Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customer Service & So Long Brett Favre

So not too long ago I blogged about my apartment building and how two-sided they are. Now I am so upset with T-Mobiles customer service that I need to vent once again.  I thought what better of a place to do that then here with all of you! It all started few month ago when I called them to complain about my blackberry 9700.  After 20 mins of arguing they agreed to send me a new one, once I got the new once I retried what was wrong with the first one and it still didn't work.  I then called back and went through 30 mins of trouble shooting.  The service rep then told me he would transfer me to blackberry themselves (like it was an honor or something) to see what they can do, but the only way to do this was to call from another number other than mine.  I had no other phone so I used googles amazing phone service.  The first person claimed he put all the  notes in my account and when I called back I would start right where I left off.  When I called back they made me go through it all again.  Half way through I told the new rep enough was enough, either they do something about it or I am done with them.  He finally agreed to send me the blackberry 9780.  I said as long as I get the black one, and it has to be to brand new then that it's fine.  2 days later what shows up?  A fucking white phone.  I was furious at this point.  I then did what anyone would do, I called and screamed (ok what I would do).  They informed me they wouldn't send me a black one because it wasn't available and hasn't been for a few weeks.  I didn't get one apology for the inconvenience and they didn't offer a discount for the month or anything.  Three days later I switch to AT&T and I got the IPhone.  What I am not getting is how a big company like them can run such poor customer service.  One of the reason I was with them so long was because their customer service was so good.  Now it takes 20 mins to get anything done there.  Also before I switched I called them to see what data I use and of course they said to me it would take a few weeks for me to get that report.  After that conversation the last thing I said to T-Mobile was "this is the reason you are losing customers left and right, its not the Iphone or the lack of reception in some locations, but is because you don't provide me with the service I am paying for so enjoy!".  So if you are out there and upset with how you are being treated remember one thing, you are the customer and you are paying for their service.  We live in a world were there are more than one option with almost anything so take advantage of it and don't think you need to settle.

This is going to be a short one on the sports side today.  Brett Favre has now officially announced he will retire for the 3rd or 4th or 5th time of his career but I think it is now safe to say this one is for real.  I have not been a fan of his as of late because of what he has put his fans through and the circus he has created for his own ego, but he will and should go down as one of the greatest QBs of our time.  His statistics speak for themselves, and the records he broke leave many speechless.  He is a QB we don't get to often.  He has led an amazing career and just because he left his ego get in the way for the last few years I hope we all remember how good he really was, and how great-full we should be that we got the chance to see him play (I will say the same thing about Manning and Brady when they hang them up).  


  1. "A fucking white phone. " That's great and frankly it made me bust up! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am an AT&T customer who was previously with T-Mobile. I am strongly thinking about returning to T-Mobile. With AT&T, I have numerous calls dropped, their bills are the highest I have ever seen and they don't offer you any compensation for a screw up on their behalf. Really it's a win-lose situation. Every company has a negative and a positive. You just have to figure out if you prefer to deal with bad customer service, hiked fees, the new models, etc.....
    As for Mr. Favre, I personally don't like the guy, but his stats do speak for themselves & there is no question that he will go down in sports history as one of the best. He also has a really ugly penis... Lmfao!! I'm just saying.....

  2. My bill isn't to high yet! But the thing I am worried about is how nice T-Mobile was to me when there was issues. The problem I have is that they have gotten worse and worse every time I call and i wanted to get out before it was unbearable. Also the reason I went to AT&T was partly because I wanted an IPhone! Don't leave now I know I can call you every night and it won't cost me mins!

  3. Favre us an egomaniac. I guarantee he'll be in the news even though he's already tarnished his name. He's like Clemens, a total media whore. He sucks at life, and I doubt be even wears Wrangler jeans

  4. Haha while you switched to the iphone, I might be going from the iphone to Android (I get bored real fast), so we'll see! I am not a fan of change and yes T-Mobile effing sucks.


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