Friday, January 21, 2011

How relationships can change you! & NFL predictions

So I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and many of my friends around me are now in one also.  This got me to thinking how relationships change people.  I know my relationship has changed me for the better and that makes me happy, but I have also seen relationships hurt both people.  I get that when you want to be with someone you will change certain things about yourself for better or worse.  Some people forget about their friends, some people become more insecure in their relationships which makes life even harder.  When a couple becomes reliant on each other they and lose touch with the people who are there for them for the good or bad.  If you are in a relationship look inside yourself and make sure you are happy with yourself because if you see a change then maybe that relationship may not be the best one for you.  I know how great relationships can be and we can get lost in them, and at the same time we can lose who we are.  I think you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else.  If you look inside yourself and you aren't the same person you were before the relationship, and it has gotten worse then maybe its not the best relationship for you.  Two great people can come together and ruin one another and some come together and make a great relationship, what is yours like?

I know my record has been horrible for the start of the playoffs but lets try this again!

Green Bay @ Chicago (+3.5)
Winner: Green Bay (-3.5)
NY Jets @ Pittsburgh (-3.5)
Winner: NY Jets (+3.5) 



  1. word up! People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves!

  2. You have it...nicely said for so many reasons...stay with it.


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