Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Fockers Review

Last night I saw Little Fockers, which is the third installment of a good movie trilogy (ha).  I went into the movie only wanted to see it because I saw the other 2 and figured why not complete the last one.  I read a few reviews going into it and everything was bad.  People said it was stupid and they should never have made it.  I am going to have to kindly disagree with those critics.  Maybe I am a nice critic who knows but I actually got some good laughs out of this one.  The movie seemed to be made for a few good laughs but nothing amazing, and if that is what they were going for they did a great job.  I can't say anything about the cast because they are classic and great!  The movie itself was cute.  If you are going into it thinking it will be as good as #1 was you will be very upset.  In the end I am happy I saw it and I would recommend it to anyone.  I would give them movie a 6.8/10 (which isn't bad) and say if you don't see it in theaters go rent it when it hits the stores because its at least worth that.

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