Friday, December 24, 2010

Ex boyfriends/girlfriends and The NCAA Bowl Season

Isn't it sad?

So I have decided today's blog is going to be about relationships!  I have had my fair share of them in my 25 years of living and all of them have one thing in common.  Looking back on them I have realized I am not friends with any of me ex girlfriends.  I find this to make a lot of sense, but what doesn't make sense to me is the people that want to remain friends with their ex's after their break up.  Yes, I agree there are exceptions to every rule out there so I am not saying this is true for everyone.  This is just my opinion so you can take it with a grain of salt.  When a break up takes place usually it isn't mutual and one of the two people are hurt if not both of them.  But for some reason people want to remain friends.  I tried this once and let me tell you it didn't work.  So I have a girlfriend in High School and we dated either Junior or Senior year (or a mix of both) and we broke up because she wronged me (at least I see it that way).  But when we broke up she wanted to remain friends, as did I.  The only issue is we wanted to remain friends for different reasons.  It seemed she wanted to remain friends because I was a good person, but I wanted to remain friends because I wanted to try to get her back.  I believe this happens with most break ups, one person just wants the support still and the other wants to light that flame again.  It usually ends in disaster and it not only ruins what little friendship was possibly left after both move on, but it also can leave someone affect for good.  I do think that if the two take some time apart whether it is a few months or a few years they can become friends but never to fast.  To a point I think men and women weren't "designed" to be friends.  But I do think we have adapted and its easier now then it was.  If you are a guy reading this just ask yourself, how many female friends you have had that you didn't want to hook up with or date at one point?  I can say I don't have many (I don't want to hook up with any of them now as I am happy taken).  Its hard to balance friendships and trying to balance that with feelings is really hard.  All I can say is do what feels right but for the person who is remaining friends for the chance to get back together with the person its not worth it.  You can still go ahead and pursue the person but, don't lead the other to believe you are there to just be friends.  Always be clear on your intention it will save you both the headache and the heartbreak.  Because I know from my previous experience, we did hook up here and there a few more times but it ended in disaster and we don't really speak now.  I had a similar thing happen with my next lady but we finally took 1-2 years away from one another (no communication at all) and when we ran into each other again it was very pleasant.  Did I mention we are now together again.  So for the person who thinks there is still a shot there is but just be patient and don't force it things take time and people need to grow so let them.     

So as must of you know college bowl season started a few days ago but I have one issue with it.  No, this won't be about the stupid BCS and how their should be a playoff made.  This is about the time they take off between games!  If your college team is lucky enough to make it to a BCS bowl or a good bowl you will have to wait nearly a month to see them play again.  Yes, I am saying from the last regular season game until their next is usually between 3-4 weeks!  I am a huge fan of University of Arizona and their last regular season game was on December 2nd, their bowl game (which isn't even that great of a bowl) is December 29th!  You are telling me I need to wait 4 weeks to see them play!  You can say that the college wants the kids to get a winter break but I will tell you that is BS.  They just want to capitalize on cash.  College basketball players don't get winter or spring break off but the football players do?  For the big bowl games on New Years and all I would rather spend the time with family and friends and not worrying who won (which I do because I am a sports fan) so give them a week off and then play ball.  I think they would all also rather be home for New Years with their family and friends.  Instead they are placed all over to play a game they can't get paid for until them make it to the pros (and if they make it).  These players aren't even allowed to trade autographs for tattoos but we want them to give up their New Years so their schools can cash in millions of dollars while they risk their well being.  So ask yourself what are people really out for?  is money that powerful?

Advice: Don't force things in life, because at the end of the day it will only make things worse.  Enjoy what you have and not what you don't.  We get a fixed amount of time on this earth so use it wisely and spend it with people that want to spend the time with you to!

Have a great weekend!

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