Monday, January 10, 2011

How far we have come! & Thoughts on tonights Big Game

So on Feb 1st it looks like I will be getting corneal transplant surgery.  This will consist of doctors placing someone else eye tissue into mine to help shape my eye back to normal.  What amazes me is that this is actually possible!  First they has Lasek and I am shocked by that but now they can actually peel the smallest layer of my eye and give me someone else tissue to make my eye stronger.  Not to mention this is all done with a LASER!!!!  Some people have told me I am crazy for doing it because they think any eye surgery is just nuts, and I see where they are coming from, but they don't know what it means to have bad vision like I do.  The thing is every time I hear about a new surgery I get more shocked because it just becomes more impressive.  Most of us don't know the development they make with eye surgery or others surgeries for that matter but everyday is a step closer to something even more amazing.  I am not too worried about anything going wrong at all I am more anxious to see the end result.  So just be thankful for where we are today because its amazing even though we don't realize it sometimes.  As not only a country but as a world everyday is a day that greatness can happen so be excited and remember the glass is always half full!  

After an embarrassing NFL weekend and me going 0-4 I turn my attention to the Big game tonight.  If you look back at my bowl predictions and if you look at them with the spread I haven't missed one!  So tonight I have the Ducks to cover the spread of +3 and I actually do think they will win this game.  Tonight is the final game of a great college football season, so enjoy this one and lets go DUCKS!!!!!!


  1. not sure where you are reading but for college it was 4-0-1 and NFL was 0-4 but its all good!


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