Friday, February 25, 2011

Donate your time! & My Ratings on the NBA trades!

So if you don’t already know, I am coach at Encino Little League. I mention it because this post is about giving your time rather than just giving your money to others. I know I am part of the privileged group of people, who have a roof over their heads and family that supports me, in whatever it is I decide to do in life. This has inspired me to give back to the community I have come from, which is why I give my time to coach. I see my family friends who have the means to do so, give money here and there for various causes, but I believe that giving time can be worth way more. I know it takes times out of your day, but I strongly believe that we should all be doing something. If this means giving up a Sunday every other week, then so be it. Yes, people do need the donations, but if you the time to go to an old age home or a homeless shelter to talk to the people who are there, you can help their spirits rise. I know what I do isn’t for the homeless or elderly, but I not only attempt to teach these kids how to play baseball, I try to also show them what it means to be responsible and work hard. And when I can, I do go to help out at a homeless shelter. I guess what I am saying is that I wish people were not so self-involved, thinking that writing a check is enough. Go out there – volunteer your time while you still can, because you never know, there may be a time when you can’t!

Check out my reviews of the trades made before yesterday’s deadline!

L.A. Clippers trade Baron Davis and the Clippers' 2011 first-round draft pick to Cleveland for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon 

Los Angeles Clippers: B (Can be an A or an F in two years!)

The Clippers wanted to open up salary space for the next two years with this move. This trade can only get an “A” if they take the cash they freed up and sign a top free agent in the next two years!

Cleveland Cavaliers: C

Baron won’t be happy in Cleveland and will have no motivation to play, especially since he never really got along with Bryon Scott. This trade looks like it was more for the Clippers first round pick of next year’s draft. The Cavaliers are trying to rebuild their team, but the problem is that Baron’s contract isn’t up after this season so they will still have him on the books for 2 years!

The Charlotte Bobcats trade forward Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trail Blazers for two first-round picks center Joel Przybilla and reserve forward Dante Cunningham.

Charlotte Bobcats:  D

I don’t really see the reason for this trade – it’s like they are giving up on the season! The Bobcats are a team that can make it the playoffs, but not much farther than that. It seems likes that isn’t enough for them, so instead they just gave up. Gerald Wallace is a fantastic player, who can do everything on the court, in return for him the Bobcats got two first-round picks – which look like they won’t even be part of the lottery! They also got two expiring contracts. Unless the Bobcats really think that they are going to sign a top-notch free agent, this move seems like a poor life decision.

Portland Trailblazers:  B+

I think the Trailblazers made the move they needed to make in order to competitive in the West. Even with Roy still hurting, despite being back on the court already, they still picked a solid player. They may have lost 2 draft picks, but the draft seems weak this year so not a big loss. The Blazers made this move just to keep pace with the rest of the teams making trades and I think in the end it will pay off!

Boston Celtics: C- 
This is a weird trade for the Celtics. They traded away Perkins, the one player that was problematic for the Lakers in last year’s playoffs. The Celtics’ roster got a lot smaller yesterday, which may hurt them against the Lakers, Heat, Magic, Spurs or Bulls. Green is a solid player but he will be lost amongst the Celtics Big 3 and won’t have as much freedom as he did in OKC. Then there is Krstic, not much to say about him, ha. Ultimately the Celtics lost a very good backup Point Guard (Nate) and solid starting Center (Perkins).
Oklahoma City Thunder: B

This was another interesting move, but it looks like they are planning on going straight after the Lakers now! They picked up a Center (Perkins) who can push Gasol and Bynum around should they meet again. With Nate they also got a second back up for breakout Point Guard Westbrook (they already had Maynor as a backup). I think this deal will end up helping the Thunder because they needed a big body on the court. They already have great scorers in Durant and Westbrook, now they can clog with middle with Perkins, as long as he stays healthy!

Edited by: Natasha Dixon

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