Friday, December 17, 2010

Celebrities need to shut up! Sports and the thieves!

Gwyneth Paltrow covering up!

I have come to a conclusion as of late about celebrities.  They are people who want to have their cake and eat it to.  They want to get paid millions of dollars to start in movies and shows but yet they don't want you to bother them when they are walking down the street.  This might not go for every celebrity but a lot of them think they are entitled to their privacy.  I for one say fuck you!  I am not a celebrity hunter or any of that fun stuff but, I shouldn't feel bad if I see one and want to take a picture with them.  I pay $15 to go see some of their shitty ass movies and they think that they should be able to hide?  This also goes for athletes.  At the end of the day no matter how you view it WE pay their salaries.  We spend $100's on sporting tickets and just as much, or even more on movie purchasing, renting and viewing every year.  As a celebrity you know what comes with the territory besides making astronomical wages.  If you are Mr. Efron and a 10 year comes up to you for an autograph or a picture don't be an ass and pretend she isn't there, she has most likely made her parents spend a ton of money on your movies, songs and lunch pales.  I understand if you are Kevin Spacey and you don't want to tell people if you are gay or straight but don't cover your face when you leave some restaurant that costs you $200 a plate, because I paid for it asshole.  I agree when they are in their private home and doing their own thing they should have that privacy but the second you are on public property you are fair game so stop covering up and acting like people suck.  At the end of the day you know what you were getting into so accept and embrace it, because TMZ isn't going anywhere!

Carmelo Anthony mug shot!

Now for some sports talk in the same direction.  It seems all the time on or on Sports Center we see an athlete getting arrested for something stupid.  But every time I see this I wonder how stupid they must be at times.  You are a polarizing figure and you actually think you won't get caught?  Look at the Bengals a few years ago, it seemed half of the team was in trouble with the law.  This about it this way: if I drive home drunk I can get caught because the police are watching here and there but if Melo goes home drives home drunk he has to hope that the 5,000+ people who were in the club with him don't say anything to the police and he has to get home without hitting a tree.  Then there is actions like tiger woods and his one million affairs.  When he sends a whore a sextext does he really think that there is a good chance one day his wife won't find out.  Its not only Tiger, because Tony Parker just got caught ding the same thing.  In our world of technology it seems nearly impossible to get away with anything.  So I think most of these athletes are stupid because they still do it, and when they do it they have to think they are going to get away with it.  If I went down a list and named every actor/athlete who has gotten a DUI or in trouble by the law we would be here for days, and I haven't even mentioned the sex tapes.  So just remember everyone is watching be smart.

My Advice:  If you see a celebrity or athlete you like and you want a picture with them go for it because it's the least they can do for you!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend I am not sure if I will get some up this weekend but I sure will try! 

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