Thursday, December 23, 2010

What is your youth about? Also Phil Jackson needs to shut up!

So recently I have become friends with some great artist which has gotten me thinking.  Growing up all I did was play sports.  I never really gave the arts a chance and after seeing some work done by my friends I am regretting doing something more as a child.  I see paintings and photos now and I am just amazed by them but besides one class I took in high school I know nothing about either of them.  I also claimed I was just not an artist but looking back on it now I never really tried it.  The most art work I did was a small class when I was younger and then when I got old enough I stopped.  I look back now and wish I did more with my youth besides just sports.  Yes, I always wanted to be a professional athlete but it shouldn't have stopped me from expanding my horizons.  So what I wonder now is why do parents usually push their kids towards sports then the arts truly are amazing.  I look at all these other forms to express yourself, from painting (all types) and photograph and I wish I had gained these talents earlier in life.  I know its not to late to learn it but I have so much more free time to learn things then.  So what this blog is truly about is make sure you try everything and anything.  Don't sit in a box and think because most people play sports.  Not just for you but for your children.  When your kids are young sign them up for art classes, and when they get old enough have them try photography and this call all take place while they play the sports they love.  The great thing about the arts is that you can do it alone but when it comes to sports you usually need a group of people.  We are stuck in this mold that our kids need to be these great athletes and if you make them do the arts they won't fit in but looking back it is far from the truth.  Some of the coolest people I know are great artist and can't play a sport if their life depended on it.  So what I want everyone do is try something new.  Step out of your box and enjoy something new.  Also the day you have a child let them enjoy everything and don't just place them on a team and think that is enough.  We have a huge world of great adventures out there and I think we need to enjoy them a lot more.     

Zen Master my ASS!
So Phil Jackson was asked recently what he thought about playing basketball on Christmas and he responded by saying "I don't think anybody should play on Christmas Day," Jackson said. "Soccer teams don't play this time of year, they take a break. I don't understand it." (Quoted from he went on to claim its a holy time and no one should play period.  I got nothing against Christmas and all but lets be honest for a second.  Phil doesn't think this about any other religious holiday only his own, and frankly I think it is wrong.  He has no problem playing on Hanukkah or any other holiday.  Your fans pay your salary Jackson, yes we know you make 10 million a year to tell Kobe and Gasol what to do, so if we want you to play (I mean sit on the bench) on Christmas day for 3 hours so we can see an amazing match up of the Heat and Lakers then be happy and do it.  Stop complaining and do your damn job! People have to work at restaurants and theaters on Christmas the least you can do is spend a few hours at the court and coach some super stars.

I want to give a shout out to Bin Laden you are a sneaky man but happy new year anyway!   

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