Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hold Your Gas Please!!!!

As an update on my diet here is my list of what I have eaten today:  I started with some Orange Jello followed by some Strawberry Jello.  Obviously that wasn't enough for me so I got some hot chocolate mid day.  Then I went to Robeks juice which was so filling compared to everything else I have had since this diet began.  And I have now ended the day with about 3 cups of broth made by my gfs mom.  So once again today was a horrible day when it came to eating for me and I sit here hungry as they come but only one day left.

Now comes what my title is all about.  Since I started my diet my gf thought since I wasn't eating much dairy my stomach issues would go away and I wouldn't fart anymore but let me tell you she is false.  I went to my gfs parents house for "dinner" tonight and of course my stomach wasn't doing to well and I had important choices to make.  I could A: Let my gas out and hope it comes out silent and move on.  B:  Hold it in and remain in pain for the night.  So you ask which one did I do?  I held it in!!! But this got me thinking why should I have to hold it in!!!!  We have other bodily functions that are fine such as a sneeze and a yawn but if someone needs to let a little gas out its the end of the world.  I always wonder who makes the rules up that if you fart in public its rude and gross.  I have held in my gas 100's of times and and when the night ends I always regret it because my stomach hurts even more after.  So if someone can please answer the question for me:  Why is it so rude to fart in public?  And who made it so I feel so bad if I do fart that I sit in pain for the entire night till I get 5 mins alone and let it out!!!!!  We all follow these unwritten rules in life and they were set forth by out elders.  Besides not being able to I would like to be able to pick my nose in public and not be judged, fart in public, and let out a small burp in public.  Every generation is different but yet we seem to follow this stupid rules that our elders set forth many years ago.  Think about it people wouldn't it be must more interesting if we can air it out as we please?

My advice for today: If you don't want to be the awkward person hold in the room hold it in no matter what the pain is but while you sit in pain ask yourself who is making you hold it in because it isn't me!!!!!!



  1. you should become a preschool teacher! You can fart whenever you want and blame it on the kids :)

  2. If I had the patience I would consider it for that reason alone!


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