Monday, January 31, 2011

My Surgery & The Lakers can't play!

So if you don't know tomorrow I will be getting corneal replacement surgery!  The nerves haven't fully hit me yet!  I will be put under for a few hours and that scares me a little.  I have never been through a surgery like this luckily but tomorrow that will all change.  Here is a little writing of what will be going on tomorrow for me
"The clear covering of the eyeball is called the cornea. Surgery is performed on the cornea for two main reasons. One is to remove scarring and clouding that interfere with vision. The other is to change the curve of the cornea to correct vision problems. These problems include nearsightedness and farsightedness. Operations on the cornea can be performed with traditional surgical tools or laser surgery can be used." 

I would love to continue to to blog all week but I can't make any promises here so if I miss a few days I am sorry.  I have posted every week day since December 11th 2010 so it saddens me that I might not be able to post tomorrow but we will see.  I hope everyone has a great week and always make sure you are bettering yourself!

I know a lot of you are most likely Laker fans who read this, but I need to say they have been disappointing as of late!  Yes, they have a hold on their division so they will be in the playoffs no matter what, but I am not here to speak on if they will make it to the playoffs!  They are 2nd in the West which is fine but they are 7 1/2 games behind the Spurs and only 1 game ahead of the Mavs!  The Lakers this year has lost to the Pacers, Grizzlies X2, Bucks, and Kings and that is just 5 games they should have won!  With those 5 games alone they would only be 2 1/2 behind the Spurs.  But what worries me even more now is that they have no lost to the top three Eastern Conference teams.  The got handled by Boston and Heat at home and both losses were by double digits!  They did beat the Bulls at home and lost on the road.  Something needs to be changed in LA because this isn't the same Laker team we have seen the last few years!

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