Monday, December 20, 2010

Talking at the Gym!!!! + One of the best weekends of FOOTBALL!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
So as everyone knows I like to judge people but I have now decided who my favorite people to judge really are!  I love the tools that come in the gym with their cut sleeves and steroid look aka Juice Heads.  They are what prompted this post.  So I went to the gym this morning (yes I actually did).  Since I live in an apartment complex the gym isn't that big but its got everything I need.  When I walked in there was a female on the elliptical, about what seemed mid way through her run.  I then decided to just use the bike until she was done with it.  Approximately 10 mins after I arrived the door swung open and it was of course a juice head.  He was wearing a shirt clearly to short for him because it look liked the Sammy Sosa shit ala 1985.  You can see the veins in his arms and he clearly had no neck.  In my head all I can think was "What a tool" but I continued on listing to my music and doing my thing.  Then all of a sudden it sounded like a tennis match between the Williams sisters started to take place, because the guy just started grunting every time he lifted his 5 Lbs dumb bell.  I made eye contact with the girl and we both laughed and moved on.  Then it happened the reason I am writing this post!  He approached the girl to spot him! (She was a tiny girl and he asked her before he asked me, which I was happy about because I didn't want to help.)  So she said fine for whatever reason.  At this point i decided to turn my music off, but leave my headphones on (I am sneaky like that) and listen to their convo.  After a min or two he started asking the girl about herself, like what does she like do, eat, listen to and so on.  By now she just finished running a few miles and I can tell in her face she was in no mood to be hit on.  After some more questions, may I add she didn't ask a single question back, he asked her if she was single and the girl pulled a rookie move.  While answering she stumbled and said she was "dating" someone.  Well "dating" someone doesn't stop juice head (hell being married might not) so he then asked her out for some "beverages" as he put it.  She said no thank you I can't this week I have family in town, and blah blah blah.  So the eager juice head said how about next week and she come up with some other excuse.  At that point you would think he would take a hint but not him because he thinks he is gods gift, he goes on and tells her his number and says how about you just call me when you have a free hour and we can hang out because we both live here anyway.  She then said something like, I like the guy I am dating and I won't put that at risk for thank you but no thanks.  I was like Bazinga in my head (Big Bang Theory people will get it). By this time I was wrapping up my Ipod and my headphones were off.  She then left the gym and when the door closed he looked at me and pulled out a gun and shot me in the leg!! Wow getting shot hurts so bad!! Just joking he looked at me and said "That bitch will be thinking of me all day!", and I said nothing back because I was shocked he said put together a sentence.
I know you all see these guys on a daily basis at the gym and I hope every laughs at them because they are funny as shit.  In the end I don't know, nor do I care why he was rejected but in my opinion, people go to the gym to work out and not go on dates to keep your headphones on do your work and leave! 

Not sure if you guys caught any football this weekend but I sure did, and wow I think it was the best weekend of the season!  10 of the 15 games played yesterday were decided by 7 point or less and 1 of the 5 that wasn't was  a 10 point game only because the Colt returned on onside kick (so it really ended as a 3 point game in my head).  The Sunday night game was a thriller with no Rodgers playing and Flynn in his first career start making a fight to beat what looks like the best team in the league.  Then there was the game that went to OT with the Lions and Bucs which the Lions finally snapped a 26 game road losing steak (the longest in NFL history).  Also if you didn't watch the Jets Vs. Steelers game you missed about, because the Jets have been down as of late and made a great game happen in Pitt with a 5 point win.  There was even some excitement from the Bills/Dolphins game and the Bengals/Brown game wasn't to shabby.  But the best game of the weekend was.... EAGELS Vs. the giants.  I will tell everyone my MVP pick in a few weeks (Its Between Vick, Brady and yes Jamaal Charles).  But if you didn't think Vick had a case for the MVP he showed it yesterday that he does.  At half the Giants had a 24-3 lead and the Eagles looked like they didn't belong there, but whatever happened in the locker room they need to do more of.  Vick and the Eagles turn something on in the second half (really the last 8 mins of the game).  Vick then went on to throw 3 TDs and rush for 1.  He ended up trowing for 200+ yards and rushing for 100+ yards.  This was all capped off by a punt to Desean Jackson muffing a punt, then picking it up and running it to the house for a thrilling victory!  Not only did that second half secure me a spot in my fantasy football championship but it go me excited for this years playoffs which is still 2 weeks away!  Did I mention we still have a game tonight that could also be a great one!  So everyone enjoy tonight's game and be excited for a great playoffs to come because now I am!!!

My advice:  If you are going somewhere to work out then do that and don't bug others!!! And if you need to cut the sleeves off your shirt to work out then look in the mirror and stop injecting riods that is for Bonds only!!!

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