Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conversation Map & Ohio States Issues!

So I went to my friend Ace's place tonight and one the way home we had an interesting conversation map.  If you don't know what a conversation map is I will explain it.  If you track where your conversation started and ended you will be able to make thus map.  For example, on my way home from Ace'es the conversation started by talking about a ticket Ace got for $430 or so for running a red.  It then went on to talk about how to get points off your license and then it went onto the penal system and eventually went to how so many Americans don't get the proper education.  So the map in the end is running red lights to lack of education.  This got me thinking about how random our minds really are.  What I know want to see someone do is make this map of every conversation you have with someone over 10 mins.  I think it would be an amazing and interesting thing to view.  If we closely look at everything they realte.  It is almost like the Kevin Bacon rule, and that is what blows my mind.  Our conversation went smoothly from one thing to the next and then when you look back and view the start and end you wonder how you got there.  Things like this remind/make me think how closely related things are how and one action always affects the next action.  Next time you are doing some no matter what it is think of what it may affect, in a good or a bad way.  Every action we take does something and it will affect you no matter how big or how small.  So people just think before you act and act on your good thoughts!

As most of us know Ohio State won their bowl game last night with the help of 5 players that will not be able to start next season.  The question I ask is, should they have been able to play in the bowl game even though they violated NCAA rules?  In my opinion, not at all.  I think their violation is stupid and shouldn't even be a violation but it is, and rules are rules.  The only reason I think the NCAA let them play is so the rating for the Sugar bowl would remain high!  So they are suspended for the first five games of next season, and if you know anything about college football the first games of most teams season are "tune-up" games and are easy.  When the WR from Georgia got in trouble he was suspended right away for 3 games I believe.  He wasn't give the option to start it after the next game or this or that.  If Pryor wasn't part of the 5 I think the other 4 would not have been allowed to play last night.  This is just my opinion so I want to know what yours is?

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