Friday, January 7, 2011

If you had a Genie & NFL Round 1 predictions

So last night at dinner a few friends and myself got into the entire, if I had a genie what would I wish for.  We had two scenarios one was a funny genie and one was a real genie.  The funny one had to be weird wishes.  For example, Casey wanted butt texting possible, yes you read that right, she wants to be able to text with her butt.  Melissa wanted some things from Harry Potter to be real (oh god i know) and Tash wanted some Harry Potter stuff and to breath under water.  I wanted to teleport, eat as much as I want without feel the sick full and without getting fat.  I actually don't remember my third so I will move on.  If I had a real one I would wish for, Unlimited finical funds, a cure for cancer and a cure for HIV.  This isn't going to be a blog about me ranting or anything I just want to know what you would wish for?  Its simple, in the comment section just put your 3 wishes and move on.  It interest me because we all live in the same world but some of us just want such different things.

The NFL wild card weekend starts Saturday so I will give my predictions for this one.  If you haven't realized with the spread I haven't missed a BCS bowl game yet!

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks (+10)
Winner:  New Orleans (-10)

NY Jets @ Indianapolis Colts (-3)
Winner: Colts (-3)

Baltimore Ravens @ KC Chiefs (+3)
Winner: Chiefs (+3)

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3)
Winner: Eagles (-3)

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