Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lack of Support & The Lakers Spanking

So over the last few weeks more and more people have been telling me they are reading my blog and to those people I want to say thank you!  But there has been a handful of people who are just nonsupport and are what some people would call "haters".  I had some friends over yesterday and it came up and some comments were made.  Before I didn't care if people were negative about it at all but when all you hear from some good friends is they don't read it because they don't have time, I ask my self really.  If you are ones friend and you aren't supporting them, then are you really their friend at all?  I know my friends and I know if they have time or not and let me tell you I have 1 friend I can think of that might have days where he is too busy to read but he always tells me he catches up later on.  For the people who claim they are too busy to read this, shut the hell up, you just don't care enough and that doesn't offend me at all.  What offends me is your negative energy towards it.  I write because I enjoy it, and i know my grammar is sub par and all but still.  In the end this blog isn't about my friends per-say is about all of you making sure you support the people in your life.  For example, I know you read this Verity (first time I might have mentioned her name) and I appreciate it a lot!  Well she invited me to a play last weekend and I was planning on going until she said it was a waste of my time.  Even after she said it was a waste I was willing to go because it was for support but she insisted I didn't.  I am sure they play was great but that is besides the point.  Good or not you support one another.  We all live with a lot of weight on our shoulders to be something great and do this and that and they only way to get through it is with help from the people around you.  That help comes in forms of support sometimes.  Not to be cheesy but when someone tells me they read my blog it makes me feel good about it and it is the reason I continue to do this.  So next time your friend tells you about something they are doing and it seems stupid take the time to support them it makes them feel a lot better.   

If you don't know last night the Lakers beat the Cavaliers 112-57!  Yes, if you did your math correct that's by 55 points!! I am sad they didn't double the Cavaliers score but oh well.  First of all this is the lowest the Lakers have held an opponent to with their previous mark set at 66.  That is also their 3rd largest margin of victory in franchise history.  Must sucks to me a Cleveland fan right now because after that game ended a tweet went up saying "Karma is a b****..Gets you every time.  Its not good to wish bad on anybody.  God sees everything!" Yes, that is a quote from King James.  So not only does Cleveland get embarrassed but they also get called out by the guy who will always be their best player in franchise history!  So hopefully this will teach people to just play the game and when a player leaves you for another team the only way to get revenge is better your franchise and beat them!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out brett!Next time my dad does another show I will insist that you come! haha


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