Monday, January 17, 2011

Mike on a bull! & What motivates you? & Clippers new found Game!!!!

So yesterday I sat court-side for the Clipper game Vs. the Lakers (go Clippers!!!!) and then later that night I saw my friends parents new home for the second time and these two things combined motivates me to make a great deal of money in life or try to.  I now wonder what motivates others?  Yes, making money so my future family and all motivates me but when I actually see the benefits first hard its always a greater motivator.  I hear all these people how they want to make millions when they grow up but I am wondering what motivates you to want that?  I know a lot of people who work their ass off everyday to better their life and I know that is motivation but I think there is more behind what we see.  I want to have an easy life also but yet I find different things to motivate me all the time.  So all I want to know is what motivates you?  Let me know people, start some discussion.    

So as I promised I would post a video of Ace bull riding here it is! 

If you don't know you will now but I am a Clipper fan not a Laker fan at the end of the day so Sundays game was great!  So its time for my to finally speak on how good they are playing as of late.  The Clippers are sadly 14-25 right now leaving them 6 games behind the 8 seed for a playoff birth.  But here is the amazing thing for them they started 1-13! Yes, 1-13 so since that horrible start they are over .500 and in the last 13 games they are 9-4, their wins coming against the Heat, Lakers, and Bulls to name a few with losses aainst Atlanta, Utah and Rockets.  With Baron Davis finally playing like he belongs and enjoy the NBA the Clippers look like a new team.  Blake will put up his stats no matter what you do because he is that good right now.  If the Clippers can squeak in an get that 8th seed it could be a fun year.  The Clippers finally look like they might have the future people have been saying for years.  As long as the team stays healthy and as long as the ownership mans up and retains Gordan and Griffen fr the long term the Clippers can make the LA rivalry that much better.  So look out people the Clippers are coming!


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  2. Money motivates me. But also creating something that stands the test of time. Be it a painting, or a blog, or a photograph - I want to be known for creating a masterpiece. And I want my grandchilden's grandchildren to say "Yeah, ya know great great Grandpa did that in the early 2000's!"

    I don't really know why this motivates me...but it does.

    And where's the video of you riding a bull?

  3. I was in too much pain that night for me to get on the bull! Someday it will be out there!

  4. I am holding you to that bull riding promise BK!!

    Travel motivates me... exploring new places always reminds me how much more there is see! While I have been fortunate to travel to many places already, I feel with each trip I add to my destination wish list. The desire to see all these places while still at an age where I can maximize the experiences motivates me to create the lifestyle and means to be able to see the world.


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