Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What should be said on Facebook and Twitter?

So I have been blasting the social media outlets with my blog for the last week or so (sorry people).  But this got me wondering, what is appropriate to put on Facebook & Twitter?  In our internet world everything seems to revolve around some social media outlet ad it seems today that people are posting way too much stuff on their accounts.  When I sign on FB now I can see what my friends are eating, thinking and doing.  I love social media unlike many of my friends but I am starting to think people are sharing a little too much at times.  I understand you want to share things with people but lets be honest at the end of the day half of it means nothing to anyone, not even you.  I understand if you just graduated you want to say something, great so post it, or if you loved some show that night go for it.  My issues are when people post things like, my _____ just died, may he rest in peace.  I do not want to sign on to FB or twitter to hear about someone dieing, and that goes for humans and animals.  I agree it is sad when someone passes but the person who was in your freshman year math class doesn't need to know that it just saddens the mood.  I think speaking of our accomplishments are fine and dandy and even posting pictures of cool things you had for dinner, but if you just had chicken and peas keep it to yourself.  Both Facebook and Twitter are forms of connecting with people not pouring your hear out in 140 characters or less (on twitter).  If something bad has happened in your life and you want to share it then do so with the people who are close to you (you family or bestfriends) but not everyone.  The only time its appropriate to share something like that with the word is if you had an accident of some sort and people keep messaging you for details of some sort then go for it because it's easier.  Then the final part is the "risky" pictures people post.  As much as some people like the women in barley anything (I am one of them) do you really think FB or twitter is the place to post it?  The best part is when they get fired from work they are shocked that the picture of them naked snorting Coca Cola helped them lose their job!  Have fun with social media because that is what they were made for but don't make them depressing please!  Also I don't need 501 people telling me its raining out in LA because guess what?  I can look out the window to!

BD Kobe

 So its time for some NBA talk with the big Christmas Day Match up coming up.  When Lebron, Bosh and Wade all joined forces in Miami people asked if it was bad for basketball.  I will use this time to answer that question.  The answer is no way!  Yes, it ruined the Raptors and Cavaliers but yet it made basketball fun again.  I would rather have 6-8 great teams then 12-14 very good ones.  I am more interested in seeing an amazing playoff set then a good regular season.  This is almost like the Cliff Lee deal, we all think that the Phillies are do dominate but we said that about the Heat also and look how much they struggled out of the block.  Competition breads more competition so just sit back and enjoy the show!!!  When the Celtics joined forces in Boston it only made the NBA better by bringing back the Celtic Laker rivalry and now the Heat have joined the mix!!!  Just think this xmas would you rather be watching the Lakers Vs last years Cavaliers or the Lakers Vs this years Heat?

My advice:  After you click "share" on Twitter or FaceBook reread what you are about to share and if it seems weird just delete it!

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  1. Here are 2 statuses I thought you might find amussing:

    1.) "I just got done eating a pumpkin spice latte in cake form............." - My new acronym - "WFC" (who fuckin' cares)


    2.) "Hand-Plucking my nose hairs." - Really? REALLY?



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