Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is your pet peeve? & Chad Ochocinco I mean Jonhnson?

So for some reason today I am wondering what your pet peeves are people!  I know we all have a few of them and I would like to hear them.  Forget about the stupid ones like eating with your mouth full or something like that, I want to hear the weird ones.  For example, one of my pet peeves is when you take a shirt and anything from your closet and pull it from the hanger you just leave the hanger in the place the shirt was.  I don't know why I hate this but I do.  Also the picture above shows another one of my pet peeves, because if you can't park don't drive!  So what bothers you? It can be people singing too often, people with the bitch face all the time, or even the sound of rain who knows.  Lets hear your interesting ones now!

If you haven't heard Chad Ochocinco is going back to Chad Johnson for next year.  This man needs to just play the fucking game!  He has more antics than anyone else in the league and yet he is falling from his prime fast and isn't the same receiver he once was!  He seems to concentrate more on what makes the fans laugh then catching the ball game in and game out.  Hell his own QB just asked be traded.  You think if Palmer thought he has an elite receiver on his team he would ask to be trade?  Don't get me wrong I love the guy and I think he is fun to watch but I would still rather see him score TDs so we can see the dances then see him changing his name and staring on low quality shows!  So Chad if you some how come across this all I want to say is I love what you do but come down to earth and make people love your game over your antics!


  1. I hate it when people scratch their utensils on the plate!

  2. wait, so what do you do with the hanger?
    I hate it when people crack their joints in front of me!!! ew


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