Thursday, December 30, 2010

Open up and the weight will be lighter & Should Athletes outside lives affect our view of them while they play?

So readers today it's all about being introspective of yourself.  For much of my life I have been somewhat closed off about my emotions, but recently I started opening up slowly and it got me to thinking.  I love of us (at least the people I know) grew up with the sense opening up makes one vulnerable and being vulnerable means you are weak.  In the last week or 2 I have realized how wrong that view really is.  When you open up to someone you feel a bond/connection to them that is hard to explain.  You give them this small view into who you are, and if the person you are opening up to is your true friend they feel special and they feel that you care.  Not only does it make that bond you already had stronger and make your friend/partner feel special it makes your life seem manageable.  When we don't share out feelings, worries and pains with others we walk around with an unbearable weight on our shoulders, a weight we can't get through alone.  It can be opening up about family issues, your bad day or something you struggle with internally but all I know is we aren't alone in this world, and we have been living alone for awhile now.  In my heart of hearts I believe humans are creatures of caring and giving.  Some people are exceptions but most of us want to help, and care for others that mean something to us.  When we stay closed off we don't give others the opportunity to what makes us all happy.  All I ask of people who are reading this seriously is open up to someone.  It doesn't have to be your partner, your mom or dad, it just needs to be someone you are comfortable with that you trust.  You can open up to me and I would be happy to listen and help if needed.  Remember you are never alone so don't act that way.  People want to help you just as much as you might want to help others.      

I take it everyone knows what Mr. Vick did do go to prison for an extended period of time, but what I wonder now that he is the pro bowl starter, should his actions off the field really affect out view of him on the field.  Sports have changed over the last 10 years even, with the sense that we are closer to the athletes then ever before.  We follow them on twitter, we have sportscenter airing what seems like 24/7 and we can get closer to them on the field then ever before.  This shines an entirely new light on them then before.  If they have one screw up the entire world knows and there isn't much they can do about it.  Lets get one thing straight, what Vick did was horrible and he deserved every min he got in jail for it.  He was recently voted in as the pro bowl starter and there are whispers he can win the MVP (he won't), but with great success on the field comes the whispers off his off the issues.  People are getting upset that a man who funded dog fighting, and killed dogs is playing in the NFL all star game.  But this got me to think because he made a huge mistake off the field and paid for it should he be punished on the field.  My answer is no!  We pay a lot of money to see this athletes utilize their talents and we have no right to make judgments on them outside of that to a point.  We can not agree with things they do, anywhere from getting a DUI to dog fighting but at the end of the day if he continues to play the way he is on the field he deserves the rewards of it just like he deserved the punishment for his mistakes.  Let me know your thoughts on this one folks!

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  1. When are we having a heart to heart? If you need to tell me you actually like boys I am totally here for you!


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