Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not all Homeless are drunks!!! Also some NFL thought!

I hope all is well with everyone! because its Thursday and soon we will all have a few days off hopefully.  So I struggled with what to write about today for a while and this is what I decided I wanted to write about.  As you can see from the title and the picture it about homeless people.  Every once in a while you hear people argue about if we should give money to the homeless people because they are just going to use it to put booze or drugs.  Whenever I am part of this argument I tend to get upset/annoyed with people who think it is stupid to give a little.  First and for most when people make claims that the homeless will just go out and buy drugs or booze its a pure assumption and they have nothing to back the statement up with.  Second who are we to judge what people do with the money they get.  It got me thinking to my time at Arizona because a lot of my friends there didn't have to work at all and when they wanted cash all they did was speed dial a parent and the money was there.  Then they did what a lot of people assume the homeless do, they went off and bought some booze and drugs.  I know its different because the parents aren't assuming the kids will do that with their cash but come on if they don't assume that why should we when we give $1 or 2  to others.  I don't always give money to the homeless, first its because I can't afford it all the time and second because I don't always have cash on me.  But let me ask you this, If you were in a bad situation for any reason (we don't know why they are homeless) and someone drove up to your corner with their seat warmers on and some Kanye playing wouldn't you hope they had the kindness to give you a dollar or 2.  Who cares what they use it for really anyway.  If they use it to get a burger on the dollar menu (which really comes about to about $1.09 so when giving a dollar at a dime please) or they use it on a can of Mikes Hard they deserve their choices.  I mean half of my friends come home from a long day of work and want to crack open a bottle of win or snort some Coca Cola (really only the drinking) so just imagine standing out in the rain for the entire day and sleeping in the cold I sure would want something to drink also.  So what I am trying to say is before you judge the person asking you for a dollar put yourself in their shoes for a second and be kind, you can just give a smile or give a dollar just do whats right by you!

Hey sports fans how you doing today?  Are you ready for bowl mania?  What I wanted to talk about today was how messed up the NFL playoff system is!  You might not know how it works but I will give you a quick overview of it.  The top 2 teams in the AFC and NFC get a bye in the first week while 4 teams face off in week 1.  But the catch here is that division winners get home field advantage in the first round.  This means St. Louis, Seattle or San Francisco.  While a team like New Orleans or the Eagles can be on the road (and many more).  Something about that format is wrong.  A team who is part of a horrible division will get a game game in the playoffs!!  Look at another sport such as basketball then.  The last time the Clippers made the playoffs they faced the Denver Nuggets who won their division.  The nuggets had a 3 seed and the Clippers were a 6th seed.  Take a wild guess who got home court advantage?  Yes, if you said the Clippers you are right.  The Clippers went on to win that series but the NBA does what is right.  They award the team who had a better season in general the home court/field advantage.  So all I ask is NFL change your playoff set up.  Seattle DOESN'T deserve a home game at all!!!!!!

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