Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If we had a major storm what would you take? & JETS

So I am not sure if one read the yahoo story that California could be upon a huge storm that can cause more damage than an earthquake.  It would have 10+ feet of water and the rapids would be faster than the Mississippi river!  In essence we could all be screwed.  But after a quick conversation with the great Verity I was wondering what people would grab if they had to leave almost everything behind.  After thinking about it I know most people would grab their pictures so all I would need to grab is my phone and computer.  I would have to sadly leave behind my TV and other electronics.  It makes it similar now that a lot of our things today can be kept on just a computer and phone.  Beyond that I am not sure what I would take or want to take with me.  I think at the end of the day I would have to grab my shoes.  I know it seems weird but I just love them so much I would need to grab them.  So I ask you, what would you grab?

Congratulations to the Jets for beating the Patriots on Sunday and me having another horrible day of predictions!  I am not just writing this to steak on how good they played but this is more about their swagger.  After the game the Patriots said they thought the Jets were show boating and they over celebrate everything.  I am going to say I enjoy the Jets.  I think their swagger is much needed in sports.  I enjoy watching a team going crazy when they win such a big game.  This was a huge win for the Jets and they have the right to be as excited as they possibly can.  So do you think the Jets are all a bunch of crazy football players who are being rude or should they continue to do the thing they do.  I would love to see the Jets make it to the Super Bowl because with the Jets comes a lot of fun!  


  1. I would take my computer and external hard drive! My dogs!!!!! My hurley bobble head and lost dvds (for jason) My glee board game and donut maker and my pillow!

  2. Thanks for taking me with you BK.
    I would take pictures(digital and hard - some just aren't on a comp or hard drive, my Harry Potter books, Uno Attack and my jewelry.

  3. I would take the baby blanket I've had since I was little. And my running shoes and I pod so I can listen to Taylor Swift.


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