Monday, December 13, 2010

People CAN'T DRIVE! and some sports for the men!

So today I got to add carbs to my diet.  I started the morning off with some raisin bread (from Holland) and some butter and it tasted like a Burger to me!!!!  I also got to have some pasta today, which was good but whatever.  You never truly know how great something is until it’s gone so people please don’t take your carbs and meats for granted because when they aren’t there its horrible.  

Now onto what the post is all about!!! People who don’t know how to drive and upset me.  I was on my way to Krav-Maga and I encountered my first moron of the day!  Krav-Maga is around the corner from my place so it usually takes me 2-3 mins to get there but today it took me at least 12 mins.  The intelligent man in front of me must not have been aware he was operating a motor vehicle.  I was in the far right lane and the brilliant man in front of me decided to start driving 2 miles an hour for the next block or two.  Then he decided to attempt to parallel park (I didn’t mention the left lane was closed for a few hours) and that was one more thing I can add to the list of something he couldn’t do.  So after 5 failed attempts they put their blinker on to turn into a parking lot and at the last second decided not to go in and nearly hit me.  I finally arrived at my destination and felt sorry for all the people behind me because I know the adventure they were about to embark on would be a fun one.  The second thing that got to me today was the female who thought she would tell me to get off my phone while I was driving.  I was on my way home and I decided to play some Florence and the Machine (Love them right now).  As I usually do when I am alone in my car I enjoy some singing (you all do don’t lie) but for some reason the lady thought she saw me talking on my phone.  She then proceeded to honk at me a few times till I looked over to hear and she made a gesture for me to hang up my phone.  I now thought the lady next to me was crazy.  She slowed down in her lane for a good ½ mile or so and continued to honk and make the same stupid gesture the entire time.  After awhile I decided to put this nice lady out of her misery and I opened my window so she can now hear the music playing and my American Idol type voice singing a female part of a song.  Lets just say she felt stupid and was very sincere in her apology.  So I have come to a few conclusions as of late.  When California passed V C Section 23123 (the cell phone law) I thought it was stupid and pointless.  My new thought: some people shouldn’t even be aloud to have a cell phone on in their car (this goes for people over the age of 60 and people with children under the age of 6 in their car).  I also decided that mini vans should be outlawed because 90% of the people who buy them anyway don’t know how to drive so if you walk into a car lot and ask to look at their best minivan they should drive you to the DMV so your license can be revoked.  So people please look what you are doing.  You might not be in a rush and you might be a housewife looking for valet or a closer spot so you don’t ruin your Jimmy Choo’s but there are people out there with things to do so at least be within 5 MHP of the speed limit and keep your eyes peeled.  




Now onto some sports talk:

Brett Favre:  If you don’t know Brett Favre didn’t start tonight breaking a streak of 297 straight games.  You may ask why am I talking about this in my blog and for that question I have an answer.  Something Tom Jackson of Monday Night Countdown said actually upset me.  He said “Brett Favre’s steak is the single greatest sports streak of all time.”  With that being said I need to openly disagree with him.   Off the top of my head I can name 2 streaks that I am more impressed by.  I think Cal Ripken’s streak, which ended in 1998 at 2,632 games straight.  Yes you did see that right he played over 2,500 games in a row!  I get that baseball has 162 games in a season compared to footballs 16 but as Jackson says every Monday night C’MON MAN!!!!!!   But the most impressive steak in sports history hands down and don’t even care if you disagree because if you do you are wrong is Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak which lasted 56 consecutive games.  Not only will this streak never be beaten I wouldn’t be shocked if no one got to 50 again.  In a sport where hitting 1/3 makes you a Hall Of Fame player he got 1 or more hits in 56 straight games!!!!

So I ask:  What do you think the best streak in sports is? (Leave your thoughts under the comment section)


So today’s advice is: Open your eyes as you drive and don’t be a damn moron.  Also don’t listen to Tom Jackson his bias views aren’t appreciated. 


ENJOY and go look at the moon if it’s still dark!!!

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