Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Social Network & The Change in Tennis

So last night I finally watched The Social Network (Thank you JB) and it got me thinking.  First of I found it to be a very good movie but of worthy of winning best picture so we will see.  I found Mark Zuckerberg to not be a jerk like everyone seemed to think.  I think he has some social issues and that is why he came off the way he did.  I also think he is a little so smart for his own good and that is another reason he seemed like such an ass.  I did fine Sean Parker to be a prick for sure.  But this is not what I am really blogging about.  What I wanted to hear from people is if they ever had a great idea that either was taken from them, or they just did nothing about and eventually saw someone else did it and they missed out.  The one thing from the movie that is so true was the fact that if you aren't the first one to do something its hard to make it worth much.  I can't sit here and say I have come close to a billion dollar business at all (I somewhat wish I can) but I wonder if any of you out there have had this.  It doesn't need to be something worth that much money, but anything of substance?  It seems all the great ideas have been taken already but everyone once in a while something new comes along and makes money that we couldn't even imagine making.  So lets hear about your ideas and what have you missed out on?

If you don't know Nadal and Federer have both been eliminated from the Australian Open and this is the first major since the same major in 2008 without either one of them (Djokovic beat Tsonga) and this is the first time since 2003 that Federer won't be defending and major championship!  Maybe I am jumping the gun but it is starting to look like its time for the torch to be passed on.  All sports go through some sort of transition period and they are more obvious in the sports where you are alone.  In golf we have Tiger Woods fall from the top and its clear there is a transition taking place and new players coming in and winning the Majors, but is tennis going through the same thing now?  I am not saying one of them won't win another major in their career I just don't think we will see them dominate the way they have been for the past few years.  Federer is getting old and it seems Nadal just can't stay healthy.  I don't know a ton about tennis but I know enough to feel the sense that it is time for a new crop of youngsters to impress us for years to come. 

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