Monday, December 27, 2010

The Love of Blogging and how it betters us! & How Hard is Golf! Bonus: Resturant Review

So recently a lot of people have been asking me why I have decided to start to blog.  I was never one to be a writer, as you can tell from the lack of grammar in a lot of my blogs, but I feel the need to talk about my reasons.  So I will first let you know where this all started.  In my first blog I spoke about how I was on my all liquid diet and at my sisters goodbye dinner.  I sat there starring at 2 soups and my brothers girlfriend turned to me and said "You should blog about this" and legitimately that is where it started.  What I really want to share with everyone is why I continue to blog, and to encourage you all to do the same!  Throughout my entire life I have been a poor speller and had poor grammar (I never really tired) and since I started blogging both I think have improved (you can tell me).  I want to encourage everyone to start writing a lot if not blog a lot.  It has been a great avenue for me since I started and I feel it helps me relax.  We live in a technology age where everything happens in a second, so it seems the most anyone writes is a sentence of two now.  Blogging helps people develop skills that they need to practice.  Once out of college I get the feelings that a lot of people don't practice their writing enough and it takes me about 30 mins to do this every weekday.  Once we are done with school we only practice skills we think we need and because most of our writing programs have spell check, and grammar check we don't practice our writing.  So all I ask is everyone just write a paragraph a day about whatever you want, and continue it everyday and I promise you, your writing will improve and you will actually enjoy it.   

So I went golfing over the weekend and I have now decided that Golf is the hardest sport to play.  I played nine holes and lost 12 balls!  This got me thinking what the hardest sport to play is and Golf is my answer for now.  I view myself as a natural athlete and it usually doesn't take me too long to get good a sport, but golf still seems to frustrate me.  I am not saying other sports are easy but Golf seems impossible to me now.  You take a small ball and need to hit in a few hundred yards into a hole that a little bigger then the ball.  If you open your wrist by the smallest amount the ball will go flying the wrong way.  If you swing to fast it will make it hard to play well.  You also have to finish 18 holes in a set amount of strokes and if you go over those strokes by a lot in just the first few holes, mentally you can be done for the day.  What seems to make Golf so hard to me is how much the little things really matter.  If the first part isn't hard enough (hitting the ball to the green which usually isn't that big and is hundreds of yards away) you then need to putt it into a small hole.  That sounds easy until you realize that not all greens have the same speed, and that there are certain slopes to each green, and you need to read the green.  The putt might not be straight it can go from left to right, or right to left, or be up hill and even be downhill.  This all has to sync together for 3-4 hours (typically 18 hole time frame) without you letting yourself get into your head and ruin your round!  I know a lot of people make claims; golf is easy, golf isn't a sport and golf is for fat guys, but let me ask you this, have you actually tried to play?  If you think all these things and haven't played I challenge you to go to your local course and play 18, and if you get lower then say 90 (maybe even 100) then I will agree with you, but when you shoot 100+ then swallow your words and move along.  Golf is stressful and had taken years off my life!

Advice:  Take advantage what is around you and help develop the skills you already have because it is important to continue to better yourself on a daily basis.  Everyday you don't attempt to better yourself is a day you have officially wasted.

So I have also decided that when I see a new movie or eat at a new place I will review it for everyone!
So a few days ago I went to Loteria Grill, in Studio City, and it was an interesting experience.  We got there and we were seated fast because we made a reservation even though it wasn't crowded.  You get free chips and salsa when you sit down.  The chips are good and the salsa has a smokey chipotle flavor to it, which I liked a lot.  Then I ordered 2 beef tacos.  I also ordered a side of rice and to drink I got a diet coke.  The rest of the table either got tacos or a burrito for the most part.  First the food didn't come out to fast which, was upsetting but the even forgot to put an order in for someone in our party.  So one person was without food for 10 mins while we all ate.  The only good thing was they didn't hesitate to comp their meal.  Then came the actual taste of the food.  My taco was a small portion so I would say if you go there get 3 or even 4, but wow were they amazing.  I am willing to say it was a top 5 taco for me of all time.  The meat was seasoned great and the beef wasn't rough at all.  The only thing I didn't love was the corn tortilla (thats all they have for the taco) but the meat was so good I almost forgot about that.  I tasted a burrito and I thought it was well above average also.  So I would give there food a solid 9.6/10 but the service as awful.  Not once did I receive a refill on my soda nor did anyone else at the table.  I also only got 1 water refill.  My rice never came nor did my gfs rice and Stacey's rice and beans never came!  One person at our table actually received rice in the end and it was simple white rice (nothing special).  Then when the bill came they didn't take off the rice orders that never came and the bean order that never came.  After speaking with the waiter he said he wouldn't take it off because they were ordered, but once we showed him they never came the items were taken off.  Their service gets a 2.7/10!  It wasn't to expensive so I would say price is 8/10.  Drinks were a little costly and from what my other patrons said the drinks were very good.  I would be willing to eat there again because the taco was so good but I am more inclined to do it as take out, even though that can ruin the experience.  Overall I will still give the place a 8.3/10 and I would recommend it with saying the service was disappointing but the waiter did claim one waiter didn't show up so they were hectic that night.  So go out and try it you might fall in love.          


  1. Would it be shamelessly wrong to post my blog? ;) Hope not. I taught you everything you know. About everything. (Except sports.)

    Mini golf is where it's at. And there's a place walking distance from your house! It's on.

    And I agree, Loteria Grill was tasty indeed, but the service sucked! We will have to try it one more time, and go in at the same day and time and see if a different waiter makes a difference.


  2. You can post your blog on here whenever you want! And everyone who reads mine should read the blog posted above!


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