Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why do we Smoke? Also some thoughts about Cliff Lee Signing (Sorry Broadawy star)

Ok so people so I hope we are all having a great week so far because it feels like its been a long one!!!!!

So today's issue comes from one of my top pet peeves and yes as you can see from the picture it is smokers.  I want to say I am not trying to offend anyone on this one, my posts are my opinions.  As we all know smoking has been in the news for as long as most of us can remember and it has been banned now from many places but that is not the issue I have with it.  In my eyes smoking should be outlawed everywhere except on ones own personal property.  But you might ask yourself, Brett does smoking really upset you this much?  Does it really affect you this much?  I use to not be able to answer yes to that question but now I can say yes it does.  So I live in an apartment building that is "Smoke Free" (bullshit) and when I signed my first lease here 10 months ago I was very happy to be informed of this rule.  For the first 2 months I lived here with BD JB we were happy as they come.  Then the trash moved in across the hall from us and it changed.  I will attempt to describe them without being to mean.  I believe they are from Michigan (I think thats what their license plates say) and being honest they look like they could have been extras in the movie 8 Mile and they weren't from the right side of the tracks.  For all I know they could be the nicest people in the world but I know for sure they aren't very considerate.  The second they moved in the cigarettes were getting lite.  If you walked to out apartment and walked by theirs on the way you would smell a cloud of smoke every single day.  Every day myself or my roommate came home you can guarantee by 4 PM they would both be on their porch smoking and drinking (they went through 1 30 pack every 2 days it seemed.)  Since we lived more diagonal then straight across from them BD JB and I let it go because to us it was just funny and every time J money came home he would yell to my room lets go play some beer pong with them.  But then that day came where I moved in with my lovely gf and her college roommate.  We moved up one level and across from my old place, so yes if you think right we are no up and 1 to the left of the smokers.  Every once in awhile we would have our balcony door open and they would start to smoke and we would just close the door and move on but recently my roommate, we will call her the design queen, decided she wanted fresh air (we all have that right don't we?) so she left her window open for the day.  When she came home from her long exhausting day she went into her room and it smelled like an episode of Mad Men!!!!  No matter where we live or work we should have the right to open our window and get some fresh air but now that is taken away from me.  I don't care that smoking can result in the smoker getting cancer because you are an adult and its your body but don't you dare fuck with mine.  I do enough bad things to my body I don't need to add smoking to it.  So people stop being selfish and if you are in public and put your cigarettes down till non-smokers aren't around.
The interesting part of me writing this blog has made me realize why farting in public is rude and shouldn't be done.  Unless you are farting for a jokes sake (which is always funny people) try to keep it in.  People want to walk to the streets, eat dinners and kiss their significant others while it smells good so don't be selfish and mind the people around you!!!      

So if you don't know by now Cliff Lee made major news when he joined the Phillies leaving the Rangers (hell yea screw them) and the Yankees (hate them too) empty handed.  The Phillies now have one of the most insane starting rotations with Hamels as the #4 and 3 of the top 10 active winning percentage leaders in Oswalt, Halladay and Lee.  But what I really want to say to people is please don't give up on baseball.  I have talked to a few people and all they keep saying is "I am not excited for baseball this season" and I get where they are coming from but come on people this is baseball we are talking about.  First anyone or two of them can go down to injury you never know.  More importantly the one great thing about baseball is how hard it is to be so dominate!!!  In the last 10 years of baseball no one has won back to back Rings and also in the last 10 years the has been 8 different World Series Champions!!!  Be excited for the upcoming season we could witness an amazing pitching rotation and we can either see them be great and win it all or we can see it fail both ways we get to see greatness.  The one belief I have held since the Angels won the WS in 2002 against the Giants is that as long as you team makes the playoffs you have a shot.  In 2002 both Wild Card teams made it to the Championship.  Baseball is unlike any other sport in all the facts I just stated anyone can win any given year you just need to have faith and if the Phillies end up winning it should only give your team more motivation to better themselves for the next season.  KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!

My advice today:  Be considerate of the people around you because your actions affect them even if you don't think about it.  If we all took 5 secs t think of other before we did something selfish we would all be happier.

Also my Broadway star is you MV!!!!

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