Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why does Hanukkah get no respect?

 So I want to start by saying I went to a different doctor today for my eyes and they informed me to stop wearing my contacts for three weeks and then go back to them.  So if something is off it is because I can barley see what I am writing (not like my grammar in the other postings was great).  And if you have seen my other posts you realize I went through my waiting room issues once again today and it was bad because I ended up next to the old person who thinks they can tell you their life story.   
I want to also apologize in advance if this post rubs anyone the wrong way and if it rubs you the right way you are very welcome.  So last night I was watching Glee (the episode from last Tuesday and yes I do watch Glee so eat it) and it was the Christmas episode.  About 15 mins into the episode I started getting upset which never happens while watching TV.  You may ask why was I so upset and it would have taken me sometime last night to answer you but now I can.  I am Jewish and I enjoy celebrating Hanukkah.  I have come to the conclusion Hanukkah doesn’t get any respect mainstream at all.  I know Jews are in the minority and all but come on people.  We are trusted handing your cash (as accountants) but yet we cant be given a good section in your store of have the respect of getting a show to give us an episode?  Glee played all this soft sweet music about spreading love and joy for the Holidays but there wasn’t once reference to Hanukkah.  The closest us Jews got to a Hanukkah episode was Chrismaka on the O.C. year back (yes I did just reference the O.C.).  In November I went Hanukkah with my gf who is not a Jew and we needed to get decorations for a Hanukkah party we were having and yet we couldn’t find a thing.  Now with Christmas a little over a week away you can’t turn your head without seeing something you can use to decorate for the Holidays.  So all I want to know is why do the Jews get not love?  I am sure this also goes for many other religions besides the Jews but I can only speak for myself.  I want everyone to know I love all people so this is in no way attack of anyone’s religion I just want my peeps to get some love to!!!!!

What is everyone doing for New Years?  Tell me what you are up to in the comment section!

So today’s advice is very easy:  Recognize the people around you and be grateful because they are grateful for you to (I hope). 


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  1. when i get real famous as a producer i'll make a Hanukkah episode and it'll be awesome. but until i'm uber powerful sadly all i can do is spin that dradle and take your quarters


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