Monday, January 24, 2011

Try Something New & The Angels Trade!

So this weekend I hate date night with my lovely gf!  After hours of thinking what to do we decided we were going to go to dinner and then watch a movie like a typical date is.  We were fine with that but on our way to dinner we kept trying to thinking of something else to do instead of watching a movie.  We were in Burbank on on our way to the restaurant we drove by a comedy club called Flappers.  We then decided to look into what was going on that night and for how much.  In the end it was $22 a ticket to see the winner of Last Comic Standing and since we had no idea who that was we decided to pass on it.  On our way to IKEA (always got to stop by when we are in the area) we were approached and offered buy one get one free tickets to the same show that night so we decided to go for it.  We ended up getting to see two and half hours of comedy and at the end Carlos Manciea come on for a while (special Guest).  In the end it was an awesome night for both of us.  We were both happy we tried something new and I hope to go there again soon.  What I am trying to tell people here is to try something new next time you go out.  I don't only mean on date night either.  If you are with a group of friends offer up something new like a comedy club if thats outside the norm.  The more we expand our horizons the more we learn new things we like!

You might wonder why I picked this picture for this entry.  The answer is because I am embarrassed and upset with my Angels.  Over the weekend we trade away Juan River and Mike Napoli (one of my favorites) to the Blue Jays for Vernon Wells.  Every where I turn there is an article how this is one of the worst trades ever!  Wells has a monster contract that for some stupid ass reason the Angels agree to take on!  Wells might bat .300 with 20 HRs and 70-80 RBIs if we are lucky and he costs more than Beltre or Crawford.  If this was managements way of saying we are trying then they really messed up.  This was 5 steps backwards!  I am hoping for the best in this trade but from the looks of it a huge blunder was made and someone should lose their job for this one!     


  1. I think you should be asking why you choose the first picture - how does that relate to a comedy club at all?

  2. I think he is trying to tell us that he wants to try mud wrestling...I prefer jello wrestling actually


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