Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Dream Job & Jay Cutler

So I woke up from a weird dream and for some off reason I started thinking about the concept of a job.  A lot of us get up way earlier then we want to, go to a job we don't even like, and think we are under paid for that job we don't like.  So I want to hear about what your dream job is?  I will say they must exclude being a professional athlete because I said so.  Its only fair if I share mine with everyone.  I have two dream jobs I think.  My first dream job would be to be the GM of the Los Angeles Angels.  I have always loved them and I actually think I can do a good job at that.  I know it would be long hours and some people would never choose that as their dream job, but I can only imagine the feeling of winning the World Series after so much hard work!  My second dream job would be a Real Estate Agent to celebrities.  I thinking finding someone a home is an amazing thing and I think it would be great to do it at that level.  I would be earning the money I want with flexible hours.  So what is yours? 

As everyone reading this should know the Bears lost over the weekend and Jay Cutler played less then Half the game!  After he sat out there was a lot of tweets from other NFL players swirling that he should have been in there.  A lot of people think he gave up and just didn't care.  First what I want to say is that we had no idea at the time what was wrong with him so making instant judgments made no sense.  Yes, he was talking around on the side but lets be serious for a second, do we think that he would be healthy and be on the sideline walking around without a reason?  Some teammates stood up for him and agreed with what he did and I say we need to give him the benefit of the doubt and move on.  The thing that worried me was how he didn't seem to be involved after he was out.  We see all the top QBs get hurt and then sit on the sideline as a coach and be actively involved with decision.  Cutler just stood there like a moron.  So lets be worried about his actions not his toughness!  

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  1. Being an educator!!! kids keep us thinking and changing..kids of all ages!!! You would rock those Angels to the World Series for sure....find a way to be connected to them. Keep at it!


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