Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being on Hold! & Fantasy Football thoughts! (Advice)

So you can tell by the title what this frustrated blog is about!  On Monday I needed to call my Health Insurance Company (I won't disclose their name because its free advertising and a million people read this!) and I figured that since its the Holiday season people wouldn't be calling them much, but wow was I wrong.  I sat on hold for 28 mins and my actual call with the representative was 2 mins and 32 seconds.  There needs to be a better way for this all t happen.  Not only does it drain my battery but I can't do anything else in the mean time.  I can put my phone on speaker and scour the internet or watch tv, but the issue is they have such horrible music playing that TV isn't enjoyable!  T-Mobile has it right!  They let you put your number in and when its your place in line they will call you back, this way you can do whatever you want for the 28 wasted mins.  Do these companies really think I have the time to just sit there over and over again, plus they expect me to pay them a few hundred a month on time.  If you can't answer your phone on time why should I pay my bill on time.  I feel with a lot of companies this happens.  Similar things happened when I was living in Arizona.  I would live in a large apartment complex and something would break.  Right away I would call management to have it fixed and 2 weeks later it will get fixed, while in the mean time 3 other things need fixing also, but the guy can't fix the other things while he is there because he pizza is getting cold.  Then the 1st rolls around and rent is due.  We have till the 5th to pay but I am out of town so I go in on the 6th to pay to find out that I am being charged a fee of $50 for being late.  They can take their sweet time on fixing anything they want but the second they want your cash you better do it.  I feel we as renters should be able to asses a fee to the management if it takes over 5 days for something to be fixed after being called in.  I only want them to live by the standards they provide me with.  These kind of actions lead me to believe that we just live in a purely selfish world.  It goes beyond the "What have you done for me lately" view but its more about I want what is mine right away but your needs aren't important to me.  As long as we continue to populate in a selfish world we will continue to go backward.  So before you ask your friend for what they owe you ask yourself what you owe others.     

You must love the Draft Board!
So if you don't know but approximately right now (when this post was released) the final game of the fantasy season began (most leagues should have the championship this week and week 17 of the NFL season doesn't matter).  I am in 4 leagues this year, 3 on Yahoo and 1 on ESPN.  The three on yahoo are all private leagues with people I know and the ESPN one is public with strangers who don't know jack!  So before I get into why I am writing this I will tell you what place I am in for them all.  In my ESPN league I am in first and currently in the Championship and winning!  In my Brentwood league (Yahoo) I will just say it wasn't my year and I haven't needed to look at that team in a few weeks.  Then their is my Duboff League (friends last name), which I ended the season as the #1 seed in the playoffs and I am in the championship down by 49 with AP, Drew Brees, Vick and Desean Jackson still to play (so we shall see), and then in my U of A League (Saagar has some weird rules) I ended the season in first and I am currently in the championship but my boy Jason has destroyed me and I still have Vick and Maclin left, and unless they go crazy it will be a sad loss.  So if I don't win Duboffs league I will be very sad!  But the real reason I wrote this is because Fantasy Football has stressed me out beyond belief.  I have realized for next year I should only be in 2 leagues if not 1.  But what I really want to know from everyone out there that plays is, what is your fantasy strategy every year?  We all know there are 100 ways to draft, from QB heavy to RB heavy.  At what point do you start drafting sleepers?  When does age matter? and so on and so fourth.  So just let me know your thoughts on this one because if you don't know I play all fantasy sports and there is a fantasy baseball draft comping up right around the corner I am sure.  So please let me know how you approach a draft and maybe together we can build a perfect strategy!   


  1. don't even talk about being put on hold!!! When we found out our flight was canceled, we called jetblue but we couldn't even be put on hold because there were too many phone calls!! It told us to just keep trying back. When we were finally able to be placed on hold we were on hold for an hour and then on the phone for an hour with them! I feel your pain...being on hold sucks!

  2. Its just rude! Jetblie should rent a private Jet for you to come home in!

  3. Nice Shout out to Scour in there!


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