Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years & TCU (should there be playoffs)

So New Years was interesting so I figured I should share it with everyone.  So a little while back I wrote to everyone what I thought new years was all about, but if you didn't read it, it spoke about how it should be a time to celebrate with family and friends.  There is no need for over drinking and driving and everything of the sort.  For some reason most people don't listen to me (I don't know why).  My boy no name, had a but too much to bring in a short period of time so here is the story.  About 30 mins after the ball dropped no name had a cup of water in his hand and he didn't look so good.  Five mins later I didn't see him.  I asked where he was and I was told he went to the bathroom.  On my way to check on him, because people in his stake at that moment.  On my way there I found him letting his dinner out on the floor in front of the check in desk.  He got him up and off to the bath room he went.  While in the bathroom he got on the floor and stayed in the position you see above.  He they proceeded to let things go for another 20 mins.  The one great thing no name can say is New Years 2011 he was officially kicked out of a bowling ally!  While he was in the bathroom security came up to me and told me more than once I needed to get him out of the bowling ally ASAP and once he is done in the bathroom he is not welcome in Pinz.  So people when you decide to drink a lot for any reason remember that can be you!  Be responsible because if you lose control someone else is going to end up taking care of you.  Be appreciative of what you got because friends and family are important.       

TCU won the Rose Bowl on Saturday and the first thing I said to my friend JB was, this is a big win for NCAA FB.  People have been fighting for year about making a playoff and doing this and doing that, but the main argument has always been teams like TCU, Boise State and others can't hang with BCS teams.  On Saturday night TCU won and never trailed in the second half.  This is the reason we need a playoff.  TCU didn't lose a single game this year and they today they beat the #5 team in the nation.  Sports have evolved since they began and its about time college football saw some changes.  I don't want to see a 16 team playoff or anything like that, I would like to see something like a 6 team format with top 2 getting bye's or something of that sort.  This will make money for this programs also.  I know that with a playoff we will still have some issues but if it gets us one step closer to finding out who truly is the best team out there then its a good thing.  NCAA FB is very exciting and now its time to make it more exciting.  Just image being able to see TCU Vs. Wisco as a warm up game in round 1!!!!

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