graphic Design...more my thing.

    I loved college, the safety net of learning how to live on your own while still have structure was great. The schooling sucked. Long pointless classes that had nothing to do with what I wanted to be.

    When I found out I was destined to be a photographer, I knew the only way to get ahead was to start my business then and there and plug forward. I looked at photography schools, like Brooks Institute, but decided against it.

    Through my years of owning my own photography business I have learned the insides and out of photography and photoshop, I've taught myself to build websites and learned on my own and Google how to run a business. Taxes, marketing, advertising and work flow are all things I could've learned in college, but nothing beats the real life experience...and I was getting paid instead of paying! Always a plus.

    It all depends on what you want to do. Gonna be a doctor? Please go to college. Wanna work on cars for a living? Work on a lot of cars! It's getting so expensive to get a degree, and in certain fields, people who will hire you don't give 2 rat's asses if you have a degree.


  3. I would never trade my 4 years of college for anything. However, my degree is incredibly useless for the career path I plan on taking. If Berkeley had an education major, or if I had minored in early childhood education then my degree would have been useful! But I agree, I do not think college is for everyone. For me it was more about learning how to live on my own, take responsibility for paying rent, getting jobs here and there, and of course learning my alcohol tolerance level!


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