Thursday, January 13, 2011

When is it time to help? & Lebron Eat this!

So I was watching that show intervention a little while ago and it got me thinking.  First and for most when do you know its time to stop and help the person in need?  Also how do you make it work without the help of that creepy looking doctor?  I don't know of any of my friends who are addicted to drugs or alcohol really but I do know someone people that could use an intervention.  I will not name names at all and I am not trying to hint anything to anyone.  I just wonder when do you realize that someone needs help.  If I have a friend who gambles a lot and makes money doing it, is he not addicted?  Is it only addiction when he losses money?  We look at professional gamblers and we don't think they have an issue but they play just as much as most addicts do, but the difference is they make money doing it.  Is the right time when they become destructive to themselves and others?  Its a tough call because you never know how each person reacts too certain things.  An intervention might not be the answer for everyone.  So if you see someone struggling reach your hand out and offer them some help.  Don't enable them but be there for them and give them every opportunity to better themselves.  So if you are up for a discussion then in the comment section let me know what you think?


This will actually be a short sports one for me today.  I went to the Clipper game against the Heat last night and all I got to say is Lebron KARMA IS A B****!  Lebron and his amazing Heat fell to the Clippers by 6 and their 13 game road streak came to a crashing halt.  Good job Clippers and Lebron next time just don't tweet because as you claim "God is watching everything."

Have a great Thursday night people!

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