Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Years & UCONNs Record!

New Years is COMING!
Hope everyone is having a good week, and if you aren't smile because its over half way there now!
So I have decided to today to blog about New Years/New Years Eve.  If you don't know me I am not the guy that care to go out and get wasted or stay out till 2 AM doing something my mother doesn't want to know about.  So what I am here to ask is, why is new years eve so special?  Today's blog won't have a story or anything involved just my thoughts on New Years.  Every year in December people start talking about the holidays and then new years is approached.  People ask, what party are you going to?  How drunk are you getting this year?  But what I must be missing is, what is so special about the night of December 31st?  Yes, I get it its a new calendar year (whoopi, you need to buy a new calender) and yes its a new month?  But in what way just that mean its time to drink and party.  I have asked some people this question lately and I have been told, it;s because its the start of something new so then is the time to start fresh and all of that fun stuff.  What I respond with is, if you need some change because something isn't working in your life can't you do that in November, August or any other month?  First and foremost drunk driving goes up on this night and I just don't think that the change of the calender justifies what takes place.  New Years should be about enjoying time with the people who mean the most to you, from family to friends to the mail man.  So take that night and stay home with family and friends, have a drink or two but be same and appreciate what you have.  New Years shouldn't be about drinking and partying but it should be about who helped you get through the year safely don't put yourself at risk or others.  I am not here to preach or anything of that sort but just take the time to put the year in perspective and not drink to forget about it.

Congrats to the UConn Women!

So if you don't know but yesterday the UConn women surpassed the UCLA men's basketball team for 89 wins in a row.  After they tied at 88 their coach geno talked a little about how they won't get the coverage they deserve because they are in womens sports.  Now I have some issues with this comment.  First off ESPN did a 2 hour long special leading up to the big game and they stayed there for 30 mins after the game was over.  They are also televising their next game against Stanford.  First and foremost mens basketball has been around for far longer then woman's and I am not trying to be sexist or anything but mens basketball is just more exciting.  So we need to accept that mens sports will always get more attention but instead of focusing on what the women sports don't get why don't we focus on where they are now.  If this streak happened 5 years ago it wouldn't get a special show before the game started.  The President of the United States called the coach after the game to congratulate him, so come on people they are on their way up so look at the glass being half full and not half empty!!!!  I do want to say congrats to them for their amazing record because it's impressive as they come!!!

I also wanted to say hi to Bristol Palin!  You are awesome!!!       


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  2. You are right - the glass is half full and we should appreciate what we have and the memories we created in the last year.


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