Friday, January 14, 2011

Elliott is a Celebrity! + Daydream & My NFL Picks!!!!!!

So the man in the bottom right corner is the man!!  This isn't my blog its a shout out to ELLIOTT!

So I am one who daydreams a lot so I want to speak on that.  This isn't a blog about giving advice, its more about hearing what you daydream about!  The only way I can expect you to open up to me is if I do it first.  I have a million things going on in my head so I will share a few with you!  The first day dream always has to do with real estate!  Since I am studying real estate when I daydream its about me being this great broker and making millions doing it.  Its a basic daydream but I seem to have that one a lot.  Then there is the true fantasy where I am an NBA athlete, and this one is the most far fetched.  In this one I am about 6 inches taller and much better at basketball then I am.  I just always wonder what make people daydream, and how people pick what they daydream about?  Well let me know what is on your mind!  Comments are appreciated!

My predictions for this weekends games, and I hope they go a lot better than last weekend:

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-3):
Winner:  Pittsburgh (-3)
Green Bay @ Atlanta (-2.5):
Winner: Atlanta (-2.5)
Seattle @ Chicago (-10)
Winner: Seattle (+10) (Chicago will win)
N.Y. Jets @ New England (-9)
Winner: N.Y. Jets (+9) (New England will win) 

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