Sunday, December 12, 2010

People watching is the only hobby for me!!

So a fast update on my diet:  I did a great job and and stuck to my diet even though it was as painful as it gets.  Today during lunch I think I had my biggest temptation!!! I was craving a burger badly and my friends knew this as we were approaching 3rd street.  When we got out of the car I decided to go to Nike Town (Love that store) and let me friends go on a head of me (WHAT A MISTAKE) and when I finished I called them to find out they wanted Johnny Rockets and 3 of the 4 of them decided to order a damn burger!!!!!  I almost gave in but instead I left them and I went shopping.  So everyone be proud of me because I made it!!! Now I can add some carbs to the diet!!!

As I said earlier I went to third street before and as my profile says I like to judge people so today I did that a lot.  After a few hours of judging I started thinking about what I was seeing.  So in this blog I will raise 2 questions:
Lets start at the first one and I think it is simple and straight to the point:  Since 3rd street is a public place people are permitted to bring their pets to walk around with them.  So we started off seeing dogs of all sizes and nothing out of the ordinary but then before I left my friends at lunch we saw a guy walking around carrying a BOA (snake for those who don't know).  Then later on we saw someone carrying an Iguana and finally we saw someone with a parrot.  So I wonder even though it is public domain is it really acceptable to bring your snake out for a walk in public like that?  I wonder mostly because my gf is deathly affair of snakes and I know she isn't alone.  Approximately 20% of Americans have some type of snake phobia.  The obvious question I pose is; What animals are acceptable to be brought in a public place like 3rd street and what animals should be left at home?

It was 80 degrees today in Santa Monica which meant that 3rd street would be very crowded and it was!!!  My thoughts started running when I saw a group of 5 13-15 year old girls dressed like 30 year old strippers.  A few had tub tops on and short skirts and the others were wearing their low rise jeans (I think that is what they are called) and showing too much skin.  The first issue for this one is what parent is letting their kids out of the house dressed like that?  But it was almost self answered 5 mins later.  Not to far after I saw this young group of girls I saw a group of 3 40's I would say dressed like the teenagers or even worse than them.  Then they have things written on their butt saying "This is Gods Gift" and quotes on their chest saying "I have eyes".  Now do women really expect men to let them walk by and not want to "read" what is on their clothing?  I understand there are plenty of men out there that will take a glance or 5 at a women with a nice figure or a large chest.  But let me ask the people that wear things with writing all over their chest do they really expect people not to look?
But the question I ask for this one is:  Do the teenagers dress like promiscuous because they want to dress like the adults they look up to?  Or do the adults dress promiscuous because they want to act younger than they actually are?  Or do both of them dress promiscuous because it actually makes them feel better about themselves?

 My advice to all:
When you leave your place for the day look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one things.  What message am I giving off today?  And is that message the one I want to be giving?  Finally ask what message am I sending to the people who might be looking up to me?
If you are satisfied with your answer to all three questions then go out and have a great day!! And if you aren't go back to the closet and make a change and then have a great day!!!!

Enjoy and hope your weekend was great!

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