Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iphone to Verizon & Lebron and the Heat

So in a recent announcement Verizon is the first carrier besides AT&T to get the IPhone.  Within minuets of that being released people who have the phone with AT&T are saying they want to switch to the Verizon one because the addition it will have is you can turn your phone into a hotspot (who the F cares).  But that is not what this blog is really about.  This is all about our society relying on their phone too much.  I use to be one of those people who couldn't go or do anything without their phone, and I still struggle at times.  Whenever I go out to dinner now I try to at least leave my phone in my car and I now tend to turn it on vibrate so it doesn't bother me all day.  I am just worried that people are getting too attached to their phones.  A lot of my friends have some version of the IPhone and at the start all they would do is play angry birds.  We would be waiting somewhere and they would whip it out.  Not saying I didn't do that with looking up sports scores.  Communicating with people might be getting easier and easier with these new tools but we are losing the value of face to face communication.  I would like to do a "No Phone" day sometime in January.  For one day everyone should leave their phone at home and just live the day without it.  No matter what we do and how far we come I still think face to face communication is the most important communication.  Enjoy what is around you and make the best of it.  The phone will always be there and trust me in 3 months you will want a new one anyway!

I was watching the game last night with my friend and he told me an interesting fact.  Since the heat played the Cavs the Heat have only lost 1 game and the Cavs have only won 1 game.  This stat alone shows me how much Lebron meant to his home town and how much he hurt them by leaving.  I am not saying he made the wrong decision I am saying he went around it the wrong way.  Let me tell you this, at the start of the season a lot of people kept saying Miami won't be as good as we all think but look at them now!  I can tell you from seeing them in person which I did Christmas day and I will again tomorrow they are every bit as good as we think.  Yes, 90% of their scoring comes from the big 3, but the big 3 are so good that it works.  Everyone should be excited about their success because it will make the playoffs that much more exciting.  Embrace what we have and enjoy it.  I might not like Lebron much now but he is hands down the best athlete in the NBA and Dwade isn't far behind!


  1. are you talking about me fool??? You are just jealous of my angry bird skills...admit it!

  2. I can't wait to hang with you phone free : )


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