Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Reselution & My BCS Bowl Predictions

So if you have read previous posts you will realize that I am not a huge fan of what people have made new years become, but non the less I still feel the need to make a new years resolution or two.  My real question comes with why people don't make these resolutions any day of the year but I will forget about it for now.  I am going to make this one short because I know most, if not all of you have today off so I want you to enjoy that.  The typical resolutions are, lose weight or get fit, stop drinking or smoking, pay of debt and enjoy life more.  I think all of these are great ones also but I have decided some of you seem to care enough to read this daily almost and I appreciate it so here are mine, and I would love to hear yours! 
1.  Eat at home more
2. Lose Weight
3. Blog every weekday
4. Appreciate my family and friends more
5. Open up about my life more
I would love to hear about everyone also I think your resolutions can help others think of ones they need to work on.  Use the first to reflect on whats important to you and what changes it is time to make, and then make a plan of action.  Let me know yours and together we can make a great list!

Rose Bowl:
Wisconsin Vs. TCU (-3)
Winner: Wisconsin 7

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:
Oklahoma (-17) Vs. Connecticut 
Winner: Oklahoma by 15

Discover Orange Bowl:
Stanford (-3) Vs. Va. Tech
Winner: Stanford by 13

Allstate Sugar Bowl:
Arkansas Vs. Ohio State (-3.5)
Winner: Ohio State by 10

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game:
Oregon Vs. Auburn (-3)
Winner: Oregon by 3

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  1. thank goodness you told us the winners of the bowl games! I was dying to know :)


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