Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tell WIlliams Golden Voice the real story! & NFL Vs. NBA

So I am sure most of you have seen this video by now but that is not what this blog is really about.  Since this video went viral, it has seen over 4 millions viewers and Ted has been offered multiple jobs.  He is also being reunited with his 92-year old mother who he hasn't seen in years.  This like this do happen in our life but what amazes me the most is how far the internet has come.  If Ted was discovered 5-10 years ago he would have never gotten the opportunity to receive what he has now.  We have come so far that sometimes all it takes is to put a man of youtube and send the file to a few people.  As happy as I am for this man, we need to think more about how far we have come as people.  There are a lot of people using the internet as bad and there are people who think the internet should be restricted but if it was things like this couldn't happen.  Maybe I am just a dork about these things but when a man is homeless one day and the next he is dressed professionally, has a cell phone, is traveling to New York and has a job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers all because of the internet its amazing.  I don't believe so people realize the power they have at their finger tips, but we need to realize how lucky and amazing it is that we such advances in our society that things like this could easily happen.  Most of us go on check our mail, look at a few key sites for us and don't even think of how significant it is that we what we have.  So all I ask is every once in a while think about how lucky we are, and how our advances in technology has made life easier for most people.  Also lets continue to grow together and make more advances so the next generation has the same, if not more opportunities then us!  

With bowl season coming to an end I have decided to look how NFL has it right over the NBA (not about march madness).  For the NFA the rule is a player must be 3 years removed from high school to enter the NFL draft.  This means if a player red shirts they can leave after their 2nd year and if not after their junior year.  This always player to develop and get to the next level so they are prepared for the NFL.  The NBA has their rule set as 1 year removed from high school.  Yes, some players are talented enough to make the leap, but for every one of those there is 4 or 5 who make the wrong decision.  Not only would taking on the same rule for the NBA make the NCAA more exciting but it would help the NBA a lot.  This would bring more talented people to the NBA because they will be better developed.  Yes, it means we would have to wait a few extra years to see players like Lebron and Kobe were but they would still make it.  This will also allow all these athletes to have some type of education that can help them if either their career doesn't go as planned or if they get injured.  We bring them to the NBA so we the owners can profit earlier but I think in the end the owners profit enough and in the end I think they will only profit more!

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